Urlacher earns a first-ballot spot in the Hall of Fame

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Linebacker Brian Urlacher will enter the Hall of Fame this year, going one-for-one in his effort for inclusion.

Brad Biggs of the Chicago Tribune reports that Urlacher has made it, in his first year of eligibility.

Urlacher, a top-10, first-round pick in 2000, played all 13 of his NFL seasons with the Bears, helping the team earn a berth in Super Bowl XLI. He has 41.5 sacks, 22 interceptions, 12 forced fumbles, and two touchdowns.

Versatile and athletic, Urlacher had played safety at New Mexico. As Biggs explains it, the Bears needed a little while to figure out Urlacher’s best spot. Once in the middle of the second level, Urlacher became a natural — and the next great middle linebacker in a line that traces back to Mike Singletary and Dick Butkus.

Urlacher will now join both of them in Canton.

57 responses to “Urlacher earns a first-ballot spot in the Hall of Fame

  1. brian urlacher is not overrated. to that post above me, i pity a fool who thinks urlacher is a bum.

  2. Such an amazing player, he was so fun to watch. His speed at that size was exception al and he made so many of those Bears Tampa 2 D’s so fearsome. He had some legendary games but I’ll never forget him against AZ in 2006. Such a phenomenal performance. He deserves going in first ballot without a doubt.

  3. One of the funniest plays I ever saw came against him. Do you remember when Brady took off up the middle and juked him right out of his shorts? I think it was on national television, too. It was flippin’ hysterical! Anyway, congratulations, Brian. You still had a nice career.

  4. Urlacher was a solid player, but I never thought he was great. That doesn’t mean I’m saying he’s a bum. Only 4 years out of 13 he took his team to the playoffs. I know they’re different positions, but I think Dawkins had may more of an impact on his team and was the unquestioned leader of some very good defenses and were almost always in the playoffs. I don’t get why he’s not in. I hope he gets in tonight. No way should urlacher should have made it before Dawkins.

  5. I am sorry but i remember watching Urlacher play and he was very good, but not amazing & therefore he is not a H.O.F’r in my opinion, especially a first ballot. If you are going to put Urlacher in then Zach Thomas has to get in too, very similar player.

  6. His performance against the Cardinals in 2006 was one of the most dominant defensive performances by any player I’ve ever seen. Sideline to sideline he was the fastest linebacker of his era. Ask Favre and Rodgers if he’s overrated…

  7. I agree with the other Packers fans. Urlacher was a great player and an opponent worthy of the greatest respect. He continued the great tradition of middle linebackers for the Bears.

  8. Urlacher was a very unique MLB – could play in space and in traffic, excellent against the pass and solid vs the run. He made the 2 deep safety concept work better than any MLB. I’m not sure those who say he was over-rated truly appreciated his unique skills.

  9. All this hate. He ran the complete field. An athletic freak and a genius defensive mind. He was the QB of the Bears Defense which was dominant in his time because of him. The year he left, they fell off as did some of the players he played with who benefited from playing with him. All of his opponents had great admiration for the way he played the game. Definite Hall of Famer.

  10. ….and this is why FOOTBALL people vote, not people who are on this site who think Zach Thomas was as good as Urlacher.

    Deal with it, Brian Freakin Urlacher is HALL OF FAME BOUND!!!!

  11. Congrats to 6’4” 250 LB freak of nature with 4.4 speed. Congrats to Brian Urlacher. For those living on the legend of Bettis hit, you’re supposed to breath through your nose and not your mouth.

    The Monday night game vs the Cardinals in 06 is classic Urlacher!

  12. “I’ll never forget him against AZ in 2006.” I saw that game, Hurricane. Absolutely took over. What a show.

  13. I remember him single handily beating the Vikings in a game back in 2000-something, guy was a pain in the ass to play against. Congrats.

  14. If Moss had to wait to get in the HOF then how is Urlacher a first ballot? Seriously on a level of all time great at their positions Moss is top 5. Can you say the same for Urlacher? Not saying he doesn’t belong just baffled by the HOF voting criteria.

  15. tbh hes the only player in this class who truly deserves it. brian is a hard working blue collar kinda guy who puts the team first. TO, moss, and ray lewis are all me-first glory boys who only care about theyre stats. its sad.

  16. Damn Packer fans and all their “worthy opponent” comments…softens my heart and makes me feel you’re almost humans up there after all.

    Congrats Brian!

  17. I feel like this could have wait a year or two at least. Stats do mean a lot but, was this guy a game wrecker? London Fletcher has stats too. Nobody feared or game-planned around this guy.

  18. “If Moss had to wait to get in the HOF then how is Urlacher a first ballot? ”

    Because Moss had attitude issues that led him to being traded a few times and rubbed media the wrong way where Urlacher embodied his team and it’s attitude. On field they were both equally dominant. There’s a lot of people on this site that are demonstrating their ignorance to football by thinking Urlacher is some decent linebacker. Thank God the voters actually watch the game and aren’t some hateful cretins that have a keyboard and terrible football opinions born from a lack of knowledge

  19. There is no tier for “first ballot” they are either HoFers or they are not. Urlacher is deserving. Congrats to him and the fans who wanted to see him make it.

  20. stucats says:
    February 3, 2018 at 6:27 pm
    I am sorry but i remember watching Urlacher play and he was very good, but not amazing & therefore he is not a H.O.F’r in my opinion, especially a first ballot. If you are going to put Urlacher in then Zach Thomas has to get in too, very similar player.
    I love me some Zach Thomas but Urlacher was better.

  21. Least deserving player to get in this year but not least deserving in the hall. That would be Bob Griese or maybe Paul Krause.

  22. What a bunch of ignorant posts bashing Urlacher, You idiots are the reason I hate fans and can’t watch football with you beer drinking idiots who think you know anything about ball because “you been watchin football for years and have NFL network and play Madden” idiots

  23. “tedy bruschi”. False equivalency. Bruschi was on some great teams that achieved alot but on his own he wasn’t a HOFer. You’d know that if you watched the game and weren’t a sad internet commenter yet here we are with you exposing your lack of knowledge to the world tylawspick6

  24. First ballot?? Are you kidding me? Apparently they have lowered their standards. He was a good linebacker but hardly worthy of HOF let alone a first ballot.

  25. I don’t get the “first ballot???” comments. In my mind it doesn’t matter if you go in right away or on your last year of eligibility. You either are a HOF or you are not. He deserves it. He’s in. Bear Down!

  26. Not surprised he got in. Guy WAS a game wrecker. Anyone who didn’t see how he controlled that defense and made plays on his own individually is either lying or didn’t watch him. The Bettis is famous BECAUSE it was on Urlacher, not because it was random guy getting run over. he and Lance Briggs patrolling the middle in that Bears defense, with Tim Williams and Peanut Tillman behind them, was something to watch-and he ran all of it. The Bears fell off when they fired Lovie Smith and when Urlacher retired-that should tell you who he was as a player. Yes, we get it, he wasn’t the greatest MLB of all time. Nor was he the greatest MLB of the Bears of all time. You might say he could have waited a few years. But the fact is Urlacher belongs in the Hall of Fame because he deserves to be remembered for how well he played the game and the leader he was on the field.

  27. Very good player but undeserving of Hall of Fame on first ballot. He was clearly a notch below Lewis in terms of longevity, honors, and ability.

  28. A notch below Ray Lewis?

    Two players, asked to do two different jobs, in two totally different defensive schemes…this is Rex Ryan dumb.

    Brian was never asked to be a the bowling ball bomb Ray Lewis was in Baltimore and Ray was never asked to cover 40 yards down the middle of the field in Tampa 2 defense .

    When Aaron Rodgers & Brett Farve say you changed the game…mic drop.

  29. Understand that the Bears and the Pack have pretty much despised each other since the 1920’s.

    There is no longer or more storied rivalry in the NFL. I’ve had the privilege of watching Nitscke, Butkus, Singletary and Brian U. play at Lambeau since… 1965… Urlacher was right up there.. the guy could flat-out play.

    Congrats Urlacher…ya friggen Bear. Pleasure watching you play.

    One last thing…the Bears organization… Great organization. To their fans I say… Well… Phfttttt

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