Browns add Scot McCloughan as personnel consultant

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New Browns General Manager John Dorsey continues to build an actual football staff, as he approaches his first and most important draft.

According to Chris Mortensen of ESPN, Scot McCloughan has joined the Browns as a personnel consultant.

McCloughan has been out of work but active on Twitter since being first from his job as Washington’s General Manager last March.

The former 49ers G.M. came up in the Ron Wolf era of Packers scouts, and worked with Dorsey there.

While Dorsey has already built a solid network of personnel men (including former Packers co-workers Eliot Wolf and Alonzo Highsmith), McCloughan adds even more depth to his bench this year.

The Browns have 12 draft picks this year, including six of the top 65, giving them an opportunity to add a load of talent if they hit on the picks.

43 responses to “Browns add Scot McCloughan as personnel consultant

  1. A front office of people with deep experience in selecting personnel and building teams. Haven’t seen that around here in 55 years.

  2. The Browns can be scary good. They got the personnel side of things sorted out, now its up to the coaches.
    Not a Browns fan, but I’d like to see them have some success – it is long overdue.

  3. I hope this guy holds it together and takes care of himself. Alcoholism is the real deal and we all need to support his recovery. He’s got an amazing eye for talent.
    I’m pulling for him.

  4. I’ll bet you the Browns are close to 500 this season. They got rid of their clown GM and brought in a pre GM, and hired Mccloughan to help make sue of their tons of draft picks.
    They will get a franchise QB and 2-3 other starters out of this draft.

  5. ladymacesq says:
    February 4, 2018 at 10:29 am
    Scot McCloughan is the one who said Kirk Cousins was nothing special.

    Guess Kirk can cross Cleveland off his list…. lucky for Kirk.


    I have to agree with him. What has Cousins done to show he’s special? He’s an average, check down artist…!!!

  6. Scot had the Redskins trending towards respectable but of course Snyder and Allen couldn’t stand that and got rid of the only reputable talent evaluator they’ve had since the 90s. It’s hard being a Skins fan.

  7. Original text: “McCloughan has been out of work but active on Twitter since being FIRST from his job as Washington’s General Manager last March.”

    I thought he was FIRED by Washington.

  8. Wow. I wanted the Browns to hire him as GM. Can’t believe Dorsey, McCloughan and Wolf are all there. I hope these guys can work together well because they are individually huge names in personnel. I hope ego takes a back seat and they can finally get the Browns some solid players.

    Oh, and Cousins may or may not be better than average. But average QB play has eluded the Browns for a decade (despite what Hoyer thinks). Cousins immediately makes them a .500 Team. Should they get to .500 before they think about playoff contention or take a huge gamble to find the next elite championship winning QB? That is the $100M question.

  9. If they listen to him, this team will be competitive inside of 2 years tops. That Washington roster is actually stacked, but you wouldn’t know it from the mediocre coach and Cousins eating up all of their cap for depth the last 2 years to deliver no important wins over anyone. I’m sure Bruce Allen can mess it all up though in warp speed.

  10. I think McCloughan is a great hire, and I also think Kirk Cousins is a very good QB. But I agree with the point made by someone else above – McCloughan just said publicly that Cousins isn’t a special player deserving of the huge contract. So it’s hard to believe the Browns will now give him the contract they wouldn’t give him in Washington.

  11. law of competitive balance says the Browns should have won 7 games the past two year; instead, they go 1-31…they still have Hue as the coach…you can put a dress on a pig, but, it’s still a pig…Browns to underachieve next year as long as Hue is the coach.
    Bye the bye…did Hue ever jump in the Lake Erie as he promised (worse record this year compared to last year)? Inquiring minds want to know…

  12. It’s an all-star personnel staff but who else besides Sashi Brown and Ryan Grigson was fired? I know Dorsey said he was willing to let personnel staff and scouts hang around till after the draft but I sure hope they are being ignored. It would be nice if they could at least fire everyone responsible for drafting Corey Coleman,Danny Shelton,Cam Erving,Cody Kessler,and all the other players who shouldn’t have been drafted or were drafted way too early.

  13. I can just see the Browns war room on draft day…..Dorsey, EW, Mac & Alonzo at the head table while Baby Huey pouting at the card table.

  14. Damn, the Browns are putting together an all star FO. If this crew can’t get them competitive there’s a curse from the football gods.

  15. Snyder and Allen. Way to go. Get rid of an up and coming CB in Fuller an a 3rd rounder for an old QB. Back to the old days just like that. Scott would never agree to that. Skins FO is garbage. Browns will progress this year and next. No longer joke. Watch. Meanwhile the Skins tread water stinking of mediocrity with no vision and a losing culture.

  16. Cleveland is building a powerhouse Front Office. With that Front Office, $110 million in salary cap and 11+ draft picks with like 6 of them in the top 100 Cleveland is finally bound to make a big turnaround.

  17. drrichardrydze says:
    February 4, 2018 at 1:44 pm
    Cleveland is building a powerhouse Front Office. With that Front Office, $110 million in salary cap and 11+ draft picks with like 6 of them in the top 100 Cleveland is finally bound to make a big turnaround.
    I agree. The problem is Hue Jackson is coaching them. If he falters again he should be gone. I think he should have been fired this year. The FO will grab all the players with those picks. Either they will fit Hue’s system and be successful or they won’t and he will be fired…and then they need to fit the new guy’s system. It was better to start fresh all the way around. They could effectively be wasting another year here.

  18. Hue has figured out he needs to be a head coach and not a QB coach, O-coordinator AND scout.
    I suspect he felt he needed to be more active in talent scouting simply because of the FO he had. Now, with good football people running that end of things, and proven coordinators on both sides of the ball, he can give his time to doing what he was supposed to be doing, which is running the team on game day. But, as always, I’ll remain cautiously optimistic.

  19. Love the front office additions but the jury is still out on how long a leash Dorsey will get when it comes to spending that money. Haslam so far has only proven to be a sleazy conman.

  20. This is a nice addition to the front office, maybe one of the most underrated personnel moves this year….but, keeping Hue Jackson as head coach is just a mistake – he’s not a good coach and he certainly won’t be the one to turn them around, I mean, for crying out loud, he didn’t coach a single win this year…Dorsey knows better

  21. After Dorsey pulls off a spectacular draft, he will have the players (and, thereby the power) to say to the owner, “Do you really want to waste all this top shelf talent on a coach who lost every game, last year?”

  22. Browns are building a super braintrust of football knowledge in the front office. Simply amazing to see in a copy-cat league, where talent is continually swallowed up by the top-tier teams. Snyder, do you see this? The results will be immediate and long-lasting. The Redskins can learn a lot from the Browns. I can’t believe I just typed that in 2018.

  23. Scooter’s papa Kent McCloughan scouted and directed talent for the Raiders for 30+ years. Scooter definitely knows NFL talent, you can’t argue this… He’s been watching and evaluating NFL film with his dad since 1977. No doubt he’ll make an impact for the Brownies. Dude is the greatest thing to come outta of Loveland, Colorado since Valentine’s Day in 1944. Might hire Paul McCluskey as his assistant?!

  24. Here come the Browns!! Great move. This team is in the playoffs within the next 3 years. Dan Snyder, you are the worst owner in football – Redskins fan

  25. jerruhjones says:
    February 4, 2018 at 10:56 am
    Cautious optimism….but first ‘real’ front office in several years.

    It’s the ONLY ‘real’ front office we’ve had since returning with the crappy expansion era.

  26. I think he just meant Kirk wasn’t a top five, HoF type QB. And there, he’s probably right.

    But that leaves, what, 27 current teams that could use Cousins? He’s a great QB, just not a “put It all on me” guy. Scot’s not wrong about that… yet.

    And he hasn’t been completely out of work. He’s been consulting since he left DC.

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