Doug Pederson’s closing message to Eagles is to “seize the moment”

Getty Images

Kickoff for Super Bowl LII is right around the corner in Minneapolis and that means time for talking is just about done.

Eagles coach Doug Pederson will address his team one more time before they take on the Patriots and he shared some of the points he plans to hit in his final message with Sal Paolantonio of ESPN.

“I’m gonna remind them basically how we got here,” Pederson said. “I think it’s important to understand the journey on how we got here — just kinda reflect on that just a little bit. Secondly, I want these guys to have fun; I want them to enjoy the moment. And then thirdly, go seize the moment. This is our opportunity. It’s a great chance — you’re in the final game of the football year, and what a way to make a statement by finishing this game and finishing the season.”

It’s not too different than the message Brett Favre shared with the Eagles on Saturday and seizing the moment will be just what the Patriots are trying to do on the other side of the field. We’ll find out who gets it done pretty soon.