Eagles, Patriots combine for most yards in any NFL game, ever

Getty Images

The Philadelphia Eagles and New England Patriots put on an extraordinary offensive display in Super Bowl LII.

How extraordinary? The two teams combined for the most total yards in NFL history.

Not just Super Bowl history. Not just postseason history. The most total yards in any game in the history of the NFL.

The Patriots totaled 613 yards in defeat, while the Eagles gained 538 yards in victory. That total of 1,151 yards of offense breaks an NFL record that has stood for nearly seven decades.

The previous record for the most combined yards by both teams in any NFL game was 1,133, a record set in a 1950 game between the Los Angeles Rams and the now-defunct New York Yanks.

Super Bowl LII was an outstanding game, one of the best in the history of professional football. And as measured by offensive output, it was the greatest game ever.