Eagles reclaim lead, but leave time

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Tom Brady may be the greatest player in NFL history, and is playing one of his best games.

And Nick Foles is matching him so far.

The Eagles not-so-long-ago backup quarterback has just given his team a 38-33 lead with 2:21 left in Super Bowl LII, with an incredible touchdown pass to tight end Zach Ertz.

Officials reviewed Ertz’s catch, since it popped out of his hands as he dove across the goal line. He appeared to control it and take several steps, becoming a runner. That distinction allowed the score to stand as called on the field.

Foles now has 373 passing yards and three touchdowns, but they did not convert the two-point conversion.

And as the game has unfolded, their decision to go for the two-point conversion early in the second quarter could come back to haunt them.

At the time, it left them with a 15-3 lead which still seemed fine. But going for the two too early seems to always backfire, making you wonder why teams continue to make the mistake.

But regardless the strategy, they have given Brady the ball back. With time.

23 responses to “Eagles reclaim lead, but leave time

  1. Congratulations to the Eagles. To be Champs, you had to beat the champs. Pats fought to the end, but no talent or speed on defense reared its ugly head.

  2. Congrats Eagles fans. After they destroyed Denver this season I made the comment that they looked special, I thought it would be derailed by Wentz getting hurt, but Foles was nails in the playoffs. Was a really great game tonight, both offenses ripped it up, the Eagles defense just made a play last.

  3. askeddie11 says:
    February 4, 2018 at 10:10 pm
    Tammy cost his team the game !

    Good job Eagles. Defense stepped up when it mattered. As opposed to the Patriots defense. Can’t hang this on Brady. Once again I bet Belichick wishes he went for the field goal.

  4. Philly played a great game and it was too little too late for the Pats at the end.
    I wanted to see Tom get one for his other hand, but I was really impressed with Foles hitting guys like a pro. The two best teams showed exactly why they were the best in the league and it’s no shame to lose the superbowl because you did what it took to get there in the first place.
    Congrats Philly!

  5. Tom brady gets a free pass to the playoffs every year playing against bum qbs in his division. And his conference is also a joke. He played against two of the worst qbs in the nfl in the afc playoffs which the niners beat in the final two games. Tom Brady is just like lebron james making the finals every year due to a terrible conference and zero competition. Tom Brady will be in the Super Bowl again next year because he gets a free pass to the playoffs in his awful division and the afc playoff teams will be just as awful. Tom plays against bums every year and only has to win one game against a good team in the superbowl. He’s good but he ain’t no Joe Montana. Montana played in the through era. Tom plays in a qb friendly era where the defense can’t touch the qb or its a 15 yd automatic first down. Plus all the cheating scandals and the lucky tuck rule. Tom is overrated. Not the greatest of all time. Joe never lost a superbowl, never turned the ball over, tougher competition, tougher rules, it’s kill or be killed, the refs didn’t save you. Tom is number two all time. Nothing wrong with that. He’s still good. Just not Montana jordan. Both played in the toughest eras with better competition and never lost the finals.

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