Lane Johnson: I knew New England couldn’t hang with us up front


Eagles offensive tackle Lane Johnson has been confident all season, and that confidence didn’t stop heading into the Super Bowl.

Johnson, who has been talking about buying the beer for the Super Bowl celebration since the preseason, said after the game that he thought from the start that the Eagles would beat the Patriots and that the offensive line would be the difference.

“I knew New England, defensively, couldn’t hang with us up front,” Johnson said on NFL Network. “We knew we had the better offensive line and defensive line.”

Johnson has emerged as one of the Eagles’ most colorful characters this year, from his beer promise to his dog mask to carrying Jason Peters‘ jersey onto the field before today’s game to show that the Eagles’ injured starting left tackle was still a part of the team. He’s earned the right to boast.

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  1. Both lines got the best of us tonight. Well done, well played. I’ll only say this: It is much harder the year after the SB victory where now every team will be circling Phili on the calendar and you now get all the other team’s “yard measuring” efforts.

    Next year will be a proving ground for Phili. You’ll either be back here or you won’t.

    Hats off to a great, earned SB victory. Made a few more plays than us tonight.

    -Pats Fan

  2. Pats were average this year. Too many holes to be considered in the top of the patriots championship teams. They still won the afc. Still ran up and down the field on what everyone said was a great defense. Pats need playmakers on their d to be considered great again. Rest of league watch out. Brady usually is missed and the Next year it can get ugly for their opponents. Let’s see how good Phili is with a first place schedule. Great team this year, don’t put them up with the great super bowl winner when a Pats team without this best deep threat moves the ball easily. San one defensive stand.
    Congrats to Philly. It is about time. Please don’t burn down the city.

  3. Where the heck is pastabelly and trolllawspicksix? Funny how the trolls disappear at the slightest adversity.

  4. “Lane Johnson: I knew New England couldn’t hang with us up front”

    “Couldn’t hang with you”?

    That was a big play, massive, at the end, but that was the only sack and thet put 33 points and tons of yards up on you.

  5. Kuddos to the Eagles, they really did a great job of keeping up with the Patriots offense and made a couple key plays on defense in the end to win the game. But to suggest their D Line dominated the Pats O line all game is a little reaching. The Eagles D played on its heals all game and only got a single sack. Sure, it was the game changer, so kuddos. But, it certainly wasn’t domination by any stretch. Domination doesn’t allow a record number of yards in the air and 0 INTs. The biggest weakness of the Eagles D is the deep ball, and the Pats clearly game planned for that. If not for an injury to the key component who was having the game of his life before being blind-sided by an uncalled helmet-to-helmet hit forced a major recalibration of the gameplan. But that and the stripsack at the end were the only decent plays by the Eagles Defense all day, and the difference between their win or a sixth ring for Tom.

    Sure, this was an Eagles O lineman, and he certainly has a lot to be proud of. But a comment like this is really a stretch. The Eagles were the better team on Sunday, and they deserve the glory of that. But can we have a little honesty and perspective when it comes to what happened? Their D got torched.

  6. Lane has a big mouth and he was a SOONER (booooo!). Two times busted for PEDs… Hopefully we’ll see both teams again next year!

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