McDaniels hasn’t told Patriots he’s leaving, yet

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It’s been regarded as a foregone conclusion that, not long after Super Bowl LII ends, Patriots defensive coordinator Matt Patricia will become the next coach of the Lions and Patriots offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels will become the next coach of the Colts. However, there’s one little interesting nugget that was shared during the NBC Super Bowl pregame.

Patricia has essentially made it known to the Patriots that he’s leaving. McDaniels hasn’t, yet.

This doesn’t mean McDaniels will back out of his apparent arrangement to become the successor to Chuck Pagano, but there’s a strange vibe that has been floating around as it relates to the question of whether McDaniels absolutely, positively is leaving.

It’s been nearly three weeks since reports emerged that McDaniels would be offered, and would accept, the job. Those reports intensified after a second interview, which featured a meeting with owner Jim Irsay. Some have characterize the second interview as a device for getting Irsay to sign off on the hire; others say that the goal of the second interview was to sell McDaniels on Irsay.

None of this means that the not-done-deal is destined to fall apart, but there’s just enough gurgling around to justify keeping eyes and ears open on this one. If McDaniels snubs the Colts, he’ll have a hard time getting another head-coaching job unless and until the Patriots aren’t in the playoffs or they make an early exit. And the thinking is he’d do it only if the Patriots were willing to give him a clear commitment that he’ll be the successor to Bill Belichick.

It would be a surprise if the Patriots would box themselves in this way, since circumstances can change — and coaches can suddenly have their actual/perceived performance drop once the greatest quarterback in NFL history retires.

However it all plays out, a definitive answer is coming soon. And while there’s no concrete reason for believing McDaniels won’t become the Colts’ next head coach, nothing is ever official until it’s official.

10 responses to “McDaniels hasn’t told Patriots he’s leaving, yet

  1. He needs to bring Josh McDaniels to Indianapolis not bring Bill Belichick to Denver. Or likee Pioli did in KC. I think that’s one of the reasons for Belichick’s failing tree. Trying to emulate his culture. You learn from it not replicate it.

    Be yourself. Compete against yourself. My personal view on success. But we’re all different and I respect that.

  2. The Colts need an offensive mind at head coach and one that is not so soft to the players. It’s time for a big change big time. I sure hope he comes to Indy, but I could see him staying if Kraft promises him the Pats job when BB leaves.

  3. Hey! Maybe Belichick *is* retiring and Josh McDaniels is going to step up and take his place as HC of New England instead of Indianapolis.

    Hey, I figure if ESPN can make stuff up, so can I.

  4. Or it could just be his chance to basically hose Indy over for three more years by turning down the job when there are no longer candidates on the market.

  5. thereyougo2 says:
    February 4, 2018 at 3:19 pm
    Don’t matter. This philly defense is shut down.

    If Shurmur had done his job preparing the Vikings offense for the Eagles instead of filling out his Giants coaching staff. the Eagle would be watching this game from home.

  6. jchemengr says:
    February 4, 2018 at 6:03 pm

    If Shurmur had done his job preparing the Vikings offense for the Eagles instead of filling out his Giants coaching staff. the Eagle would be watching this game from home.


    It wasn’t Shurmer’s offense that gave up 38 points to a journeyman 2nd string QB that was contemplating retirment before the start of the year. It was that historically overrated Vikings defense.

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