Odell Beckham: It’s just time to get contract done

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Giants wide receiver Odell Beckham is entering the final year of his first professional contract and he’d like to get No. 2 signed sooner rather than later.

Giants co-owner John Mara said last month that he wanted to wait on negotiations until after Beckham spoke to new coach Pat Shurmur. That conversation has happened and Beckham said he thinks “we have an understanding of what we want to do.” He also said he had a “great” talk with General Manager Dave Gettleman, who will handle talks with Beckham’s agent that Beckham hopes will lead to some interior designing.

“It’s that time just to get it over with,” Beckham said. “I really want to do it so I can move past it. It’s too much sitting around thinking, ‘Where am I going to be at?’ I need to know where I can start buying furniture for a house. I want to have a place set where I know, ‘OK, this is home. I can always go back to home.’ So it’s just a little intermediate process right now. I’m sure it will get worked out.”

Beckham thinks that 2018 will be a “very fun year,” something that the Giants would surely sign up for after a miserable 2017.

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  1. Gettleman: You’ll need to have that conversation with John Dorsey now. We just traded you to the Browns for a whole bunch of draft picks.

    Beckham: Whaaaaaat?

  2. Aw, poor baby wants to know when he can buy his furniture. Welcome to the NFL, where they won’t give you anything until they absolutely have to.

  3. Awww poor baby. He needs money for furniture. Guess he did that’s beef jerky, head and shoulders, and Pepsi commercials for free?

  4. Dez got paid…. then his production dropped the last three years! Me receivers NEVER won a title. Dont need em, Dont want them! TEAM (see patriots) and that dynasty! They have a blue print that NO ONE is following!

  5. After his 5th year he will have made over 18 mill, plenty to buy a home & furniture.
    I doubt that he’s living in a van…down by the river.

  6. He needs money to buy furniture? Let’s see. His rookie contract was four years for over $10M including a $5M+ signing bonus. On top of that, he signed a five-year deal with Nike for over $29M that can grow to eight years for $48M. He has other endorsement deals that bring in between $3-4M per year. I’m surprised he can even feed his family.

  7. It would not surprise me ONE BIT if Beckham isn’t on the roster for training camp. I suspect they’ll trade him so they can get something from him and also to be rid of him. His immaturity and inconsistent is not worth the kind of money he’s going to want. I know some of you may not like it but they may be better off without him. It wouldn’t surprise me if Eli has to “babysit” him because of his massive ego. Dez Bryant is a prime example of when you give big money to a big headcase. OBJ is not worth top 5 WR money–not for one memorable catch.

  8. With that much talent, it’s sad… but Football is actually better without his name in the headlines.

    Didn’t even miss seeing any highlight reel catches from him. Plenty of other NFL talent making awesome snags!!!

  9. calizcowboyz says:
    February 4, 2018 at 11:19 am

    “…TEAM (see patriots) and that dynasty! They have a blue print that NO ONE is following!”


    This is true on so many levels, however the biggest advantage of their blueprint that cannot be replicated is the fact Brady takes an enormous discount to play the game he loves… Every other QB feels the need to grab every single penny possible…which would be perfectly fine if there were no salary cap…

  10. Giants get rid of him and eli in this rebuild and get more money freed up than they know what to do with.Draft qb from usc.And let jr play his last year out.He missed alot of time this year.See if his production goes down.Make him Earn it.

  11. If he wants to get this done early he needs to drop his demand to be the #1 paid player in the NFL

    Given injuries and just generally acting like an immature kid, he’s not worth that anyways.

    It will be telling how much he demands because if it’s too much he’s basically saying he doesn’t care if the team can afford to be a contender or not.

  12. Hmmmm, Beckham talking contract, critiques talking maturity in the same space that T.O. goes to the HOF…I can’t stand T.O., can’t stand Beckham…BUT I would take T.O. in a New York minute and 10 times on Sunday over this broken, immature hot house orchid.

  13. Is he even healthy? Sorry but I would like some assurance that he isn’t running around on a weak knee. Guy is a great player but there are so many red flags with this guy I’m not sire I would feel good about guaranteeing big money to him. If I could get good compensation I’d consider dealing him.

  14. It’s pretty likely the Giants will again be the worst team in the division next season. Likely close to the end of the Manning era, as well.

    Is it really worth tying a barge-load of salary-cap money to someone who will only provide the occasional highlight-reel moment while the team rebuilds?

    They haven’t won a playoff game since OBJ joined the team. It will be a big surprise if they even make the playoffs over the next few seasons, and even if they do, they’re presently outclassed by the best teams around the conference.

    Draft high at QB, trade OBJ for some high draft picks, and make the most out of being so unusually high up in the draft order. Do that, and they may be set for years. Hang on to OBJ and they’ll be wheezing out for years to come.

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