Riveron applies “clear and obvious” standard, to the extreme

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In a year marred by questionable failures to respect the very high bar that applies to overturning rulings on the field via replay review, NFL senior V.P. of officiating Al Riveron finally has completed a 180.

His critical decision to confirm a ruling of a touchdown catch by Eagles running back Corey Clement demonstrates the kind of stubborn adherence to the “clear and obvious” standard for overturning rulings on the field that Riveron should have been using all year long.

It appears that Clement bobbled the ball before finally securing it. Once he gained possession, he didn’t get two feet in bounds. But it wasn’t a “clear and obvious” error by the officials on the field, apparently.

The problem arises from the fact that the shifting application of the standard has created expectations by some that a frame-by-frame assessment of key catches will be made, at least until the NFL can revisit the situation in the offseason. This time around, Riveron applied the standard the way he should have been applying it all year.

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  1. Park Avenue is under clear orders not to let the Past win this, so It’s gonna have to be like a prize fight and the Pats are going to half to knock them out. Oh, that and the Pats Defense has to get their heads out of their asses. Yeah, that’s it – do both of those and you can win this thing.

  2. Anybody who says the officials favor the Patriots, it’s got their head up their you know what

    New England got totally screwed on that call, not to mention the no-call on the illegal formation of Foles touch down catch

  3. The ball was always in Clement’s control. That’s not a bobble or loss of control. The ball can move if it’s clear he maintained control, which he did. The call was correct.

  4. wib22 says:
    February 4, 2018 at 9:23 pm
    Pats are getting karma

    Pats are up by 1. Clown.

  5. cabosan1978 says:
    February 4, 2018 at 9:19 pm
    No bias as i dont have a dog in the fight…but that was an obvious catch. He caught the ball. 2 feet in. No question. That wasnt a bobble.———————————————————————————————————————————————- Hate to tell you buddy…but you need to get your vision checked.

  6. No dog in this fight. Saw that same call reversed many times in 2017. Player out of bounds before establishing control. Terrible officiating again.

  7. saw on two occasions james white go in motion forward, and not come to a complete stop, but instead keep walking forward, through the snap of the ball.

    one time was inside the eagles 10-yard line.

    the officials are 110% (more than fully) in the patriots camp.

  8. What cheaters the Eagles are. They needed the refs not once but twice. Love the holding by the Eagles that the refs acted like Sgt Schultz also. What black eye for the NFL.

  9. “The problem arises from the fact that the shifting application of the standard has created expectations by some that a frame-by-frame assessment of key catches will be made, at least until the NFL can revisit the situation in the offseason.”

    You sound like you’re just mad because your NBC colleagues, Michaels and Collinsworth, looked bad when their analysis was proven wrong.

  10. Pats lost when their D failed to stop the 2nd half drive on 4th and 1. The missed kicks didn’t help either.

    But the catch was out of the end zone and the trick play was illegal formation. Should not be so hard to get those calls right.

  11. Clement TD was not a catch. Horrible call. Horrible. The NFL needs to fix the catch rule yesterday. The second TD in question by Ertz was called correctly. He was a runner and crossed the end one before he lost control of the football. The NFL deserves the egg on their face with the fans complaining about the catch rule. Year after year, they make all these rules and never judge them consistently. Philly outplayed and out coached the Pats. No doubt about it. But the Clement play was no touchdown. No way. They got it wrong and the Pats fans have a right to complain about that one play. That said, they really should be asking why their coach deactivated 2 WRs and a TE before the game even started. The second Cooks went down, they were playing with a severely short deck in a shootout game. Eagles deserved the win, but Pats fans have every right to question the Clement TD.

  12. You sound like you’re just mad because your NBC colleagues, Michaels and Collinsworth, looked bad when their analysis was proven wrong.

    Not mad at all. I’ve made this same comment on several goal line play this season. And not with just the Pats.

  13. Stop with the illegal formation talk on the Eagles TD. Foles never lined up at the line or under under center. He motioned from shotgun and was still behind the line when the ball was snapped. Totally legal. Only illegal if he went from under center. It was legit. Great balsy play call. Doug Peterson coached with huge cohanes tonight. Dislike the Pats all you want, but there’s been several excellent coaches who have been bested by Billichek. He’s the best this League has probably ever seen. And beating his team in the super bowl is quite an accomplishment. Congrats Eagles.

  14. Bills fan who hates New England but clements td could have easily been overturned. Problem is pats have gotten so many calls this year that nfl is gun shy.

    Winning td was definitely catch. Ertz caught ball takes 2 steps and dives for end zone when being tackled. He completed catch.

  15. Omg how can so many people have so many different opinions. He caught the ball with control and got both feet in. Touchdown! What he did with the third step and ball possession afterwards makes no difference. He had already scored.

  16. Truly was nice to see the Pats get some of heir own medicine. Officials have taken the game down with the inconsistence we have witnessed especially in last two years.

  17. I will agree with you Mike Florio, that all season Riveron was NOT using the clear and obvious standard to overturn the calls on the field. However I remember reading that you wanted him to only overturn of there was 100% obvious evidence to overturn. Whats the problem? That’s exactly what he did in the clemonts catch. Go frame by frame and the ball does not move until he clearly has the second foot down. So it doesn’t matter that the ball moved on the 3rd step, or that the final step was out of bounds. Also as far as the going to the ground, it was extremely obvious he took 4 steps before leaping for the end zone. If 4 steps is not becoming a runner I don’t know what is. Al Michales and Chris collinsworth clearly were not in favor of either of those calls. For those of you questioning if it was 4 steps and not 3, go watch the replay, and his back foot comes off the ground , then goes right back down, and those pellets kick up, so yes that counts as a step. so it was 3 not 4 steps. And for the record even if he didn’t take that many steps, when the ball hit the ground, he had his right hand under the ball. (Just like Jessie James did.) Yes the ball moved but the ball can move if there is a body part under the ball. Everyone wanted Riveron to only overturn with conclusive evidence, so he finally does it, and now people are mad??

  18. Correct call on the Clemens catch, he still had control when his 2nd foot hit even though it was only for a fraction of a second, but still control nevertheless. Just check out the replay video clip. So with no clear evidence to overturn Riveron finally gets it right and doesn’t interfere with the call on the field, lets the call stand. That’s what he should’ve been doing all season but at least he got it right in the big show. And look who lost when they finally get the calls correct! Congrats to the Eagles and their fans!

  19. Just because a player is moving the ball around — i. e., *controlling it* — does not mean he is “bobbling” it. The ball’s security within Clement’s grasp was never even close to being in doubt. And he took three steps after catching the ball. Two of them were in bounds. That’s why the refs ruled it a catch. They’re watching the same thing we’re all watching. Their intent is always to *not* be biased.

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