Tom Brady tops 10,000 career postseason passing yards

Getty Images

In the NFL playoff record book, it’s Tom Brady and everyone else.

Adding to his long list of postseason accomplishments, Brady has now gone over 10,000 career passing yards in postseason games.

No one else in NFL history is even close to Brady’s mark: Peyton Manning, at 7,339 career postseason passing yards, is next in NFL history, and he’s nearly 3,000 yards behind Brady.

After Brady, the active player with the next-most career postseason passing yards is Ben Roethlisberger, with 5,256. Given that Roethlisberger is barely halfway to 10,000 and is already 35 years old, it’s highly unlikely that he’ll reach 10,000.

Next among active passers is Aaron Rodgers, at 4,458. Rodgers may have several more postseason appearances ahead of him, but it’s hard to believe that, after turning 34, he’ll have another 6,000 passing yards in the postseason.

Drew Brees is next after Rodgers on the career postseason passing yardage list. Brees is even older than Roethlisberger, so he’s no threat to catch Brady.

Among active players under 30, Russell Wilson is the active leader with 2,777 career postseason passing yards. He might have the best chance of any active player to reach 10,000, but even Wilson, who will turn 30 this year, seems awfully unlikely to have the 8,000 or so career postseason passing yards he’d need to catch Brady.

So Brady’s career postseason passing yardage record may simply be unbreakable.