Back from Minnesota, and away we go

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Nothing says home like the feel of your favorite chair, and I’m finally sitting in it again, after a nine-day excursion to the land of 10 thousand lakes.

Minnesota became my second-favorite place, just behind the spot where that chair sits; the people are both friendly and authentic, the food is both great and plentiful (especially at Mancini’s Char House in St. Paul), and the cold is both temporary and invigorating. The entire region should be proud of the way everyone handled the entire Super Bowl experience, especially since it would have been very easy to be salty about the Vikings coming tantalizingly close to playing in the game.

The magnificence of the stadium justifies another Super Bowl; a climate that will include endless whining and current-temperature screen-shotting from some members of the media counts as a bonus.

So congratulations to Minnesota, the Vikings, and the NFL. You put on a unique and memorable event, from a fan-friendly Radio Row experience (thanks to everyone who stopped at the PFT Live set to say hello) to an easily-traversed Twin Cities, to a seamless Super Bowl Sunday.

And now that the season is over, the real work begins. The Scouting Combine looms, free agency follows, the draft comes next, OTAs will pop up throughout the league, and then — eventually — a short-term calm will emerge before the next 267-game storm commences.

We’ll be with you every hour of every day, just as we have been for the past 16-plus years. Your support makes all of this possible, and we hope to keep you informed and entertained for many Super Bowls to come.

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  1. Minnesota did a great job. It was well organized and the people could not have been nicer. Plus the stadium is gorgeous. But I cannot escape the notion that the weather elelment corrupts the weekend. I was there and it was hard to be outside for any amount of time unless you were bundled up like an Eskimo. Then at the end when you have 67,000 people filing out into -10 degree weather looking for transportation just seems to be an unnecessary health risk. Again, Minny did a great job, but I think the NFL is making a mistake with a place this cold for this type of event. Have the draft there in April and leave the Supe for the warmer locations.

  2. As a Packer fan living in the Twin Cities, I agree with everything as-written. Minnesota is a great place and the SuperBowl was a lot of fun.

  3. The best place to be with the best fans. Unlike Philly fans with vandalism whether they win or lose. MN are great people unlike sore losers in Philly and WI.

  4. I have been to U.S. Bank stadium and it is truly magnificent. It’s funny because these media people whining about the temperature and the weather are the same people who are probably complaining about football and that it needs to be played outside and not in a domed/indoor stadium.

  5. Coming from a Minnesotan, I’d like to thank you for your kind words about our state. Pleas come back in summer and enjoy our lakes and sunshine!

  6. I love my home state and hope that people enjoyed themselves — I’m sure it was a unique experience for many.

    However, I agree that the weather just makes having that kind of event in a cold weather city undesirable.

    If I went to a Super Bowl, I would really want it to be in Miami, Tampa, Phoenix, Houston, or San Diego. Really for the first week of February, that’s about it.

  7. Why would anyone enjoy Minnesota? Minneapolis is the most violent city in the USA, nothing good comes out of there. I hope they never host another Super Bowl.

  8. Proud of how Minnesotans put out a warm welcome to everyone. Even the Eagles fans. And as much as I would love to see the game come back here soon, I still think the league should find a way to rotate the game between all 32 towns with a team. Warm climates & towns with a brand new stadium should not always hold the game.

  9. 16 years indeed Florio -I remember back when we could email you directly to your AOL email address that you had up on the site and every now and then I’d check my inbox and see a reply from you pop up.

  10. I’d travel there to see the stadium in September, the people will be nice then also, but I’m not paying SuperBowl prices to freeze my butt off, unless I have an insatiable itch for dogsledding.

  11. I have to admit the cold was a bit bitter this year last year was in the 40s. The wind was enough to cut you. I have lived in Sota all my life. That was the only thing to me was a bummer. Yeah cold sucks but its football in a controlled 72 degrees tent. To live here you have to learn to embrace the winter and find stuff/ activities to do or you’ll be crying about everything. Georgia, California, Florida, Arizona, Texas, and yes New Orleans are the places to to have the Super Bowl, I don’t want to have the NFL and the Vikings to hold us hostage to build another stadium in 30 years. I like the draft idea in late April can be beautiful…. I can be awful too! Hope everyone came here enjoyed the Bold North, Yeah the Julys up at the cabin is what its really about… We call that Going Up North! SKOL

  12. Growing up in west central Minnesota not far from where Thielen grew up I can tell you there is no place better. I feel lucky to have had my childhood there and I’m very proud of my state. Family, friends, fellowship and community are what we are about. We love our teams but would never be bitter when we have company in our house. Thanks for the shout out Mike.

  13. And thank you Mike for keeping an open mind and enjoying yourself! I really liked your # 22 t-shirt that you wore. I have one that I will send to you, it has the viking logo and says “just once before I die”! Give me your address!

  14. Love Mike’s mention of Mancini’s Char House! Highly recommended if you’re in the Twin Cities and looking for a great steak in a cool lounge atmosphere.

  15. U.S. Bank Stadium deserves a Super Bowl but the weather isn’t made for it. I agree with the people that would rather go somewhere warm for the game. I would like to go somewhere warm in the winter too for a break.

  16. I get it that Minneapolis would host the Super Bowl in their new stadium, and the hospitality there couldn’t have been better…but, come on, NFL…minus 5 degrees HURTS!

  17. pack13queens0 says:

    February 5, 2018 at 10:01 pm

    Why would anyone enjoy Minnesota? Minneapolis is the most violent city in the USA, nothing good comes out of there. I hope they never host another Super Bowl.


    Minneapolis, most violent city? Really? Really? lol. Have you been to New York, Chicago, LA? Or even Philly with their crazy fans and people? Or St. Louis? I get you probably are a Packer fan and don’t like Minneapolis and think it might not be a good place for a Superbowl. And I won’t argue with you. Even thou the Stadium is great, it is rally cold here and most people want to go somewhere warm. But violent city? lol. Ridiculous statement. I have lived in MPLS my whole life and haven’t had any issues. There are literally two parts of the Twin Cities you have to be careful in. Western MPLS (West Broadway Avenue), and Brooklyn Center. Downtown MPLS is pretty safe and I’ve had no issues at all there. Before making statements like this maybe you should google cities ranked by highest crime. I bet Minneapolis it doesn’t even crack the top 10.

  18. I’ve made many trips to and through Minnesota over the years. My reaction is always the same: This place is underrated.

    I’m glad the Super Bowl went well. It looks like they took it seriously and made it a great event.

    I know there were plenty of whiners who didn’t like the weather, but I often think that it is better for a Super Bowl to have an identity, and let a city really put their stamp on it like MN did. Sure, you can do a Super Bowl in places like LA or Vegas, but for those places, it is just another crazy weekend. When you give it to towns like Minneapolis or New Orleans, you can’t help but get the local flavor.

  19. Thank You to all of the out-of-towners that came for the Super Bowl. You were terrific guests and we were fortunate to host you (except the guy that stole his seat out of US Bank Stadium). It takes balls to brave the cold weather when you’re not used to it, and I’m happy for everyone who had a great time. It was an amazing experience but I don’t think too many Minnesotans will be clamoring to host it again. Cheers!

  20. pack13queens0 says:
    February 5, 2018 at 10:01 pm
    Why would anyone enjoy Minnesota? Minneapolis is the most violent city in the USA, nothing good comes out of there. I hope they never host another Super Bowl.
    Gosh, I’m sure people would really enjoy a Super Bowl in Green Bay instead. Sure their airport can only handle one big plane at a time, there’s not enough hotels so people would have to airbnb in resident’s double-wide trailers, and instead of the Mall of America tourists would have to hang out at the local Shopko, but who wouldn’t love that? Plus instead of playing inside a beautiful state-of-the-art facility like US Bank stadium, the game could be played OUTSIDE in -5 degree temps at Lamblow. Yeah, let’s bring the Super Bowl to Green Bush!

  21. Proud of my state, proud of my stadium, proud of my team, and proud that all visitors had a good time. The State is great and the SB process was well run. All the Pats and Eagles fans I ran into were top notch, and I made extra effort to be nice and congratulate Eagles fans even though their team creamed mine. This is a great place to live, but you have to agree that a warmer weather site is more attractive to those spending the money to go on vacation to the SB — that’s why these cold weather locations should probably be limited. Nonetheless, everyone is welcome any time — even cheesers and Eagles fans!

  22. Why is warmer weather better for superbowl? You do know that people take vacations to cold weather climates too, right? It is a nice change of pace for people used to spending all year in 50+ temp climates, coming to a cold weather climate allows people to experience a different culture and more variety of activities then the standard beach, casino, night club other places have to offer.

    Also, if you stayed downtown, you got to experience all the skyways that allow you to almost never go outside if you don’t want to. The winter is only a problem for the ill prepared.

  23. pack13queens0 says:
    February 5, 2018 at 10:01 pm

    Why would anyone enjoy Minnesota? Minneapolis is the most violent city in the USA, nothing good comes out of there. I hope they never host another Super Bowl.

    16 170 Rate This

    Take a look out your own front door.
    Quick look at 25 Most Dangerous Cities in America –

    23. Minneapolis, Minnesota
    > Violent crime rate: 1,109 per 100,000
    > 2016 murders: 35
    > Poverty rate: 21.9%
    > Unemployment rate: 3.4%

    8. Milwaukee, Wisconsin
    > Violent crime rate: 1,533 per 100,000
    > 2016 murders: 141
    > Poverty rate: 28.7%
    > Unemployment rate: 5.8%

    Milwaukee ranks in the top 15 for every component of violent crime other than rapes per capita. Milwaukee has the 15th worst murder rate, the ninth worst aggravated assault rate, and — with 547 reported incidents per 100,000 people — the fifth worst robbery rate of all U.S. cities. That figure is more than five times the national rate of 103 robberies reported per 100,000 residents.

  24. birdwatcher100 says:
    February 5, 2018 at 9:23 pm
    Then at the end when you have 67,000 people filing out into -10 degree weather looking for transportation just seems to be an unnecessary health risk.

    c’mon now, that’s a little hyperbolic. 3.5 million of us live in the MSP metro. we get along with the weather just fine. it’s called bundling up. 0 degree weather isn’t dangerous if you dress for it. no one has to explain it to me — if my team was in the super bowl i’d rather be hanging out in miami or los angeles too. northern super bowls are rare–with LA and las vegas building new stadiums, my guess is that no one will have to travel anywhere north of Interstate 40 for a super bowl for the next 10+ years. it was something different; my guess is the eagles and patriots fans that embraced that were the ones that had the best time. also, whether it’s radio row, the super bowl experience, charity fundraisers, or concerts, most events are taking place indoors even if the super bowl is somewhere warm.

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