Brandon Graham finally makes the play Eagles defense needed

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Brandon Graham was painfully close to being a bust, but has emerged as a dangerous pass-rusher on a team with several of them.

In the same way, he needed plenty of time to finally make a play Sunday night, but when he made one, it mattered most.

Graham’s strip-sack of Tom Brady late in the fourth quarter was effectively a game-sealer. With the Patriots gaining 613 yards and never punting, plays were obviously few and far between. But Graham made one.

“We knew,” Graham said, via Dave Zangaro of NBC Sports Philadelphia. “We knew that Tom Brady was going to try to take us out of the game. We knew we were going to have an opportunity in there where he was going to have to hold the ball. We just kept working, kept working, not getting frustrated, we had to keep talking to each other. ‘Hey, we’re going to make a play, we’re going to win this thing.’ People believed and at the end of the day, we won the game and we just kept staying strong.”

That’s a pretty easy career metaphor, for the former 13th overall pick in the 2010 NFL Draft.

He had 11.5 sacks in his first four seasons, when he appeared in over his head. But he had 9.5 of them this year and became one of the most consistent players on the team.

“We about to have a party on Broad Street, baby!” Graham said. “I know they tearing it up now, but we about to come and tear it up some more.”

Depending on cleanup efforts, there might not be much to work with. But Graham will get his chance eventually, as he did on Tom Brady.

8 responses to “Brandon Graham finally makes the play Eagles defense needed

  1. Loved how Brady made the throwing motion after the ball was stripped.

    He must’ve had some flashbacks.

    Looked exactky like the Tuck Rule.

    Thankfully the correct call was made and the patsies didn’t get bailed out like they did against the RAIDERS.

    Now, if patsy fans can show just a tiny bit of class in defeat.

    I doubt it.

  2. that was a great defensive play….Brady had nowhere to go as the pocket collapsed and didn’t get the pass off in time.

    Congrats to the Eagles on the win….I thought the coaching staff did a great job in designing and choosing plays at key times, having the playets prepared, and the players, for the most part executed.

    I think they have a bright future as well.

    No excuses…..from a long time Patriots fan.



  4. When Wentz went down with an injury, LogicalVoicePFT commented “KARMA”

    Since that time, the the Eagles back up won the Superbowl, and the Redskins traded for the 35 year old version of Nick Cousins and continue to be the laughing stock of the league.

    Karma…he was right.

  5. Nice narrative, unfortunately it’s incorrect. Graham has been their best pash rusher since the switched back to a 4-3. He didn’t have a ton of sacks last year but he played very well. This year was more of the same, this wasn’t his first good year as you assert.

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