Deshaun Watson runs for the first time since his knee injury

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Texans quarterback Deshaun Watson has started running. He posted video Monday of his first day on the treadmill in his rehab from a torn anterior cruciate ligament in his right knee.

Watson has said he’s ahead of schedule in his recovery from the November 2 practice injury. He hopes to return in time to participate in organized team activities on a limited basis.

Watson finished his first NFL season with 1,699 passing yards, 269 rushing yards and 21 total touchdowns.

15 responses to “Deshaun Watson runs for the first time since his knee injury

  1. RG3 v2, going to get exposed next season by any D coordinator with a brain (so maybe not every game)

  2. you heard it here first……if Watson stays healthy….its patriots V Texans for the AFC champ game…….nfc saints V eagles(no foles) or Atlanta ……patriots beat either NFC team in Atlanta….book it

  3. onemorethentherest says:
    February 5, 2018 at 5:34 pm
    Good news. But can someone explain what he is running in?
    It’s an anti-gravity treadmill. Less weight/force is placed on the recovering knee, allowing for running during rehab without the stress that could hamper recovery.

  4. I wonder if he will be able to regain his speed, quickness, and any burst he had before the injury?
    You only need to look at the Honey Badger and Patrick Peterson. Since their ACL injuries, they no longer have that quickness and burst of speed that allowed them to be dangerous in returning punts or bait QBs on routes only to close in with a burst of speed that allowed them to make spectacular interceptions.
    As proof, neither one has produced any such interceptions or remarkable punt returns since their injuries. All interceptions they have are due to badly thrown passes or merely opportunity interceptions.
    I do wish Watson a full recovery, but if that burst of speed is gone, his effectiveness will go way down.

  5. #1 with a bullet – rebuild the O line. Can’t do much with the draft so they better sign a FA or 2 (and dump at least one overpriced one).
    They haven’t done very well in the past with FAs but I don’t see any real alternative. Don’t have to break the bank, but don’t try to do it on the cheap either.

  6. What an impressive young quarterback. The Texans game vs. the Seahawks was probably my favorite game of the year. Football needs young guys like this. I hope he storms back as good as ever.

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