Matt Patricia: “I didn’t do a good enough job”

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All week long, Patriots defensive coordinator Matt Patricia kept talking about how dangerous the Eagles offense was — because he was trying to dodge questions about the Lions job he’s about to take.

After the game, he was left to dodge criticism, after the Patriots gained 613 yards, didn’t punt and still lost the Super Bowl to a team with a backup quarterback.

“Obviously, I didn’t do a good enough job here with the defense,” Patricia said. “Look, that is a great offense, they are extremely talented. I have been talking about it all week how good they are.

“They just played really well, and we didn’t get enough stops. I give them all the credit. They played outstanding.”

There were plenty of questions begging answers, including their refusal to play cornerback Malcolm Butler. Coach Bill Belichick said it wasn’t disciplinary, and Patricia said it had to do with “packages” they wanted to use. Given the way replacement Eric Rowe played and the way the Eagles moved up and down the field as needed, it’s curious to say the least.

But Patricia doesn’t have much time to watch film. He has a plane to catch to Detroit and a staff to finalize.

“Every situation you take a look at, you are trying to improve and get better,” he said. “That has to start with me and the things that we did trying to get ready for the game and obviously during the game.

“We will take a long, hard look at that and hopefully, learn from it and get better.”

We, of course, is going to mean something completely different soon.

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  1. That’s pretty dumb to say there was a package as to why Butler didn’t play. The guy won them a superbowl and that’s how you treat him, not playing him on defense. The Eagles picked on Rowe all game and he sucked. Something is stinky in New England.

  2. The defense lost the game. I blame Belichick for benching butler. I think it set a bad tone for the game. I blame Patricia for thinking about Detroit instead of getting the defense ready. They didn’t get it done and they couldn’t get off the field. Brady and the offense were getting it done and they did it without Cooks. The o-line held better than I thought. The defense was flat out embarrassing! I don’t know what is going on with Belichick and if the rumors are true about Kraft interfering about BRADY, maybe Belichick threw the game. That’s the only explanation that makes sense to me. The defense looked like a bunch of amateurs who didn’t know what to do. The Patriots would have won if the coaches and defense hadn’t lost it! Makes me sick.

  3. Clown t-shirts are just bad karma in the long run because you end up making one for yourself one day when you can’t stop a career back up quarterback from marching up and down the field in a championship game.

  4. 41 Points given up, two drives that didn’t end without an Eagles score (including a fluke interception) an being absolutely torched by Foles.

    Hell of a signing Detroit, might be time to call back Caldwell.

  5. You take away the one fumble the Eagles forced and we’d be talking about how the Eagles defense got destroyed even more by the Patriots offense. End of the day, both defenses could have done better. Considering the weapons and talent on each side of the football, I think the Patriots did more with less, but by no means was it satisfactory.

    Patricia’s doing what coaches should do, take the blame insteqd of putting on the players.

  6. The defense has really not been good all year. Giving up big chunks of yards all season. No real pass rush to speak of. Really this team overachieved this year with that defensive front four and middle linebacker crew. As usual, Belichick did an incredible job getting them to the super bowl with the lack of talent in those key positions.

  7. Matt Patricia was right to avoid coaching in the NFC East. Better to go slink off somewhere that’s not nearly as tough.

  8. It’s goid to know that he will bring the same kind of mediocrity to Detroit.

    For Detroit: new boss, same as the old boss.

  9. “Defense wins Championships?” That Game was Arena Football. Both DC’s should be out of the League. Good Luck in Detroit… you are going to need it.

  10. As a Packer fan, I was a little nervous about facing the Lions next year with Patricia as head coach … But, seeing what a backup QB just did to his defense, must have Rodgers smiling with an ear to ear grin. Time will tell. Congratulations to the Eagles, well deserved Superbowl win!

  11. Totally mystified when I saw Butler not starting looking on. Mistake. Kids a gamer and shows up in big games for he most part. Too bad. We will never know but I think that decision hurt them.

  12. My goodness, what would have Wentz done to this porous D??? Funny how Pats fanboys always make fun of other teams’ “distractions” and how the Pats never have any, or BB “would never tolerate it”. Between the Brady bumble (“tuck rule?” -not), the Butler benching (distraction perhaps?), and the Ertz man-this-looks-just-like-the-Jesse-James-catch, this game had karma written all over it.

  13. To all you geniuses who think Detroit is regretting their decision right now: nothing could be further from the truth. This guy will obviously be a huge step up over Caldwell. Hilarious that you point to this one game and ignore all the others in your attempt to talk trash. He doesn’t even have a single star on that defense and they still played well this year

  14. Well that’s an understatement.
    But can we acknowledge that what he didn’t do was say a single word about one obvious TD that should not have counted, or any other excuse? Just gave credit to the better team on the day?

  15. The defenses on both teams were horrible. It wasn’t the coaches – it was the ridiculous number of missed tackles by players on the field. I am waiting for someone to criticize the defensive players on both teams.

  16. If I were a Detroit fan I’d be squirming a little after watching this pathetic show on defense by NE…..

  17. Looking ahead to the Lions gig, perhaps. But in fairness, the Eagles D was pretty awful too. It was like watching a Big XII game.

  18. Don’t blame the coach. The players just don’t have it anymore. They totally lucked out against Jacksonville while the Eagles destroyed the Vikings. They trailed the entire time except for maybe 30 seconds between Eagles’ TDs. Also, I suspect the camcorders weren’t working in the Minnesota cold.

  19. Have you ever noticed that when a team lays an egg in a big game, they always praise the opposition to the sky? It’s like they’re saying, “Those guys were so fantastic that Superman couldn’t beat them.”

    They just can’t admit they played badly and stunk up the place.

  20. Patricia might want to save that phrase ” I didn’t do a good enough job” for after he coach’s the Lions and is fired in two years..

  21. dlw492 says:

    February 5, 2018 at 12:26 am

    They fired Caldwell for this bum? At least hire someone who doesn’t look like a Stooge
    Really? Have you looked at Caldwell lately? They fired Caldwell because he’s not a good enough coach. Who cares what he looks like, this isn’t the Bachelor.

  22. spartanlegend says:
    February 5, 2018 at 9:12 am
    To all you geniuses who think Detroit is regretting their decision right now: nothing could be further from the truth. This guy will obviously be a huge step up over Caldwell. Hilarious that you point to this one game and ignore all the others in your attempt to talk trash. He doesn’t even have a single star on that defense and they still played well this year


    Says the desperate and delusional Lions fan that just watched his former coach (Jim Schwartz) win the Superbowl against his new coach (Matt Patricia.)


  23. I was saying a few weeks ago that he’s overrated, and he only has his reputation because he’s been with the Patriots for a while. That wasn’t well received.

  24. Eagles fans and the Eagles – you beat us fair and square and you are the champeens of pro football for the 2017 season.


    Pats haters – this is your time, so come on up out of mom and dad’s basement and spew your poo all over the internet. You’ll excuse me & the other Pats fans if we don’t respond to each of your moronic statements. After 1 or 2 of them they get a bit boring, and, I will admit, they get irritating, so we just ignore them.

    See you in a while.

  25. Yep Just like Shannahan last year……the offense did its job. It was the D that gave up all those points in the second half.

    On the flip side I love what Doug Peterson did offensively. Super aggressive knowing that playing it conservatively will result in loosing. Great play calling.

  26. Why do so many people protest when bringing up the cheating that Belichek did? His former coordinator told, the league investigated, the coach was fined an the team lost a draft pick. All true. Not saying he isn’t a good coach; just saying that he cheated.

  27. > Says the desperate and delusional Lions fan that just watched his former coach
    > (Jim Schwartz) win the Superbowl against his new coach (Matt Patricia.)

    Schwartz’s defense got torched for >600 yards and 33 points even though the Pats missed two kicks. Jim Schwartz didn’t exactly shine on Sunday night either.

  28. Matt Patricia you’re leaving New England so that sounds to me like a good PR statement. The fact of the matter is if you had a head coach mentality you would have tried and succeeded in talking HC Belichick from benching Butler the entire game. There is not enough reason to have Butler in uniform, see the secondary getting shredded and to do nothing about getting Butler in the game. What was done to that defensive back and the team is disgusting and the very arrogant Bill Belichick should be advised of that. I have always applauded Belichick’s obvious abilities but every dog has it’s day and Belichick will regret what he did to his young and very capable defensive back.

    Belichick will have trouble getting free agents to sign as a result of his disgusting treatment of his defensive back Butler.

  29. Patricia in Detroit is a bit like the situation with Kyle Shanahan after his SB play calling was panned last year.

    Yes, it looks crappy.

    No, one game does not tell the whole story.

    Maybe he’ll be good in Detroit. Maybe he’ll flame out in epic proportions.

  30. understatement of the year and actually applies to the last three years .this defense has been swiss cheese for the last three years. patti hasn’t improved it at all. Glad he is gone. I agree if he were head coach material he would have persuaded that arrogant know it all BB that butler needs to play in the second half . Belichick needs to show some respect to the NE fans and football fans and give a clear, honest explanation as to why after the first half he did not play Butler. Weird that every slightly knowledgeable football fan could see that the defense was getting torched the whole game and that they needed help. Butler is a catalyst and a great tackler. But like usual he will cower away and hide behind ” on to next year”. His arrogance cost NE the championship.

  31. At the end of the day, the Eagles were more talented (QB aside) and got a very good game from Foles. There were coaching mistakes, but Pederson proved to be a better coach then anticipated, who did not fold under the pressure. Credit to the Eagles, they won and were the better team overall in the game. Yes, Matt P and BB could have coached better. The Butler decision still seems weird but appears to be a rare (but not unheard of) case of BB outsmarting himself.

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