Report: Brad Childress expected to join Bears staff

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The Chiefs announced in late January that assistant head coach Brad Childress informed them that he would not be returning to the team for the 2018 season because he’d opted to retire, but Childress has reportedly reversed course.

Adam Caplan of ESPN reports that Childress is expected to take a job with the Bears as an offensive consultant.

That move would have Childress working under Bears head coach Matt Nagy, who was the Chiefs’ offensive coordinator before making the jump to the top spot in Chicago last month and worked with Childress in Kansas City since 2013.

Signing on with Chicago would represent a return to the NFC North for Childress, who was the Vikings’ head coach from 2006-2010.

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  1. This is nothing to be happy about Bears fans. He has been riding coattails his entire career. You’ll see in time…..but he has experience on an NFL staff, I am envious of that.

  2. He was out of his depth as a head coach but seemed to be an asset in KC. As long as they don’t get too many voices talking into Trubisky’s ear it could work out.

  3. I’m not implying he should get another shot, be Childress has to be one of the more successful coaches to never get a second chance. As Chilly would say, he’s a “Programatic Non-fit” in the NFL. His knowledge is probably there but his personality shows he is incapable of running a team.

  4. Welcome back to the NFC North!

    The Green Bay – Bears rivalry is the oldest (and coldest) in the NFL.

    Most historic!

  5. Chilly ball is what we called it in Minni. 3rd and 10 and throw a 2 yrd out pattern. The only year he had any success was when Jared Allen and co talked Favre out of retirement.

  6. Childress was a terrible fit as a head coach but his offensive knowledge has been enough to remain close to Andy Reid, who has the best coaching tree going in the NFL as proven last night by Doug Pederson. Giving Nagy him as a resource will do nothing but help the rookie head coach who has assembled a very impressive coaching staff around himself.

  7. Why, do any of the Bear’s player need to be picked up at the airport? You could hire a third grader that could count to 11 so they don’t get that 12th man in the huddle penalty for a fraction of what the Bears will pay Childress, that’s problematic.

  8. He never called plays as an offensive coordinator, then he was hired to be a head coach by a brand new owner with no GM. Fired a year after going to the NFC championship, he never got a job as an offensive coordinator again. Then the Chiefs lost Nagy and Chilly was passed over for the OC job again by his good friend Andy Reid, so he decided to “retire.” As soon as someone offers him another consultant job, he’s back. How many teams have these consultants? Not many. People who know him must like him because he doesn’t seem to have a lot going for him football-wise.

  9. Childress has been hired as a “consultant”; not an on-field coach. He’s gonna watch tape and make offensive suggestions. I’m not even buying the Chicago local radio hosts’ speculation today that he’s an “OC in waiting” if Helfrich crashes and burns. Nagy is the de-facto OC anyway. Pretty sure Childress has not desire to be a “coach” again.

  10. Not that I have ever thought much of Childress, but it seems shady to say “I’m retiring” and then a month later, Surprise, I am going to work for another team.

  11. With four offensive coaches (Nagy, Childress, Helfrich and Ragone) simultaneously talking to Trubisky I’m guessing the team will likely employ the use of a “talking stick” to help the young qb know who’s turn it is to share coaching points.

  12. Klink was one weird dude in MN. Lord Favre drove him nuts basically ignoring his play calling all the way to the NFC Championship game — that was pretty entertaining. Well, until that damn INT. . . . .

  13. Klink was a horrible Head Coach and as a Offensive Coordinator he didn’t call the plays. Hmmm I can see why the Bears would want him. It’s good to have friends.

  14. It won’t hurt a rookie head coach to have an old, experienced shoulder to lean on. All the best staffers have left KC, and we’re left with Fat Andy, the single dumbest gameday coach in history.

  15. He was in KC since 2013 but no one on their staff could tell you what he did, including him.

    “What would you say you do here Chilly?”

    “I take the play sheets for the game from the printers to the coaches.”

    “So you pick them up and walk them upstairs?”

    “Yes…well, I mean, my secretary does it.”

    “So why can’t the coaches just pick them up themselves?”

    “Well, look, I already told you. I deal with the coaches so
    the printers don’t have to!! I have people skills!! I am good at
    dealing with people!!! Can’t you understand that?!? WHAT THE HELL IS

  16. An “Offensive Consultant” will watch tape, analyze trends and tendencies then make suggestions. When and if he finds anything useful, the coaches and coordinators will evaluate anything Childress comes up with, and if it makes sense, the coaches and coordinators will add it to the playbook and game plans. I doubt Childress will interact much if at all with any players.

    Given the history of Bears bland, predictable and ineffective offenses over the past FIVE coaching regimes, I’m all for having as many experienced offensive personnel looking for anything that will help. This is a team that has relied on the offensive prowess of names like Schoop, Tice, Loggains, Shea, Crowton and a much longer list of forgettable names to generate points.

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