Report: Mike Tice planning to retire from coaching, says players no longer want to be coached

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Offensive line coach Mike Tice’s coaching career may be at an end.

According to Dan Barreiro of KFAN, Tice said he thinks he is ready to move on from coaching and added his opinion that players no longer want to be coached.

Tice is coming off a three-year stint as offensive line coach of the Oakland Raiders under Jack Del Rio. While the Raiders had one of the better offensive lines in the NFL in 2016, the group was not nearly as successful last season in cultivating a rushing attack. Oakland posted the 25th-ranked rushing attack in the NFL last season after being sixth in 2016.

Tice spent parts of five seasons as head coach of the Minnesota Vikings from 2001-2005 after taking over on an interim basis for Dennis Green. Since his lone stint as a head coach, Tice has spent time with the Jacksonville Jaguars (2006-2009), Chicago Bears (2010-2012) and Atlanta Falcons (2014).

Tice was assistant head coach to Del Rio in Jacksonville, serves as offensive line coach and offensive coordinator with the Bears and coached the offensive line with the Atlanta Falcons in his only year with the team.

43 responses to “Report: Mike Tice planning to retire from coaching, says players no longer want to be coached

  1. Poor Mike Tice, he’s like the teacher who says “the kids don’t want to learn” when in fact the teacher doesn’t make learning interesting enough.

    Everyone’s fault but yours, coach.

  2. The players on the Rams, Jags, and Eagles say otherwise.

    Good riddance. Time for a hungrier positive teacher to take his place.

  3. Darn, if he retires, he won’t have any Super Bowl tickets to sell anymore. I really counted on them…..

  4. Better headline: Old man not willing to adjust to changing times. Best part of this headline is that it could be written basically any year ever and still be appropriate.

  5. “No longer want to be coached” is too indefinite of a statement. The issue is that players from youth leagues through professionals should be, and want to be, treated with respect.

    The days of the screaming maniac overlord coach is coming to an end. The modern successful coaches will relate to the players on a personal level, using postive teaching methods which are much more effective anyway.

  6. I feel him. I deal with I think it with my employees. People’s mindsets these days are awful. I legitimately had a 22 year old kid that work for me tell me “I’m tired of management always trying to tell me how I can do better.”

  7. Here come the posters blaming millennial snowflakes. A good coach adjusts their training methods to suit the situation. The NFL has always been an evolve or die league, if his chosen coaching methods aren’t getting results then the time is probably right for him to leave.

  8. It’s been that way for awhile, Mike. When you have guaranteed money in contracts and a player can’t be replaced because of that, how can you motivate them? You know you will get blistered for strong discipline, as Bill Belichick is now for Butler.
    These players have been hollared at by coaches for years and with the NFLPA protections, why listen? The old schoolers like Tice will eventually all be replaced by ‘managers’ who work to contain the players and hopefully get them to do what you ask.
    The worst job in the league: NBA coaches trying to tell people like LaBron James he’s done something wrong. That coach could be on his way out.
    Not saying I agree, just the way it is from my view.
    Money spoils everything.

  9. That’s probably why the quality of games has gone down so much, the mental mistakes are amazing. Between the politics, constant celebrations and poor play the NFL is getting less enjoyable for me to watch. I prefer athletes who act professional, focus on winning and play well, to me that’s enjoyable Sports entertainment, to others its watching Athletes act like dancing clowns while they engage in Sports. To each their own.

  10. Sounds like he’s a broken man and needs to leave.
    Players don’t want to be coached????
    Then get the hell off the team?
    If you tolerate that attitude you are a weak coach and the players will not respect you.

    If you want to play you will accept coaching.

  11. I absolutely agree with him. Many, not all, players have an ego so large that they think they know everything about everything. Any one who corrects them is immediately disliked.
    The true “greats” are coach-able and willing to learn. That reflects in their performance.

  12. Tice may be a buffoon but he’s probably right. So many of these guys don’t want to listen to coaches “disrespecting” them. They’ve made it in the league so they don’t have to listen to anyone anymore. Those kinds of guys won’t be in the league for long however.

  13. Possibly the worst OC (Bears) we’ve ever had, and we’ve had some doozies.

    Even worse than that, as an OL coach (his supposed specialty) the Bears had some of the worst O-line play ever seen in the modern era.

  14. duhbears says:

    February 6, 2018 at 8:22 am

    Possibly the worst OC (Bears) we’ve ever had, and we’ve had some doozies.
    That’s a tough one…I’d give that honor to the guy that revolutionized NFL offenses with the WR screen on 3rd and long, John Shoop

  15. I kept waiting for him to get another head coaching position. He was an entertainment machine with the Vikings. One stupid or strange quote a week or more. The love boat, the whizzinator, Superbowl ticket scalping, the Randy ratio, (do you hear that opponents, we are going to throw to Randy 60% of the time!) the hits just kept coming. I had to go back to Gerry Glanville or Bum Philips to find a more entertaining head coach. Too bad he wasn’t good at it. He was a decent O line coach but not the guy for the top job.

  16. Not a huge Tice fan, but will always love him for the play off win vs. GB at Lambeau that included the moss mooning…great times giving the Pack what they deserve….

  17. Free Agency turned a game of players into a game of over paid big headed Superstars. Sky High Ticket prices so folks can no longer afford to take the NEXT generation of fans to home games.
    But it seems every young person knows everything anyway! why do we need Coaches?

  18. It’s not that players dont want to be coached anymore.
    The way I see it as a fan is players dont want to be coached and lose anymore.
    Players will be coached by a stern Belichick because they see the results.
    Players will be coached by a ‘player’s coach’ like Sean McVay because they saw the quick turnaround.

    Players wont be coached by a guy like Tice if the end result is mediocrity or worse than prior coaches

  19. duhbears says:
    February 6, 2018 at 8:22 am
    Possibly the worst OC (Bears) we’ve ever had, and we’ve had some doozies.

    That says more about the incompetence of the Bears than Tice.

  20. My buddy ran into him at the SB in an elevator. They got to talking and Tice basically said Gruden had no interest in retaining his services.

  21. Sometimes, its…God forbid….that the PLAYERS aren’t any good.
    I’m sure he could land a higher-paying job coaching in the NCAA anyway.
    By the time you get to the NFL, you often find yourself coaching spoiled, entitled prima donnas
    who have never really had to work for anything in their whole lives. Tough to work with that.

  22. Ok fanboys you gotta stop with the players dont want to be coached by you crap. That’s just too easy, just like when you fanboys complain about player salaries… get over it!!!

    So fanboys here is the real deal. Tice was my O-line coach Minnesota. Its not that kids dont want to coached. Tice is old school and these kids and their fragile minds cant take being disciplined. Tice has no time for ego. You check your feelings at the door when you enter the meeting room or practice field. He will make you better if you want to get better but he’s not gonna waste time with a POS who doesn’t listen and cant take harsh criticism. Its too easy to blame the coach but not the player who cant remember his assignment. The same could be said about technique but instead blame the coach, the same coach who drills technique all day long on the field and film room. The majority or these skills the player should already have before going into the league. Oh I know you fanboys are gonna love this but guess what when the money starts coming in the players get lazy. By year 3 or 4 players are set and can basically bounce around from team to team for the next 10yrs. Believe this only a small percentage of players really care about winning yet you still blame the coach. You fanboys seem to know so much about the X and O’s and yet know so little.

    How many players have the choice to be coached by Belichick?? How many fanboys blamed Belichick for the Super Bowl loss??? Oh no not the great Belichick so I guess you blamed Patricia instead LMOA. I saw a lot of missed assignments but that cant be the players fault. Stop holding these players in such high regard and make them be accountable. Tice made you accountable and thats all I can ask out of a coach.

    Yes I sold Tice my Super Bowl tickets every year cause it was easy money. Oh the shame of a player selling his tickets. Blame that on the coach too lol

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