Tom Brady threw it, but he didn’t catch it

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Nick Foles caught the pass thrown to him. Tom Brady dropped his.

Brady was wide open on the second-quarter trick play. While he probably wouldn’t have scored a 35-yard touchdown, the Patriots quarterback did have some room to run.

The incompletion came on third down, and the Patriots turned it over on downs when Brady threw incomplete on fourth down.

“Danny [Amendola] made a good throw,” Brady said. “I just didn’t make the play. It was there to be made, and I missed the play.”

Gisele, of course, once famously said her husband can’t throw it and catch it. She was right.

While he threw for a Super Bowl-record 505 yards, Brady’s drop proved one of the biggest plays of the game.

“Yeah, I caught it [in practice],” Brady said. “Didn’t catch it tonight.”

30 responses to “Tom Brady threw it, but he didn’t catch it

  1. Mr. Bundchen, it was a valiant effort tonight.
    But your lack of athleticism and your entire coaching staff being outcoached was your undoing.
    But hey, at least your regular season MVP video was ready and on-time.

  2. It was about 6 inches to far and off his finger tips. A good receiver probably drops that, let alone a quarterback.

  3. This loss wasn’t on Brady (505yds!!!) it was the Pats D, and the loss of Cooks hurt big. Even so, and despite all the key guys on IR, the Pats could have won if the first of the reviewed TDs had been correctly overturned – not that the Pats don’t get their fair share of breaks, but just to say it could easily have been a W. Next year…

  4. But Tommy made up for not being able to catch the ball by dropping it late in the game to set up the Iggles nail-in-the-coffin FG. (Thanks John McKay.)

  5. alexandrasmith11 says:
    February 5, 2018 at 3:02 am
    Not a knock on Brady but I think Garoppolo makes that catch,
    Yeah cute but JimmyG wouldn’t have beat the Steeler in Pitt and wouldn’t have beat Jax 2wks ago.

  6. This was definitely a postseason of trick plays. Wasn’t it 2 weeks ago where there 3 flea flickers in 4 games?

    You are either a genius or a bum depending on whether these specialty plays work.

    Coaches call the plays but the players still have to execute. The Eagles play earned them 7 points and the Pats ended a drive. The execution on those 2 plays could’ve been the difference in the game.

  7. That “System” QB has won more than anyone, is the current MVP, and threw for 505 yards last night, breaking his own Super Bowl record, something he’s led his team to 8 freaking times.

    Yeah—what a bum.

  8. streetyson says:
    February 5, 2018 at 6:13 am
    alexandrasmith11 says:
    February 5, 2018 at 3:02 am
    Not a knock on Brady but I think Garoppolo makes that catch,
    Yeah cute but JimmyG wouldn’t have beat the Steeler in Pitt and wouldn’t have beat Jax 2wks ago.

    Not sure about the Steeler part but Garopollo beat the Jaguars in an impressive fashion as a 9er, as a Patriot would’ve likely been the same outcome.

    Everyone else, blaming the defense? Seriously?? Injuries? Anyone but Brady? Both defenses were bad, historically bad but the Patriot defense played a little better. The Patriots defense also didn’t fumble it in the clutch but that defense did hold the Eagles to a FG after that fumble. The Patriots was without a few players due to injury, isn’t it the Patriot mottos do your job and next man up? All the injuries to the Eagles starters during the course of the season didn’t slow them down. Also a back up QB handled business during the final few regular season games and the entire playoffs.

    As Patriot fans tell others, stop making excuses your team lost.

  9. agreed, calling system qb marsha brady g.o.a.t. is a joke, three losses to pedestrian qb’s, drops a possible td last nite, his fumble cost them at the end….he is one more loss away from being part of the CHokers HOF, with Jim kelly and Fran Tarkenton…

    g.o.a.t. nooooope, T.T.L. Three Time LOSER is better.

  10. vicnocal says:
    February 5, 2018 at 2:09 am
    It wasnt the easiest catch.

    Yeah how could it be – it only hit him in BOTH hands

  11. Brady is great. Philly played incredible, and it still almost wasn’t enough because #12 kept coming at them until the very last second. This is a game where a team really wasn’t beaten, they just ran out of time. Was there even a punt in this game?

    Amazing that the best player on the field was 40 years old.

    Best super bowl since the 1997 Broncos Vs Packers.

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