Zach Ertz: Bye week was key to preparation

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Eagles tight end Zach Ertz will be remembered in Philadelphia forever, after bringing down the game-winning touchdown in the Super Bowl.

But when he thinks back on what got them here, he’s going to remember the bye week the Eagles earned in the playoffs, and the week of preparation it led to.

That week, the Eagles tried to recover from some sloppy performances down the stretch with an aggressive week of practice, and Ertz said it made the difference.

“The management of the bye week was huge,” Ertz said. “We had ones against the ones that whole bye week, and that kind of set the tone for the playoffs. A lot of coaches in that situation would have let it be a bye week. But with the situations we had at quarterback losing Carson [Wentz] like that, that is probably the biggest week for us in terms of preparing for this stage.

“I had to go against Malcolm Jenkins for a whole week, and I had not done that since training camp. That was a huge week for us as a football team, and I do not know if we would be here without that wee of preparation.”

The Eagles were certainly the sharper team down the stretch, and that might have been because of the decisions Doug Pederson and his staff made a month ago, while they were dealing with the shock of losing Wentz to a torn ACL.

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  1. Man did I misjudge Doug

    1999 was not the party Prince predicted for the Eagles, and Doug Pederson was front and center.
    If the early Andy Reid era needed a scapegoat, 1999 Doug Pederson was an easy target.

    2016 Doug Pederson also deserved his doubts with a team that started hot but ended cold.

    But to win the Super Bowl against the best team ever with your backup quarterback while beating the G.O.A.T…

    Emotional intelligence has a place in this world.


  2. I still can’t believe how much Foles was trashed the entire postseason. He had experience playing well in this league and was as close to perfect as you could expect in the postseason. He wasn’t just along for the ride, he was a key reason they won. The whole team exceeded expectations all season.

  3. THe present team should be back for next year, plus those who are injured, plus a few new additions. Who knows ? next year ? Carson Wentz still looks like he has not healed and may not be ready for preseason. On a personal note, I can forget Jaws getting happy feet and McNab’s time management and stomach issues. It really does feel good, enjoy …

  4. From underdog to top dog. Congratulations to the Eagles. People not familiar with the family aspect of Eagles’ fans and the pure passion the city and region has for this team won’t appreciate what this championship means. Very happy for Mr Lurie who has been a classy owner.

  5. Foles > Brady. Proven on the biggest stage. Got the win, MVP, better hands, more touchdowns = win.

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