Bob Lamonte represents Chris Ballard and Josh McDaniels

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As if his involvement in the representation of former Raiders coach Jack Del Rio and current Raiders coach John Gruden wasn’t awkward enough, agent Bob Lamonte has found an even more awkward situation for himself.

Lamonte represents both Colts G.M. Chris Ballard and not-Colts coach Josh McDaniels.

While it’s not an ideal look for McDaniels to agree to terms and then back out before signing a contract, Lamonte is the one who will have the bigger problem going forward. His credibility instantly has been undermined, making it hard for future teams to trust Lamonte during the month of January, when he promises to deliver a client whose team currently is still playing in the postseason.

Complicating matters for Lamonte is the fact that the cold feet of one client has created a potential hot seat for another. Already, there’s talk in league circles that Ballard will fire Lamonte.

Conflicts of interest run rampant when it comes the agents who represent NFL coaches and players. For those who are lawyers, rules of professional conduct create bright lines and/or duties to disclose potentially competing priorities. For non-lawyers who serve as agents, there’s no independent oversight when it comes to problems of this nature.

Lamonte’s recent misadventures suggest that maybe there should be.

12 responses to “Bob Lamonte represents Chris Ballard and Josh McDaniels

  1. What would oversight accomplish? You can bet Ballard knew that Lamonte represented McDaniels long before they began negotiating. You can also bet that if Ballard trusts Lamonte then he knows this was all about McDaniels and not put blame on an agent that would have every reason $$$ to get McDaniels a head coaching gig.

  2. The agent should not be blamed for Josh finally realizing that coaching the Colts is just a bad situation. The Colts are a bad team in a division where the other 3 teams are much more talented. Plus how many more injuries can Lucky endure? He will be tested by the tough defenses in his division and by an offensive line that is still offensive. Then there is the ownership issue with the choice between Kraft and Irsay–give me a break.

  3. Actually Lamonte probably communicated with Ballard during the entire process to let him know of McDaniels’ doubts and therefore Ballard probably was not surprised. I doubt this will have any impact on Lamonte. The bigger question will be for McDaniels — who will give him a 3rd chance to be a head coach?

  4. It’s clear that McDaniels backed out because Luck’s true health status was finally revealed. Shame on the Colts for failing to come clean sooner.

  5. Might this actually be a GOOD thing in the long run for coaches, GMs, and owners?

    Think about it… now they have an extra way to get plausible deniability against violating the Rooney Rule. Now that there’s an actual example of a coach ‘agreeing to terms’ but still not signing, you could conceivably not be afoul of the Rooney rule in the future if you get a coach to the altar before looking at other (minority) candidates.

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