Eagles have plenty of options with Nick Foles

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The Eagles need to decide what to do with quarterback Nick Foles, the unlikely MVP of Super Bowl LII. Whatever they choose, they have several options.

First, they can keep him around. He’s under contract at $7 million for 2018, $3 million of which comes in the form of a roster bonus. In the days preceding the Super Bowl, owner Jeffrey Lurie strong suggested that Foles would indeed remain part of the team, given the importance of having a solid backup to Carson Wentz.

Second, they can make it known that Foles is available in trade now, as teams figure out their plans for attempting to acquire quarterbacks when the new league year begins in March. That way, the teams jockeying for the likes of Kirk Cousins will have a viable alternative in the form of a guy who just beat the Falcons, Vikings, and Patriots in succession.

Third, the Eagles can wait until the sweet spot between free agency and the draft, when teams that maybe didn’t sign the player they wanted are considering the possibility of trading lottery tickets for certainty, opting to address the quarterback position with a sure thing in lieu of rolling the dice on that guy they may not get.

Fourth, the Eagles can wait until after the draft, when teams that didn’t get the quarterback they need consider their remaining options for staffing the most important position on the field.

Fifth, the Eagles can wait for another Teddy Bridgewater scenario, which can happen pretty much at any point before the trade deadline. Two years ago, Bridgewater’s late-August ACL tear created a sudden market for former starter Sam Bradford, allowing the Eagles to get value for the veteran and to bump then-rookie Wentz into the starting lineup.

If the Eagles ultimately trade Foles, they’ll need to have a competent backup plan for Wentz, whose playing style will subject him to more injuries. Given what the coaching staff did with Foles (and in light of the possibility that Wentz will be injured again), veteran quarterbacks who can’t find starting jobs would be flocking to Philadelphia for the chance to become the unlikely MVP of Super Bowl LIII.

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  1. What if Wentz can’t comeback from his double knee injury, or takes half the season to do so? I know the fans imagine a trade for 10 #1 picks. But that’s not happening either. It’s an odd situation.

  2. Some stupid team is going to give up a high draft pick for him, and the rich get richer. NFL parity is dead. There are now only a few teams that even stand a chance. It’s ridiculous. These teams are killing it with backup QBs and newbie coaches. Why even try anymore?

  3. That is what they said about his 2013 season, a fluke. Now you are saying it is a fluke that he has played 4 near perfect playoff games, one in which he was superbowl MVP. This was no fluke, this guy is a good QB and he has and always had ice water in his veins. The lesson you can learn from Foles is how important it is to have good coaching to maximize a guys talent. The reality of your post is that you still sound bitter that after all the trash talking you did leading into the NFC championship game, you are still very bitter that your Vikings got out classed by a superior organization. We took home the glory, and you are stuck with your bitterness. Enjoy… Eagles are setup for the next decade.

    codylaws says:

    February 6, 2018 at 9:29 am

    I wouldn’t waste any draft pick for this clown. I wouldn’t even pay him 2 mil a year. It’s just a fluke. He will never do it again.

  4. My hope as an Eagles fan is that they do what Foles wants. I think the best scenario is to keep him for 2018 since Wentz won’t be available until September at the earliest, and then find a way to get compensation for him in 2019 (i.e. tag and trade). Foles had a really excellent offensive line and a solid run game with quality receivers this year, which elevated his game a lot. Plugging him into just any team is a recipe for the Foles we saw with the Rams in 2015.

  5. vdaigglesfan says:
    February 6, 2018 at 9:27 am

    With no 2nd or 3rd rounders in 2018, I think Howie trades him for a pick.

    Doubtful. You don’t know how Carson Wentz is going to respond to rehab, not to mention
    IF his play is going to change…or suffer.

    He’s under contract. Plus, there is nothing saying he couldn’t sign an extension during the upcoming season.

    All this speculation is subjective, mostly for the media outlets ( and this website) to have talking points in the offseason.

    Think about it. He had a chance to start somewhere ( albeit involuntarily) AND was compensated accordingly. Didn’t work out too well. There were reasons behind that, almost exclusively out of control of Nick Foles.

    Yet, the fact remains, he returns to Philadelphia, fully understanding his role, accepting and embracing it, and forming a bond with the promising starter Carson Wentz.

    I know the media wants to develop a controversy ( desperately), but it simply isn’t there. He’s not that kind of person. I know the media ( including this website) is relentless to get the narrative they want.

    Good luck with that.

  6. Eagles outplayed and out coached the Vikings no doubt and yes maybe a tad bitter. But out classed?! Lolololololol hahahahaha. Class and eagles dont seem to mix well. Your fan base robbed its own stores and flipped cars and started the city on fire. Doesn’t seem too classy to me.

  7. codylaws says:

    February 6, 2018 at 9:29 am

    I wouldn’t waste any draft pick for this clown. I wouldn’t even pay him 2 mil a year. It’s just a fluke. He will never do it again.

    Ha ha. So bitter.

  8. The Eagles will go to Foles and askes what he wants….the Eagles owner will give him a choice. Do you want to be paid & possible have to leave? or do you stay with the Eagles in a NEW cap friendly deal? Whatever he wants he’ll get…HE IS A HERO to the city of Philadelphia.

  9. Foles is a very good backup QB (I’d take him in that role in a heartbeat), but he has proven over the LONG term (i.e. not two small samples) to not be a quality starting QB. His OL was AWESOME in the playoffs this year, and any fringe starter or good backup QB in the NFL would look good with that much support. Foles also succeeded under ideal circumstances in 2013, but there is a reason he put up 23TDs/20INTs between THREE teams in between then and this SB. Good QBs make their teammates look better, but it’s also possible for excellent surrounding offenses to make a QB look better; add him to be your starter at your own peril.

  10. dhandevidt says:
    February 6, 2018 at 9:52 am
    Eagles outplayed and out coached the Vikings no doubt and yes maybe a tad bitter. But out classed?! Lolololololol hahahahaha. Class and eagles dont seem to mix well. Your fan base robbed its own stores and flipped cars and started the city on fire. Doesn’t seem too classy to me.
    Actually, as always, these “Philly fans are bad” stories get overhyped and/or lied about through the media. Here’s fact, 150,000-200,000 people went out onto Broad Street in Philly after the game, 2 injured, yes, 1 flipped car and 4 arrests….MEANWHILE, in Boston area, 2000 people took to the streets after the game, causing extensive damage, Police in riot gear spraying mace, 12 people arrested and 6 taken to the hospital..HARDLY A WORD SPOKEN ABOUT IT!!! See the ridiculous bias yet?!?!?!?!

  11. thudspeth says:
    February 6, 2018 at 9:48 am

    6th, Foles tells the Eagles your not trading me to a horrible team. Trade me to a team i want to play for, cut me or keep me

    Actually, a variation of this is much more feasible.

    I think he signs a 2 yr extension. Foles’ agent submits a list of organizations that he would accept a trade to. This is done for HIS benefit, not the teams.

    There is ABSOLUTELY NO WAY this organization would do a disservice to the player largely responsible to bring this organization it’s first Super Bowl Championship.

    No matter how many scenarios this website wants to present to the contrary…no matter how many times they want to try. It’s simply not happening.

    Foles will be here as long as he wants to be. And why wouldn’t he? He’s got a great relationship with a sensational coaching staff and a fantastic working AND personal relationship with his peers, including Carson Wentz. He’s been in other situations and almost chose retirement, rather than beginning another unknown situation.

    If you think he’s going to chase the dollars, that’s not who he is.

    When the time comes, if Carson responds to rehab and his play recovers to the elite level he was, then he and the organization can discuss what they can do for each other.

  12. There are several trade avenues the Eagles can explore if Foles decides its time to look for a starting gig elsewhere. In fairness to Nick, I can’t see the team sending him to a bad situation.

    If the Bears didn’t draft Trubisky last year, Chicago would have been another possible landing spot since new Bears coach Matt Nagy spent time with Foles on Reid’s staffs both in Kansas City and Philadelphia.

  13. Vikings fans are so blinded by the bitter tears of their NFCCG torching at the hands of Foles that they’re describing him as a fluke. They can’t even see that Foles’s bad years were under Jeff Fisher, the same guy who was responsible for the mediocre play of their own savior, Case Keenum. I guess that makes Keenum a fluke too then, huh?

  14. Eagles are world champs, and look at the haters coming out of the woodwork.

    Still a bunch of people not wanting to give Foles his due too, it’s good stuff. Guy has his Jersey in Canton already for the 7TD game, which he easily could have had 8TD’s in, possibly 9, but was pulled from. He did it in three quarters for God sakes. He tied the NFL record for TD’s in a game in THREE QUARTERS.

    Now, he’s won a Super Bowl under ridiculous pressure in a situation where 95% of talking heads were calling him a joke and said it was impossible.

    And still, the haters gonna hate.

    Foles will forever be a legend in Philly, so here’s a little nugget for you chumps: He doesn’t need your approval. He has his teammates, he has his jersey in Canton, he has a SB ring, he has the eternal adoration of the city of Philadelphia, and most importantly, he has his own self respect.

    You’re just dead gnats on his jersey at this point.

  15. Napoleon Dynamite has come a long way. Congrats to him! He has earned it and every penny he can soak some team for. Always works hard and has a good attitude.

  16. dsimp724 says:
    February 6, 2018 at 10:07 am

    Maybe with his Super Bowl bonus he can visit a dentist

    Maybe with the nickel in your pocket, you could get a better education.

  17. If my team traded anything for Foles I would be pissed. I am not saying he has gotten better, but I would put money that history repeats itself. He had 1 good year. Then left the Eagles and was not good anywhere and almost walked away. He came back to the Eagles and did a good (not great or outstanding) job in the games he played. Yes, he won the MVP in the Super Bowl….that just happened to be the best of all the games he played. I think that was more system over someone who is going to be a great player.

    As we know in the NFL, coaches want the players to buy-in to their system, not fit a system to the type of players you have (especially at QB).

    Mark my words (@oldtakesexposed) if Foles goes to another team, he will be a bust again. His best bet, and really the Eagles best bet, is to keep this guy in Philly and have him be the back-up.

    But hey, I’m just a fan. Not a NFL “expert” so what do I know…….

  18. He has made clear he will be an Eagle back-up to Carson or retire and become a pastor. He won a Superbowl. He was well off even before he even enrolled in college. His dad, Larry Foles, is responsible for starting and selling major restaurant chains. Nick’s made plenty of bank but he isn’t about the money. Nick is a different kind of person from most NFL players. From most people for that matter. I have known him since he was little. This topic is just week after super bowl filler.

  19. If I were a GM of a QB-needy team, I’d have a long talk with my coach about whether he’s willing to structure an offense around what Foles is good at and consider maybe offering a 2nd round pick for him if the coach is up for it.

    If you followed Foles’ career, he’s very good in certain types of offenses and below average in others. He had a great run with Chip Kelly, wasn’t good for the Rams and didn’t look great running Andy Reid’s offense in KC. Pederson changed the offense to maximize what Foles is good at, and after a couple shaky games, he lit it up like he did under Chip Kelly. I think he’s capable of repeating his success in the right system surrounded by the right players.

  20. Keep him. I don’t see any other option. He is a hero in the city right now and Wentz is not healed yet. He had a similar injury to RG3. Let him heal fully and roll with the Super Bowl MVP until he is. At that point, ASK foles what he would like to do. If he wants to be traded, do it after making sure the backup is decent. If he wants to stay, let him and enjoy the luxury.

  21. redsoxu571 says:
    February 6, 2018 at 10:09 am

    Foles is a very good backup QB (I’d take him in that role in a heartbeat), but he has proven over the LONG term (i.e. not two small samples) to not be a quality starting QB.

    Based on what? He lost his starting job due to INJURY in 2014. He broke his collarbone. Then he was traded. To a team with a coaching staff that is SEVERELY deficient in developing talent, especially quarterbacks.

    Consider this: Any decision makers that deemed Foles as a negligent player, are no longer in their respective positions when they MADE those decisions. Gone. Out of the league. Have you heard of Rob Boras or Frank Cignetti? Exactly.

    Frank Cignetti actually was employed again. QB Coach …for the NY Giants. How did that work out?


    The guy could always play. He’s not a trancendent talent. That’s clear. But the guy could ALWAYS play.

  22. The only move is to trade Wentz now. His career in Philly is over. Those fans will crucify him if the team doesn’t at least make it back to the SB. Foles ruined things for him there. Time to go make his own mark someplace else.

  23. It would be wise to keep him IMO as no one knows how healthy Wentz will be at the start of the season. With that being said the bigger concern is the fact the Eagles have virtually no cap space. I know no Eagles fan wants to here this but this team is going to look quite different next season.Roseman is going to have his work cut out for him with contract re-structuring.

  24. There is no reason to trade him. They only Have 12 mil or so in q.b money. Why trade him? He knows the role he is in going Forward. Also other then Bradham and Robinson, who I hope they do find a way to keep around, I’m sure Howie will work some Cap Magic. Eagles still have a young core still. Shoot Sidney Jones will be in the Mix next year. I can se them sticking together this corw for another year. Draft Best Olineman or Linebacker available with pick 32.

  25. TheBisonCometh says:
    February 6, 2018 at 9:49 am
    vdaigglesfan says:
    February 6, 2018 at 9:27 am

    With no 2nd or 3rd rounders in 2018, I think Howie trades him for a pick.

    Doubtful. You don’t know how Carson Wentz is going to respond to rehab, not to mention
    IF his play is going to change…or suffer.


    Love Foles and love to keep them all but the Eagles are up against the cap. And Howie can’t stop himself from dealing. The Eagles have 1 pick in the first 125. Move on from Blount, Celek, TSmith and maybe Sproles and lose PRobinson and try to nickel and dime Peters. Eagles are still trying to get Graham an extension and sign Bradham and start thinking about extending Ajayi. Foles goes, gotta sell high. Maybe Foles and a 4th for a late 2nd/ early 3rd? Eagles need LB and OL and Jenkins eventual replacement and replacements for TSmith (Hollins is a 4th WR and too valuable as special teams ace) and Foles. I could see Foles in several landing spots that could use a playoff tested, cheap starter. Minnesota, Denver, Arizona (Foles went to ASU), Jacksonville, Buffalo. Or back to KC and Reid to push/mentor Mahomes.

  26. I said before the SB that the Eagles could get a 2nd and 3rd round pick for Foles. Now, I think they can get at least that much. Maybe even a first. He has proven he can be exceptional on the biggest stage possible. This wasn’t a Trent Dilfer performance. This was a QB driven win all the way. Does Cleveland want to waste that 4th potentially on a bust? Does AZ find someone nearly as good as Foles? How about the Broncos? If they don’t get Cousins, do they go for Foles? If the Eagles don’t get a good deal, then keep him. Simple.

    The CAP room thing isn’t as bad as people think. They can restructure Cox and give him more upfront which is what most players want. Sure, a few guys will not be there next year. Blount and Smith come to mind. Would love to keep Blount but he probably wants more than a 1 year deal and, at his age and position, he just isn’t worth it. The Eagles have a guy behind him, Clement. who can pick up his carries and another guy, Smallwood who can step in.

    Not saying the Eagles will win a SB next year since every season is different but I think they have more than 90% return and all the big time players (unless you count Blount as big time) will be back.

  27. As an Eagles fan, I’m open to trading Foles IF HE wants to go start somewhere and sign a big deal.
    If not, they should keep him.

  28. Vikings fans: Nick Foles can’t beat our number 1 defense. Hangs 38 on them, but it could have been worse. Pats fans: Our defense doesn’t let teams score 30. BB is a god and will confuse Nick all day long. 41 points later, BB is an idiot he lost this game for us. This man just did what no other Eagles QB could do in the previous 51 seasons. You call him a whatever you want, but 1 thing is for sure. Old St. Nick delivered when he was ask to. For that he will always be a legend in Philly.

  29. Lots of Eagles fans suddenly showing up here. And you know they are new to the site because they don’t recognize the trolls or their shtick yet.

    Here’s a quick primer, kids:

    Codylaws aka Codythao, is a Vikings fan with a seriously warped semse of reality.

    ctiggs is a 49ers fan who is always 100% sure they are going to win the Super Bowl in any given year

    logicalvoice is a Redskins fan who “thinks” RGIII is the greatest QB ever, and always thinks the ‘Skins will win it all

    Ariani1985 is a Vikings apologist who has an endless supply of lame one-liners

    tylawspick6 is a Patriots fan who would usually be here to tell you that your team (any team, at any time) is in cap hell, but he is too busy sulking after his team got whupped.

    Anyway welcome to the site, you can learn the rest of the personalities on your own. Just remember, if someone has said something that really makes you angry or frustrated, that’s what they were trying to do. Try not to give them the satisfaction 🙂

  30. dhandevidt says:
    February 6, 2018 at 9:52 am
    Eagles outplayed and out coached the Vikings no doubt and yes maybe a tad bitter. But out classed?! Lolololololol hahahahaha. Class and eagles dont seem to mix well. Your fan base robbed its own stores and flipped cars and started the city on fire. Doesn’t seem too classy to me.

    I live on Broad St in South Philly and from my stoop I only saw people from all different walks of life celebrating peacefully with each other in the streets. There was an air of positivity, and with the exception of a few people who couldn’t handle their liquor, it was a peaceful celebration! Go Birds!

  31. I don’t have a friggin clue what the Eagles or Foles should do!!

    I do know his story is as good as it gets. We need more stories just like this.

    Hmm… I wonder if he can dance like Eli?

  32. I believe that Foles loves the situation he is in. I don’t know that he wants to play for another coach. Yes, the choice will come down to taking a paycut or moving on to another organization for more money.

    Pederson did something most coaches won’t do. He changed the offense to fit Foles. An outstanding Oline, a strong running game, and adding more RPOs made for the perfect combination. That won’t happen elsewhere.

    The best situation from Foles perspective would be to stay in Philly, being loved forever, paid decently, and ready whenever needed.

    A second choice, if he wants to be a starter, is Denver. They have a legit defense and decent running game. If Vance Joseph is willing to add in RPOs, Nick could be as successful there. Short of that, he could face a repeat of his Rams situation.

  33. Nick Foles is a mediocre QB who impersonated an above avg QB for the last two. Eagles only won bc Malcolm Butler decided to do something to get himself benched. Otherwise, the eagels lose by two td’s. That def showed that they are truly fraudulent, as well.

  34. Foles will be a winner and a borderline all-pro on any team with ‘b’ level talent and ‘a’ level coaching. He will struggle on a team that has average coaching–as is the case with many other quarterbacks. Now how many teams in the nfl really have ‘a’ level coaching?

  35. The disrespect to Foles by other fans is staggering.
    Foles looked comfortable, prepared, well coached, and determined.

    You don’t get those things with a “fluke”. Is he Aaron Rodgers? No. But he isn’t Johnny Manziel or Kizer either. He’s definitely worth a 2nd or 3rd to a QB needy team.

    -A Dallas fan

  36. One thing is for sure. Jeff Fisher is an absolutely terrible coach for QBs. It’s stunning to see how long he lasted in the league. After the performances of Goff, Keenum, and Foles, he’s never going to get another coaching job in the league.

  37. The Eagles win the superbowl and the fans thank the Eagles by rioting and destroying their city. What a disgrace and embarrassing fanbase. Families with their kids go from watching the game at a,downtown restaurant to walking out into a full scale riot full of crazy drunk idiots. any crazy drunk involved in these mob mentality riots with zero respect for people’s safety and property deserve to be shot. No city should tolerate this kind of behavior. Bring out the national Guard and arrest every criminal involved and make an example out of these clowns by sentencing them to no less than one year in jail and community service to repair the city they destroyed. And never be allowed to attend a sports event. And finally, they have to attend one year with a psychiatrist to help with their mental problems.

  38. He should stay and teach Wentz how to play from the pocket. The offensive line is good enough for him not to have to make plays with his legs and risk injury.

  39. Alot of my fellow Vikings fans here are just unable to grip reality.

    Foles > Keenum

    -Case Keenum played way above his mean for 4 games this season, the rest of the season he regressed back to the mean, hence his playoff performance

    -Foles run in the playoffs is not a fluke, nor was his run under Chip Kelly. He’s proven that surrounding him with some talent and the right system, he can be a top 15 QB in this league.

    -Foles sucked while playing for QB killer Jeff Fisher. So did Keenum, so did Goff… The only QB to be successful under Fisher was McNair and he’s an all time great.

    If I was the Vikes I’d be offering a 2nd and 5th round picks and see where it goes…

  40. Ariani1985 is a Vikings apologist who has an endless supply of lame one-liners
    And his one-liners aren’t even factual, there was one day when he came on here to tell himself Aaron Rodgers had 0 wins when trailing in the 4th quarter, then a few days later Rodgers threw a 61 yard TD about 70 yds in the air with no time left to beat the Lions. That was funny!!!

  41. seahawkboymike I’ll agree that Foles will probably just be average but average isn’t that bad. There are a lot of teams that would kill for average. Would those teams rather have a Brady/Brees/Rodgers type? Of course but teams like Denver/Arizona got such poor play that average qb play could swing 2 to 3 games or at least put them in a few more games and if you keep it close you never know what can happen any given sunday. The final 4 playoff teams starting qbs were Keenum, Bortles, Foles and Brady and most would say 3 of those qbs are average.

  42. Coach Pederson’s loyalty to Wentz is obvious, and Foles would be a bald fool to win Super Bowl MVP and go back to the ear-piece/sideline routine of being a backup.

    Just wait for the call from Tom Coughlin, and become the starter for Jacksonville, Mr. Foles. Just Do It!

  43. An AFC East team should trade for Foles so he can terrorize tammy for the remainder of his career. Tammy’s worst nightmare is having to play Foles twice a year for the division. Foles > Tammy

  44. granadafan says:
    February 6, 2018 at 11:57 am

    One thing is for sure. Jeff Fisher is an absolutely terrible coach for QBs. It’s stunning to see how long he lasted in the league. After the performances of Goff, Keenum, and Foles, he’s never going to get another coaching job in the league.

    According to Jeff, he laid the foundation for the Rams resurgence, so there is no doubt that he is taking credit for the success of those three guys.

  45. Howie Roseman is a Wheeler Dealer of the first order, and he traded and signed FA’s that got us into this Super Bowl. He will be open to trading Nick, but you would have to blow him away with a first rounder or multiple picks. If the Eagles proved anything at all this year, it was the value of a credible #2 QB. Most teams won’t like his price, and will settle for an available FA, or draft for the position. Better than 50% chance Nick stays right where he is, especially since it is probably his desire as well. He’s doubtful to force a trade out of Philly.

  46. I know this will be unpopular with the Iggle’s – but maybe, just maybe…. Foles should become that starter over Wentz?

    Everybody is thinking that Wentz is going to come back and destroy it like he was doing before he got hurt. But nobody expected Foles to lead this team to a SB, let alone become the MVP after winning it.

    Think about it –

    It won’t hurt Wentz to sit awhile and learn some more. After all this will only be his third season.

    Foles has built a rhythm with this offense and proved he can lead them. The plays were tailored to fit him. But the schemes have also shown they work for the rest of the offense as well.

    Wentz WILL someday take over the starting spot again, but if you sit him longer during his rookie contract and limit his play, it will more likely mean that next contract won’t be a cap busting massive Matt Stafford type of deal.

    Everybody is expecting Foles to regress, but it wasn’t all that long ago that Wentz himself regressed. Carson is far from a sure thing (ask Cowboy fans who though that about Prescott).

    Also, Foles just won you your first Super Bowl EVAR!!! Don’t you at least owe him the opportunity to compete for the starter job?

  47. Poor Wentz. The first time he struggles with the Super Bowl MVP on the bench the Eagles fans will be throwing batteries at him.

  48. Out of respect for St. Nick, he’s earned the right to call his shot! Whatever he wants Lurie, Roseman and Co. will accommodate. The dude is a Legend!

  49. dutch388 you must be crazy to think it would take a 1st rounder or multiple picks for Roseman to move Foles. Did you miss Alex Smith being traded for a 3rd rounder and a corner? If a team offered the Eagles an average player on his rookie deal and say a 5th rounder they would most likely take it.

  50. i dont hate the vikings I just hate their fans – Its not just unpopular its short sighted. By benching Wentz for Foles youve then put your support behind a qb on the last year of his deal and wasted a year of Wentz under cost controlled terms so then if you take your assumption Wemtz isnt a sure thing now youll have an even smaller sample size to judge him by, not that he would want to stick around when his deal is completed.

  51. The Eagles got a 1st and 4th (could’ve been as high as a 2nd) for Sam Bradford who never had a winning season. If you think they would take anything less than that for the Super Bowl MVP, then you are crazy.

  52. The Eagles will keep Foles unless he specifically asks to be cut or traded. This is a man who knows what he wants from life. He can live without football but he’s having fun. He’ll be back with the Eagles next year as insurance and enjoy the ride and retire and pursue his real life. No regrets.

  53. Foles, contract is so trade/cap friendly for a team to take him, it’ll be a no brainer for any GM to want Foles. The big question is whether he wants to go somewhere else. Eagles will do whatever St. Nick wants!

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