Jay Ajayi takes shot at Adam Gase in instagram post

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Running back Jay Ajayi wasn’t even a member of the Eagles until a trade on Halloween sent the former fifth-round pick from Miami to Philadelphia.

After the trade, Dolphins head coach Adam Gase said that it was “just time for us to move on.”

“We’ve had ups and downs but that’s with a lot of players,” Gase said. “It’s a lot of players and getting on the same page and sharing the philosophy of how we want to do things. He tried to do what we were asking him to do a majority of the time … It was just time for us to go separate ways.”

Ajayi helped lead the Eagles to their first Super Bowl victory Sunday night, rushing for 57 yards on nine carries. Despite the win, Ajayi hasn’t forgotten how things ended in Miami and expressed some displeasure toward his former coach on an instagram post on Monday.

The “GASsEd” line isn’t exactly subtle when it comes to figuring out who Ajayi was directing his comments toward.

The relationship between Ajayi and Gase was always problematic. Gase left Ajayi in Miami for the team’s 2016 regular season opener in Seattle. Ajayi rebounded to become the team’s lead running back, gaining 200 yards in consecutive games and rushing for 1,272 yards and eight touchdowns on the year.

Nevertheless, the marriage unraveled with Ajayi’s trade ending the relationship.

Ajayi averaged just under six yards per carry in seven regular season games with the Eagles following the trade.

41 responses to “Jay Ajayi takes shot at Adam Gase in instagram post

  1. It’s easy to see why Gase wanted to move on when you compare Ajayi to Drake running for Miami this year.

    Ajayi really only excelled on stretch/outside-zone plays and wasn’t adept at taking cutback lanes. You can absolutely see defenses tee-off on that tendecy (just watch Mia/Bal for a great example).

    When Drake started, you see a more varied approach with counters, traps, and a better feel for inside zone lanes.

  2. Pretty childish and kinda shows his maturity.
    At the end of the day its a win win for both I think.
    Miami handed the keys to Drake – who in my oppinion is the better (also younger & cheaper) back and Ayaji was lucky to land with a good team like the Eagles.

    To be honest for a cond. 4th rounder – I dont think Miami should have sent him to Philly and take a page out of Belichicks book and send him to a team like the Browns and not a contender.

    Congrats J-Train & Philly, but time to look forward and move on

  3. Pettiness rises. He should be happy that they sent him to a premium situation. He would’ve never been able to take a pic like that if he was kept by Miami.

  4. Jay Ajayi is a 99th percentile physical specimen. The guy has worked his whole life to be quicker, stronger, and tougher. Dude is practically a living superhero. But, he has the same squishy goo between his ears that all people have. And some people are petty.

  5. I’m sure some will say this is classless by Ajayi, and he probably should just move on from it. But it was more classless for a coach to come out in the first place the way Gase did. He decided to take the low road and diss a player in public.

    Nevertheless, Ajayi is a SB champ, and the Dolphins are still the Dolphins.

  6. Is Ajayi calling his shot for next year? Or is he just not aware he played in Super Bowl 52 not 53?

  7. Nor should he forget. I think a sincere, thank you might be in order. Banishing a player is personal, there’s no other way to see it. Congratulations!

  8. The wheels were coming off the wagon in Miami and they made Ajayi a scapegoat, it happens all the time. Maybe they should have looked deeper because two weeks later their OC video taped himself doing cocaine in his office. Looks like Gase is running on empty.

  9. Big mouth, classless, partly why Gase dumped him, and partly because 57yds against a banged-up (and unusually dysfunctional) Pats D wasn’t for the last couple of years and wouldn’t now win many games for the Phins in the AFCE. And Ajayi’s lack of blocking – did you see him block? No me neither.

  10. Good for Jay… He won a Super Bowl, but he is not a long term answer at running back and Philadelphia will soon learn that he is not a real team guy. He deserves to get paid, I am happy he got his ring, but he does NOT play for Miami anymore, so who really cares what he thinks of Adam Gase, or Miami…

  11. Funny, I don’t hear Alshon taking a Jab at the Bears, or Long and Blount taking shots at the Patriots…. Even though those guys had way more to do with winning that game than you did. It’s called class, You should try to get some, Jay. And you wonder why Gase didn’t want you, that and he already had the better RB on the roster. Those other players have been taking about how great the TEAM had been, yet here you are taking about yourself.


    You won a title being the 3rd best RB on the Eagles, congratulations. It’s not like Miami was just an Ajayi away from playing in the SB.

  12. I guess going from being convicted of theft to being drafted by an NFL team. To being traded to a better tNFL team and then winning then SB. All Ajayi could focus on was slighting a former coach.

  13. No upside to what he said only proves he dosen’t know when to shut up. In fact if the Eagles thought he was all that and a can of corn he would have been the featured back. Blount is and was awesome but is on the downside of his career and Ajayi remained at the #2 or #3 back. Jay caught a break going to Philly should just stay away from being bitter.

  14. As another poster mentioned, this shows his level of maturity. If he’s mad at the Dolphins he needs to look in the mirror. From what I understand, all the other Dolphins players were glad they got rid of him. I’m sure he’ll wear out his welcome in Philly too then he’ll take a similar shot at them. He should have been grateful to Philly and talked about that instead of taking a jab at Gase. It makes him look petty, childish, and proves why Gase and the other players wanted him out of there.

  15. This Ajayi vs. Gase’s scenario illustrates Gases immaturity as a coach. This isn’t the first player that has been released or punished for saying what he thinks to Gase. Gase let a running back go for a low 4th round pick at a time when we had very limited talent at Running back. Drake was ready and he played well for the Dolphins, however, there was limited back up for the remainder of the season. It would have been better to give Drake the start and make Ajayi a back up. At some point, a coach has to develop a thick skin, deal honestly with players and focus on team weaknesses without regard to their own ego.

    Thanks to poor personnel development and utilization we have serious problems on both the offense and defense that cannot be corrected in one season. Compare the snake-bit Dolphins with the underachieving Jets – which team improved this year? Compare with the Giants! Who has a greater upside looking forward to next year? Gase needs to grow up too!

  16. The salty passive aggressive hating comments from Dolphins fans are priceless. Ajayi had a big part in getting us the ring so thanks. Y’all take Kenyan Drake…we will take Ajayi and the ring.

  17. People want to come here and question Gase’s maturity about how he handled Ajayi, all the while Bilicheat is benching two of his best defensive players in the biggest game of the year because of “football decisions” and refused to put them in even when they are getting embarrassed on defense which ultimately cost then the game…. Gotcha.

  18. Just for beating the Patriots I love the Eagles, just for helping beat the Patriots I love Ajay. I liked him and was disappointed he was traded but I understood why he had to go. Well done the Eagles, Well done Ajay.

  19. Mr Wright says Dolphins fans are mad. Wrong again Mr horse poop breath. Miami fans were rooting for Jay to help with beating the Patriots. But I must say you guys have a strange way of celebrating.

  20. Not understanding why Dolphins fans would be mad. they weren’t winning the SB with Ajayi so they got a 4th Rd pick and unleashed a better, more explosive RB.

    Good for Ajayi, he got a ring and beat the Pats. He was the third best RB on the team and now they’ll have to deal with his contract coming up knowing that his knees may not allow him more that 2-3 more years, if that. Clement is a better 3rd down back and Blount doesn’t fumble or dance and miss holes. He was already missing practices because of sore knees.

  21. We don’t miss Ajayi, we have Drake now and he can block and catch.
    Enjoy your super bowl trophy Jay, sorry your fans are the worst in the system.
    Enjoy eating horse poop, and all the other ridiculous behavior. Be careful
    what you wish for Thursday.
    Free beer sounds a complete disaster, if that’s possible there.😎

  22. No problem with his reaction. Gase should’ve traded him and then moved on instead of leaking bad info on Jay after the trade. No need to trash the player on his way out the door. Goes around comes around.

  23. Jay you are a second string RB. There are a dozen of them every year in the draft. I’ll take the 4th round pick and Kenyan Drake.

  24. Break ups are always messy, including Gase & Ajayi.

    While Ajayi’s 2016 numbers were inflated by a few HUGE games, he ran hard and was charismatic. A backfield with Drake and Ajayi is far better than one with Drake and Damien Williams.

    Gase has earned some leverage with his 2016 turn around.
    But 2017 showed that Gase isn’t infallible with decisions like Cutler, Julian Thomas, Isiata, Tunsil/Albert & the growing friction with Landry.
    And with the Chris Foerster video, it’s clear Gase doesn’t have assistants that lead by example.

    Gase needs to win this year, with a playoff appearance in the mix, or he may be out the door leaving the team worse than when he got here.

  25. Sounds like the angry Dolphin fans are out in full force. Don’t be mad at him. Consider your coach threw Matt Moore under the bus for Jay Cutler…start there. Then the OC videotapes himself doing lines AT WORK, then mix in a little Jarvis Landry…king of the 4 yard pass…having hissy fits every week. I won’t mention the defense. Wasn’t this the year Miami was supposed to challenge NE for AFC East?
    Well Dolphin fans, continue focusing on the wrong thing and look real hard at Adam Gase and Jay Cutler.

  26. @annes22 says:

    We don’t miss Ajayi, we have Drake now and he can block and catch.
    Enjoy your super bowl trophy Jay, sorry your fans are the worst in the system.
    Enjoy eating horse poop, and all the other ridiculous behavior. Be careful
    what you wish for Thursday.
    Free beer sounds a complete disaster, if that’s possible there.😎
    Another salty Dolphin fan…too bad you didn’t get your wish. The City of Brotherly Love is still standing tall. So there’s one guy who ate horse poop…you guys had Niko Grimes!

  27. @ipskipskyblue says:

    This guy will be out of the league in 2 years how is that for legacy.
    If that’s the case, he will exit the league with something he would have never received in Miami…a SB ring!

  28. Honestly, any player that gets traded mid-season is months behind. Then add the fact he was coming from that putrid, Jay Cutler led offense. So he didn’t have huge numbers in Philly but guess what…he was acquired to be a part of a running back committee not the bell cow! So as he basks in the after glow of winning the SB, Phin fans should worry about Jay Cutler and Jarvis Landry’s temper tantrums and if Suh has decided to play on any given Sunday. Jets and Bills will be better than Miami in 2018.

  29. @beachsidejames says:

    Mr Wright says Dolphins fans are mad. Wrong again Mr horse poop breath. Miami fans were rooting for Jay to help with beating the Patriots. But I must say you guys have a strange way of celebrating.
    ==========================================================================================================================================Judging from the comments on this story, Fin Fans weren’t happy to see Ajayi win. Oh, and if you want to beat the Patriots when it matters, don’t depend on another team…do it yourself. As for celebrations, I imagine any celebration looks strange in Miami since it’s been such a long time!

  30. Can’t wait to see Jay play next year in England. Should be a great match-up for the locals with the Super Bowl Champs facing a very good Jags team.

  31. Its ok Jay we won’t miss you we have Dwayne Wade back in town, and he’s
    way more popular than you. You were let go for a reason, that you know.

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