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Jay Ajayi takes shot at Adam Gase in instagram post

Running back Jay Ajayi wasn’t even a member of the Eagles until a trade on Halloween sent the former fifth-round pick from Miami to Philadelphia.

After the trade, Dolphins head coach Adam Gase said that it was “just time for us to move on.”

“We’ve had ups and downs but that’s with a lot of players,” Gase said. “It’s a lot of players and getting on the same page and sharing the philosophy of how we want to do things. He tried to do what we were asking him to do a majority of the time … It was just time for us to go separate ways.”

Ajayi helped lead the Eagles to their first Super Bowl victory Sunday night, rushing for 57 yards on nine carries. Despite the win, Ajayi hasn’t forgotten how things ended in Miami and expressed some displeasure toward his former coach on an instagram post on Monday.

The “GASsEd” line isn’t exactly subtle when it comes to figuring out who Ajayi was directing his comments toward.

The relationship between Ajayi and Gase was always problematic. Gase left Ajayi in Miami for the team’s 2016 regular season opener in Seattle. Ajayi rebounded to become the team’s lead running back, gaining 200 yards in consecutive games and rushing for 1,272 yards and eight touchdowns on the year.

Nevertheless, the marriage unraveled with Ajayi’s trade ending the relationship.

Ajayi averaged just under six yards per carry in seven regular season games with the Eagles following the trade.