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Jerry Jones screaming into his pillow about the Eagles

The NFC East became the first division in the NFL with four teams that have won the Super Bowl when the Eagles beat the Patriots last Sunday, but divisional pride probably didn’t make Cowboys owner Jerry Jones feel any better.

Jones was in Minneapolis for NFL Honors on Saturday night and was asked about the Eagles playing in the Super Bowl the next day.

“The muffled voice you have been hearing his me screaming in my pillow over not being here and seeing Philadelphia,” Jones said, via Clarence Hill of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram.

It’s not the first time that Jones has used pillow screaming to describe his feeling about not being in the Super Bowl. Given the divisional animosity with the Eagles, things might be going even further this time. The Cowboys were the darlings of the division with a pair of rookies leading the way in 2016, but the Eagles ensured that they enjoyed a brief run in that position.

Jones described himself as “uncomfortable” about the state of affairs and that he “naturally” looks to change in the face of falling short, although that didn’t mean major changes to the coaching staff this offseason.

“The intent was to do as much as we could from within,” Jones said. “We wanted to have a lot of change, but keep the consistency with the coordinators. We are finishing up like we designed it from my perspective.”

The Cowboys have a new special teams coach and five new position coaches. They filled half those positions with outside hires and are still looking for a tight ends coach after, per Hill, former Titans quarterbacks coach Jason Michael turned down the job.

Whoever gets the job is unlikely to upset the balance of power too much, but Jones’ pillows won’t be getting a rest until Dallas does find a way to pull that off.