McDaniels decided to stay put with no promises or commitments from Patriots

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So why did Patriots offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels decide to remain with the Patriots? It’s not because head coach Bill Belichick is retiring (he isn’t), and it’s not because the Patriots have promised to make McDaniels the successor to Belichick whenever he walks away (they haven’t).

Ultimately, McDaniels simply decided to stay put.

Some will say that McDaniels had concerns about the health of quarterback Andrew Luck. The more accurate reality is that McDaniels had concerns about working with owner Jim Irsay.

PFT had heard in recent days that McDaniels did indeed have those concerns, but that efforts were made to persuade McDaniels to make the leap of faith. He did so reluctantly, and then he didn’t. And now, as one source put it to PFT, there will be a “major storm of sh-t” over this one.

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  1. Quite simple actually, Luck’s is an unknown with his shoulder injury, will he ever be the same.. And ohh there is that guy Brady that is still playing at a high level. Add it all together and its better to stick with what’s known. The only messed up thing is that he screwed the Colts over but its whatever lol.

  2. The most accurate reality is that Joshy is a coward who’s afraid to leave the nest again, because he knows he can’t hack it outside of Bill B’s shadow. Say your prayers of gratitude, Indy fans– you dodged a real bullet on this one.

  3. He’s the heir apparent to Belichick. No other team will take a chance on him now that he’s reneged on that job. And it suggests that Luck might have some type of chronic injury.

  4. McDaniels decided to stay put with no promises or commitments from Patriots


    I don’t believe that for one second.

  5. It’s very likely that if Kraft has indeed given Josh his word that he will replace Belichick soon, the Pats have to come out strong and deny it because the penalties for the Rooney Rule are no joke.

  6. The Pats really cannot make any significant promises to McDaniels.
    Belichick is going to control when he moves on, and he’s said that he’s returning.
    The Rooney rule means they can’t promise him a job when BB does move on.
    The best they could do is call him ‘Assistant Head Coach’ and grease his wallet.

  7. Not buying it. I’m not buying that he didn’t stay because he would be next head coach .oc course NE isn’t going to say that because of the speculation that would cause. If he had any doubts, he shouldn’t have agreed in principle to coach the team.

    So instead of taking 1 of 32 coveted jobs he burns bridges for no apparent reason? Not buying it

  8. There have been time when I have been wrong, but this time I’m right. I said McDaniels would go nowhere. And if the Pats won, Patricia would have had a change of heart about Detroit. But after the poor defensive showing in the super bowl, Belichick had no intention to retain Patricia. BB is trying to jockey his son (I think his name is Stephan) into the DC slot. And any person hired as DC to replace Patricia does so knowing Baby Billy is not far behind.

  9. When 1st reported weeks ago I had serious doubts there was any truth… Deal not done, deal not real…. Thought he would have been better HC for Titans…

  10. Maybe he watched The Two Bills on ESPN and did exactly what Belichick did, back out of a situation with questionable ownership. The AFC South is also suddenly very tough with Houston, Jacksonville, and Tennessee all up and coming.

    There one other thing going on here: MONEY. The Krafts probably stepped up and made it worth his while. The Patriots need to develop another quarterback and McDaniels is one person you want around to do that.

  11. I call b.s. (baloney sandwich). I remember month ago, Belichick mentioned priority of getting his coordinators new head coaching gigs, leading to speculation of retirement after this season, which coincided with the recent internal turmoil. I still believe he’s tired but has a salty taste in his mouth after SB loss. I bet Belichick coaches for a year or two, then calls it quits with McDaniels taking over with Brady still with a few years left in the tank. Nice transition.

  12. People should consider that McDaniels never intended to coach the Colts, and the entire thing was a lark.

    Maybe to amuse Belichick, maybe because he’s a jerk. The OC-possible-HC-in-waiting already has championships, football immortality, money. So what, he pissed off Indy. There will be more offers down the road.

    The guy I feel bad for is Andrew Luck. That’s embarrassing for a good guy.

  13. SignGate! or gate-sign? My guess is BB and Kraft had a chat Monday and came to terms about BB transitioning to a purely GM/exec/scout role in say 2yrs time, with Josh primed for HC, and that they’d go all out in the draft this/next year for a top rookie QB of Josh’s choice (because even if Brady stays 4 or 5yrs the Pats could retain that rookie’s contract) – and it was all enough to convince Josh to stay. This also means BB can concentrate on helping Flores make the step up to DC and give O’Shea 2yrs to be ready to make the step up to OC – given that the Pats like to keep things in-house.

  14. I’m disappointed as I really thought McDaniels would thrive with a health Luck. However, we now have our next circus to read about now that the SuperBowl is over!

  15. I feel for Daniels, he got out before it was too late but he was pretty much to accept the job there anyways. This breaks all of the unwritten rules and it’s going to cost him.

  16. McDaniels decided to stay put with no promises or commitments from Patriots
    I don’t believe that for one second.

  17. McDaniels decided to stay put with no promises or commitments from Patriots


    at least we know you’re still shilling for the patriots

  18. McDaniels didn’t do well as HC in Denver. He likely knows that he “should” be heir-apparent in NE, and who better to learn from than BB? Makes sense to me.

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