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McDaniels decided to stay put with no promises or commitments from Patriots

So why did Patriots offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels decide to remain with the Patriots? It’s not because head coach Bill Belichick is retiring (he isn’t), and it’s not because the Patriots have promised to make McDaniels the successor to Belichick whenever he walks away (they haven’t).

Ultimately, McDaniels simply decided to stay put.

Some will say that McDaniels had concerns about the health of quarterback Andrew Luck. The more accurate reality is that McDaniels had concerns about working with owner Jim Irsay.

PFT had heard in recent days that McDaniels did indeed have those concerns, but that efforts were made to persuade McDaniels to make the leap of faith. He did so reluctantly, and then he didn’t. And now, as one source put it to PFT, there will be a “major storm of sh-t” over this one.