Nevada casinos took in $159 million in Super Bowl bets

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As the Supreme Court considers opening up sports betting in the other states, Nevada’s numbers show just how lucrative sports betting can be.

Nevada casinos took $158.58 million worth of Super Bowl LII bets, which is the most for any Super Bowl ever, according to ESPN.

The amount bet legally in Nevada is dwarfed by the amount bet illegally all across the country with bookies and in pools. The American Gaming Association estimates that all Super Bowl betting across America totals around $4.76 billion.

The NFL opposes legalizing sports gambling outside Nevada, but if the NBA gets its way and legalized sports gambling opens up a world where sports leagues get 1 percent of the action, the NFL certainly wouldn’t turn that money down. If that $4.76 billion in Super Bowl betting were all done in a legal, regulated fashion, the NFL would make an extra $47.6 million off the Super Bowl.

16 responses to “Nevada casinos took in $159 million in Super Bowl bets

  1. Fraudger has promised to oppose this evil, that’s why he’s moving a team there – a sort of forward observation post to keep tabs on the enemy. Or maybe it’s like throwing one victim to the far corner of the hyenas’ den to keep them away from everyone else – protect them, a proactive shield. Those guys are sneaky clever.

  2. Why does it just not seem like that much money in today’s world,
    I mean it’s more than the .38 cents in my checking account but still.

  3. No league is getting 1%.
    If you think they are you don’t know how gambling works and how thin the margins are for book-makers. One percent is 20% of their 5% gross profit on a typical bet.

  4. And patriot clowns laughed at me for advising to bet the Eagles moneyline. Are they all still in hiding?

  5. therealjr says:
    February 6, 2018 at 10:13 am
    Vegas did not get destroyed. Books WON $1.17M. Even when Vegas loses they don’t get destroyed.


    A blackjack dealer once told me ” We don’t offer it unless we make money on it.”
    That statement can be applied to a lot of things in life….

  6. NFL takes 1% (although they’ll want more than that), Uncle Sam takes 10% from casinos/bookies.

    Uncle Sam also takes another 20% from winners.

    Illegal sounds so much better.

  7. thermanmerman99 says:
    February 6, 2018 at 10:04 am
    And patriot clowns laughed at me for advising to bet the Eagles moneyline. Are they all still in hiding?


    4 points isn’t the bravest pick in the world on a moneyline bet. But congrats to you if you actually risked your own money on it and weren’t just mouthing off on the internet.

  8. I don’t know what the big deal is…DFS is nothing more than gambling, and the NFL is knee deep in that game. IMO They can make all the claims they want about it being “skill”, not a random chance. It is skill, in the sense that just about every casino game has a level of skill involved for you to be successful. Even craps, based on the roll of the dice….a skillful player can, through strategy/betting style, win when most others are losing.

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