NFL had 51 players tear an ACL in 2017

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The NFL saw 51 torn ACLs this season, according to ACL Recovery Club.

It is the most since 2013 when the NFL had 63 players tear an ACL. It is three more than last season.

Of course, like every year, the ACL club includes some big names.

Deshaun Watson, Carson Wentz, Jack Conklin, Bryan Bulaga, Jason Peters, Malik Hooker, Dalvin Cook, Julian Edelman and Ryan Tannehill are among those who are in various stages of rehab. Watson posted video of himself running on a treadmill Monday.

16 responses to “NFL had 51 players tear an ACL in 2017

  1. How about a breakdown? How many are non-contact during preseason or the first week or two? How many from the kickoffs which have be deem to be the most dangerous plays. We want to prevent these so what is the cause? Any more as guys have lowered their hitting zone?

  2. ncfloyd says:
    February 6, 2018 at 7:04 pm

    How about a breakdown?

    contact vs. non-contact tears would be interesting.

  3. Turf man. Turf. Has to go. And while some were done while trying to make a play like Wentz and was kind of a freak injury – we say bigger stronger faster yet it seems like the NFL is the only sport that’s getting these at an alarming rate.

  4. Training camp is a joke, they hardly ever practice, and the preseason is lame, so these guys never have the time to get their bodies into football shape before the start of the season.

  5. Like others have said, it’s turf related. The NFL will say it’s not. Grass has more give. Play is slightly slower on grass because the footing is not as good, but that give is better for the knee.

  6. Modern “nutrition” is failing these guys. They get all pumped up on supplements and garbage and it’s too much for ligaments to handle. Brady is defying all odds of aging and production, eating whole foods and keeping his muscle mass at a healthy level. Time for the rest of the league to wake up and stop buying what GNC and the rest of the profiteers are selling.

  7. You have monstrous men with great speed trying to cut and shift on a dime. There’s going to be tons of ACL’s every season. How much can a ligament take?

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