NFL invites 326 players to NFL Scouting Combine

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The Super Bowl is in the books, which means that the 2017 season is now officially in the rearview mirror.

One of the first bits of business involved with the 2018 season is the Scouting Combine, which will be held in Indianapolis from February 27-March 5. Players will work out and meet with teams as the pre-draft process begins to heat up ahead of April’s draft in Dallas.

On Tuesday, the NFL announced that 326 players have been invited to participate in this year’s combine. Not all of those players will be picked as the draft doesn’t have that many selections and there are usually players who don’t get the combine nod that find their way into the draft through Pro Day workouts or other avenues.

There are 19 quarterbacks headed to Indy, including Sam Darnold, Josh Rosen, Josh Allen, Baker Mayfield and Lamar Jackson. Some may opt to hold off on full workouts until later in the process, but the interviews and meetings will be just as important given the kind of commitment teams would be making by drafting them at the top of the first round.

Offensive linemen, running backs and specialists will be the first players to arrive and go through workouts, which we’ll cover as thoroughly on these pages as we do everything else in the NFL.

11 responses to “NFL invites 326 players to NFL Scouting Combine

  1. The draft often is criticized as “the underwear olympics” yet every year it separates the men from the boys. I remember when Demontre Moore was a top 5 prospect.. until the combine. His pathetic numbers dropped him down to the 3rd round. He bounced around the league before flaming out. Of course there are always workout warriors who “Wow” and boost their stock. The GMs who use it to validate their boards rather than to set their boards fare better than most.

  2. Brady would still be dismissed by the so-called draft experts as being slow, not “cut”, and not very athletic. 6th round it is!

  3. granadafan says: “Brady would still be dismissed by the so-called draft experts as being slow, not “cut”, and not very athletic. 6th round it is!”

    Well, to be fair, it wasn’t like Brady was lighting it up at Michigan either. Look at his FOUR year career stats – 395/638 for 62%, 4,773 yds, 30 TDs & 17 Ints.

    Compare that to picks:
    – 1st rd Pennington (848/1,334 for 64%, 11,446 yds, 107 TDs to 30 Ints)
    – 3rd rd Chris Redman (1,031/1,679 for 62%, 12,541 yds, 84 TDs to 51 Ints)
    – 7th rd Tim Rattay (1,015/1,552 for 66%, 12,746 Yds, 115 TDs to 35 Ints)

  4. granadafan says:
    February 6, 2018 at 11:28 am
    Brady would still be dismissed by the so-called draft experts as being slow, not “cut”, and not very athletic. 6th round it is!
    I doubt it. NFL learned a few things through the whole Brady deal but no matter what no team can predict the future and say this guy is a sure thing.

  5. I want the Vikings to pull the trigger and get Lamar Jackson in the first.

    then who would you hire to replace your gm?

  6. We are going to spend months obsessing over the draft, and then forget 98% of the picks by the time camps open. Start stockpiling the cheesy dibbles now.

  7. I love the combine and don’t get why people hate on it. Yes it is the “underwear Olympics,” but what measurement should NFL teams other than game tape/ stats.

    As many draft analysts say, the combine is the best way to confirm what you see on game tape is true – especially when it comes to guys coming from small schools with lesser competition.

    Plus it allows you to familiarize yourself with the upcoming draft class and look like a genius while watching the draft with friends.

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