Report: Assistants Josh McDaniels hired are staying with Colts

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The Colts already had hired three assistant coaches to serve under Josh McDaniels. Although McDaniels left the Colts at the alter, Indianapolis will retain Matt Eberflus as defensive coordinator, Dave DeGuglielmo as offensive line coach and Mike Phair as defensive line coach, according to Mike Garafolo of NFL Media.

The three assistants already are in the team facility, per Garafolo.

But Eberflus, DeGuglielmo and Phair now will serve under a head coach who didn’t hire them, which should make for an interesting staff.

40 responses to “Report: Assistants Josh McDaniels hired are staying with Colts

  1. That’s a frickin train wreck…….So any new coach has to keep coordinators that he didn’t hire? Way to run a franchise Indy! You are hot on Cleveland’s heels!

  2. todde30 says:
    February 6, 2018 at 8:52 pm
    That’s a frickin train wreck…….So any new coach has to keep coordinators that he didn’t hire? Way to run a franchise Indy! You are hot on Cleveland’s heels!


    “Passing each other in opposite directions” may be more accurate.

  3. There you go: you have three assistants not hired by the HC, whose styles and philosophies may not mesh. Not looking for a lot out of my beloved Colts this year.

  4. The D.C. not chosen by the H.C. is not a big deal. The Bears have done it at least twice. The first time, it lead to perhaps the greatest team of all time. They did it again this year.

    This means that the H.C. is likely to have an offensive focus.

    Given either Luck or question mark, that’s a good plan anyway.

  5. As a Cowboys fan, I will say that the Colts could have done a LOT worse than Matt Eberflus. I would have liked to have found a way to keep him in Dallas.

  6. New Colts head coach “what kind of defense do you like to run ?”
    Eberflus “I’m a 4-3 guy with a Tampa 2 look”
    New Colts head coach “ oh, I’m more of a 3-4 guy, with edge rushers coming from the linebackers”
    Eberflus, thinking to himself, “Well, this is going to work out well. Thanks Josh”.
    This whole situation will be hilarious.

  7. Seems like the right thing to do would be to pay them and allow the new coach and assistants to make the decision to stay or let them catch on somewhere else in some capacity

  8. Wow. This is really worse than I thought. I had no idea he hired coaches already. Wow. At what point do you just have to keep your word just to keep some shred of integrity? This is disgraceful.

  9. McD may have just blackballed himself from ever being a HC in the NFL after this. And Indy hired assistants before having a firm contract with McD? Stupid!

  10. That’s what you get for doing it all unofficial in order to circumvent the hiring rules for guys still in the postseason. If I were an Indy fan two things: Josh’s suggestions for assistants are probably better than what Irsay could have figured, and I’d be worried that Josh may have demanded to see Luck’s latest medical assessment before signing! But of course it could be that when Josh opened the contract to sign it he found small print that wasn’t agreed when they’d met.

  11. Pats fans will hate on Indy (still sore over deflate-gate), but this was a jerk move my McDaniels, and it should kill his ability to land a future HC gig outside of NE. If he hadn’t hired staff already, it wouldn’t be a big deal…but he did. Kinda lame that he backed out after all that.

  12. Unbelievable

    Those coaches moved their whole families and lives to Indy because of Josh and now he royally screwed them. They security in the NFL as coaches is probably worse now then it was before they took the jobs. Josh better hope he never runs into any of these guys in person.

  13. whatever his reasons, McDaniels is a piece of work. It’s one thing to decide for yourself, but to mess with people’s lives and careers like he did is inexcusable. Good on Indy for keeping their commitment to those guys.

  14. Talk about a CLASSLESS move!!! I hope he never wants to coach outside of NE in his career…smh….The Colts will be fine with Eberflus, even though he went there, because McDaniels was going to be the coach. He is the ultimate professional, & they could do a lot worse!

  15. Wow here in Denver we got rid of the Josh train wreck yet Irsay thought wow we could have a dynasty here in Indy. LOL. Unless Josh was bringing Gronk & Tom not so much. And to be so selfish to hire your asst coaches & get them to move then dump them?? At least the Colts stepped up & are going to honor their contracts. But I don’t see this ending well for NE nor Indy. What a slime ball.

  16. Hold on, did McDaniels give the Colts a list of coaches he’d like to have hired? Other than the line coach who was with him in NE, I find it hard to believe that McD would grab the other 2 from all of the folks available to him.

    Regardless, these guys were hired by the COLTS as McD was in no position to offer them jobs as he wasn’t the HC at the time that they made these announcements.

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