Rob Gronkowski tells police “my whole house got robbed”

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Rob Gronkowski called 911 when he returned from Minneapolis on Monday, telling police his whole house was “robbed.”

“This isn’t an emergency,” Gronkowski said, via TMZ. “This is just uh, Rob Gronkowski calling, and while I was gone, my whole house got robbed while on the Super Bowl trip, and I just got back.”

The burglars broke into the house at 8:50 p.m. ET Sunday during the Super Bowl, entering through a window before raiding several rooms, according to the police report obtained by TMZ. Gronkowski’s bedroom door was locked, denying the intruders entry, but Gronkowski’s two roommates had their rooms burglarized.

Police have not said what was stolen.

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  1. paulland81 says:
    February 6, 2018 at 5:20 pm

    I bet it was Eagles fans since they seem to think they are entitled to raid and steal anything they want…


    You mean like those fine students at UMASS-AMHERST?

    Nah. Y’all perfected that. Own it.

  2. Pretty lame to have roommates, but then again I can totally picture Gronk thinking it’d be super cool to be living with his Broskis

  3. So they broke into the house, but couldn’t manage to break into a bedroom? So, then it appears the Cleveland Browns front office has broken into Gronk’s house

  4. Gronk makes millions of dollars a year but is too cheap to buy a home security system with security cameras? As Yogi Berra might have said: If someone steals your entire house than keep looking for it until somebody else finds it

  5. When you are gone a lot, although it did not work out this time, having a roommate to watch over your house is not so bad.

    As far as having roommates, I let my sister live with me rent free a long time ago so she could get out of debt. Our house is pretty big, so really, I hardly ever saw her except for in passing.

  6. I feel for you Gronk. To come home after a devastating loss like that and seeing your house violated by scumbags would completely piss me off.

    I hope Foxborough PD can capture those losers quickly.

  7. Knowing what likely goes on in his bedroom, I’d keep it locked too. Even after the police arrived. “No need to put that room under blue light officer, it will light up like a Christmas tree”.

  8. Roomates? so he really does live in a party apartment with two buddies. let me guess is it on campus too?

  9. I thought for a second Gronk was using a metaphor to describe the game, but then I remembered he doesn’t know what a metaphor is.

  10. Not the first time a sports figure’s abode was broken into. I believe one was Carl Lewis while he was at an Olympics (or trial). Should have a house sitter when it is clear you will be away.

  11. dwinsgames says:
    February 6, 2018 at 5:11 pm
    Gronk has 2 roommates? Can’t say he is one of those athletes blowing all his money!


    Dude lives in Foxborough. You ever been out there? Nothing but the stadium, a Bass Pro, and suburbs, and you’re a hike from the city. Pretty sure he has roommates just to keep himself from going insanely bored.

  12. I find it hard to believe that someone who had that much “valuable” personal property kept in the home didn’t have a home alarm system, and that home alarm system would have include motion detectors, window sensors, and glass break monitors, so that if someone tried to enter the home the way these “burglars” did, the internal siren would have gone off and the alarm company would have been notified so the police would have been immediately dispatched. These systems now run on mobile phone technology so even if they tried to cut landlines the internal alarm would have still alerted and the company would have still been notified, unless a mobile phone blocker was also being used, and then EVERYONE’S mobile phones would have been blocked and someone would have notified the phone company and they would have recognized it was a very isolated event and been able to notify the police.

    This just doesn’t pass the smell test to me, but then again, not much does when it comes to the Patriots.

  13. Gronkowski’s bedroom door was locked, denying the intruders entry


    … so robbers that figured out how to enter a locked house from the outside were foiled by a locked bedroom door?

  14. I don’t understand all the venom being spewed here. Imagine returning to your own home after a business trip and finding this. Would you like to read comments like these on social media that call into question your intelligence; your personal character or your perceived past injustices used as reasons why this was karma? I wonder how many of you anonymous armchair commenters would have the nerve to say these things to Gronkowski’s face. The internet breeds trolls and cowards. The comments on this story proves the point.

  15. I was just wondering when a famous guy like Gronk calls the cops (or anyone for that matter) and says, “Hi this is Rob Gronkowski and my _____ happened…”

    Do people hang up on him? Think it’s a prank?

  16. I was just wondering when a famous guy like Gronk calls the cops (or anyone for that matter) and says, “Hi this is Rob Gronkowski and my _____ happened…”

    Do people hang up on him? Think it’s a prank?

    He dialed 911, which means his number and address came up on the Foxboro Police Dispatch screens. Plus, it’s a safe bet FPD knows the addresses of the Patriot and Revolution players and coaches living in Foxboro, so I don’t think he worried about anyone in the PD thinking this was a prank.

  17. Not a Patriots fan, but for this to happen to ANYONE, regardless of team, is sad. I feel sorry for you Gronkowski. I hope they find the cowards who did this.

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