Super Bowl LII finishes as tenth most-watched TV show

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At a time when TV viewership is down across the board, the Super Bowl still can draw a top-10 all-time audience.

Yes, by top-1o we mean No. 10, but that’s still a very strong performance for Eagles-Patriots, especially with NFL ratings and TV consumption down as a whole.

An average TV audience of 103.4 million watched the game, with another 2.02 million streaming the game via the NBC Sports app.

“With an all-time top-10 audience, the Super Bowl once again proved that it’s the most dominant and consistent property on television,” NBC Broadcasting & Sports Chairman Mark Lazarus said in a press release. “Super Bowl LII delivered for all of our partners, and provided us with the unique opportunity to give America a look ahead at the Olympic Winter Games, which begin live on NBC this Thursday night.”

The top-10 all-time TV programs consist almost exclusively of Super Bowls, with the M*A*S*H finale from 1983 coming in at No. 9.

35 responses to “Super Bowl LII finishes as tenth most-watched TV show

  1. Tony Long says:
    February 6, 2018 at 10:25 am
    So, all the blow hards promising to quite watching football still watch football? I’m shocked

    Probably not all of them, Mom probably had at least one of them in a timeout. If ‘all’ of them that said they wouldn’t (it’s probably 3 clowns with dozens of sock puppets between them) did watch then the ratings would have jumped all the way up to 103,400,002

  2. I watched the game with my kids, but I know my old man and my uncles were sitting right beside us. I wish they could have saw it live, but they were there.

  3. mikefloriosbabyd says:

    February 6, 2018 at 10:42 am

    Not noted here is that is was the worst ratings in 10 years with over 9 million viewers less than last years Super Bowl. Selected reporting at its best
    He brings the truth!

  4. This was the lowest rated super bowl since the steelers and cardinals in’09, that is considerable since we have two of the biggest markets in the country in philly and Boston.

  5. It’s impossible to know the exact number. My parents had over a dozen people over, my wife and I included. But their cable household number equates to 2. My wife and I ALSO left the game on at home because the dogs are more calm with the TV on, so my household also equated to 2.

    In actually, about 14 people (and two dogs!) watched the game between our two households even though the cable companies are marking us down as 4 people.

    I bet if you went through all the posters on PFT, you’ll find many of them watched at a bar, friend’s house, relative’s house or hosted the party increasing their own number of viewers.

    I’d say the number worldwide is probably well over 500 Million, with the US being at least half the population(probably a little more) at 170 Million.

  6. billswillnevermove says:
    February 6, 2018 at 10:30 am
    And the Buffalo market even had more viewers watching than Boston and Philly. Fact.
    Nobody care about that crappy little town of yours. Fact.

    Wide right, you lose again.

  7. This is exactly why the Pats beat the Jags. The NFL could not afford to have the SB tank in ratings and knew that would happen with a Bortles/Foles matchup. If your a Pats fan and you actually believe the refs and the NFL has nothing to do with their win in the AFC championship game, your even more gullible than we all thought.

  8. 100 million people watched it.
    10th highest watched show in history.

    Advertisers will throw gobs of $ at these numbers or even if they were 20% lower. That’s a fact. You don’t get product exposure like that anywhere else.

  9. billswillnevermove says:
    And the Buffalo market even had more viewers watching than Boston and Philly. Fact.

    Not surprising, what else is there to do in Buffalo other than watch TV?

  10. TV is changing. There were probably some that left because of the protests but I bet that number is a lot smaller than people think. There are now so many options available to watch it’s hard to measure everyone. But when 62 of the 100 top viewed events were NFL games and 9 out of the top 10 were NFL games it’s not going anywhere. Look at the huge deals Verizon and Fox just paid the NFL.

  11. And the Buffalo market even had more viewers watching than Boston and Philly. Fact.


    This proves they have an unhealthy obsession with Brady and the Pats

  12. Super bowl was terrible. One punt really. How about we just turn it into a skills competition. We can just put a bunch of tires out there for qbs to throw into with people holding up noodles to distract them. No NFL game should have 1000 yards of total offense let alone 1200. NFL SB looked like the NCAA on a weekly basis. No defense is bad for the game. CTE and strict def rules are ruining football. Plus the illegal hit Jenkins put on cooks with the crown of his helmet will be sure to turn moms, that were watching for the first time all year, way off to letting their sons play football. Runner or not, that was leading with the crown of the helmet. Easily would have been a targeting call in the college game.

  13. It’s good that such a large audience saw what a fraud the Patriots were. I just wish there had been more shots of crying fans when Graham knocked the ball out of Brady’s hand and Brady cheated by pretending he was throwing it forward. Couldn’t fool the refs this time, Fumbilina!

  14. I think it’s funny some of you are trying to bash the NFL by saying ratings are down. Ummmm….they are still making money faster than they can spend it. Oh, I’m sorry, they only made, what, $8.9 billion this year instead of $9 billion? Ya, it’s failing…

  15. Buffalo market wins again. So called smaller market out views bigger cities. Bars were hoping, restaurants wee flourishing. And stop with the nothing to do in Buffalo. The whole northern US is cold and the beaches in the south are filled with transients and male Brazilian bathing suits.

  16. buttfumbles says:
    February 6, 2018 at 10:54 am
    But all the armchair patriots told me they were boycotting
    You dont think the Patriots boycotted?

  17. Viewership down because some chose to boycott? Hmpf…didn’t notice and I sure didn’t think about those folks as I watched the best NFL Championship game in decades.

  18. I’ll be reading the fine print to this a couple days from now. When can you ever trust liberal media when it benefits them?

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