Buccaneers raising some ticket prices

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The Buccaneers finished just outside of the playoffs in 2016 with a 9-7 record and went into 2017 with optimism that they’d be able to book passage into the postseason.

Things did not play out that way. The Buccaneers slumped to 5-11 and ended the year with people speculating about a possible coaching change that never came.

It was a disappointing turn of events, but it wasn’t enough for the Buccaneers to hold off on raising ticket prices. Greg Auman of the Tampa Bay Times reports that the team has raised some of their ticket prices for the third straight year.

Many of those seats are in the lower bowl and the rise in prices varies from $100-500 depending on the location.

The moves come after a year that saw average attendance at Bucs games drop by a little more than two percent, leaving the team to rank 29th in the league when it came to home attendance.

14 responses to “Buccaneers raising some ticket prices

  1. If you pay retail for Buc’s tickets you’re a fool. Tickets are cheap right outside the stadium. I’ve never missed a game I’ve wanted to see yet and I haven’t had season tickets since two years after the Super Bowl.
    When the Glazers bought their kickball team and quit spending money on the Buc’s I quit spending my money on their tickets.
    Buying preseason tickets at full price is a waste of cash anyway.

  2. Please excuse me for my ignorance here but from a business perspective wouldn’t you have to produce an entertaining product to warrant an increase in ticket prices? I’m not sure any of the Bucs games this past season would be described as “entertaining”.

  3. I’m sure the Vikings are also going to raise prices, to help the Wilds pay for the stadium. After the 13-3 season that comes first before getting a QB. BUMMER.

  4. I have 45 yard line seats on the good side of the stadium. That’s the only reason I was on the fence about renewing. This decision just pushed me off the fence to not renew. Derrrickbrooks4president is right, let someone else take the hit. I’ve always lost money on my tickets when I couldn’t attend. Also being forced to buy preseason tickets has you throwing away money before the season even starts. No thanks, I’m done. The money I save on the Bucs will go to the Bolts. It’s a much better product anyway.

  5. Umm…maybe they have a study that shows they can increase margins by lowering attendance to the point where they can close off whole sections of the stadium?

    That’s the only way this makes any sense.

  6. At what point is it enough? It’s already ridiculously expensive to go to a game. If the teams could they’d charge to use the restrooms. They’ve been ripping off the fans that go to games for years. But, they don’t really care because the TV money makes up for it. Teams don’t really care if anyone goes to the games. It’s just extra money for them. Add in all the other stuff going on (drunk and obnoxious fans, obnoxious players) and why even bother. I’d rather watch NFL RedZone and save my money.

  7. Back in 1979 I drove to One Buccaneer Place to buy my first Bucs season ticket, I paid (no lie) a total of $89. That included 8 regular season games and not one, not two but three preseason games. 11 games for $89. My seat was on the sideline, right on the goal line ten rows up (right next to the Bucs player entrance). Turned out to be a great year to buy one with the team making the playoffs for the first time. Sure do miss those days!!

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