Charlie Weis: McDaniels made “dumbest move” ever if he didn’t get assurances

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Former Patriots assistant Charlie Weis had strong words for Josh McDaniels if the New England offensive coordinator failed to receive a firm commitment from the Patriots before backing out of the Colts’ job.

“If he’s not [the heir apparent], then that would’ve been the absolute dumbest move in the history of sports,” Weis said on SiriusXM, via Ben Volin of the Boston Globe.

PFT reported Tuesday that the Patriots haven’t promised McDaniels their head coaching job when Bill Belichick decides to leave. Still, McDaniels decided at the 12th hour to stay on as offensive coordinator in New England.

“I was absolutely shocked,” Weis said. “It’s like a slap in the face.”

Weis served as the Patriots’ offensive coordinator from 2000-04 and spent many years on the same staff as Belichick. Weis still believes McDaniels replaces Belichick when the time comes.

“In 31 cities, I’d say the odds of them hiring him [as head coach] would be slim to none,” Weis said. “But in one city, he’s endeared himself. Let me be the first to lay a wager in Las Vegas that when Belichick leaves, Josh McDaniels is the next head coach in New England. It’s like Secretariat running right now. I’d say the odds of that happening are almost a hundred percent.”

41 responses to “Charlie Weis: McDaniels made “dumbest move” ever if he didn’t get assurances

  1. “If he’s not [the heir apparent], then that would’ve been the absolute dumbest move in the history of sports,”
    Pats on Pats crime. This coming after a SB loss.
    What a great week!

  2. Weiss is one to talk…he’s a hypocrite!! He went through four jobs in four years…and before that Parcells gave him 15 minutes to get out of the building being esco the Jets!!! I’m not justifying what McDaniels did…I like all

  3. Brady and BB retire McDaniels makes the perfect heel to take over and get fired once they find a good QB

  4. Charlie Weis: McDaniels made “dumbest move” ever if he didn’t get assurances
    Assurances? You mean like, say, a verbal agreement that has not been confirmed via a signed legally binding document such as a contract? Hmm…according to many Pats fans it doesn’t count if there was no signature. A man’s word is simply not worth much anymore. Well, for some men anyway.

  5. Weis is the same guy who played both sides against the middle and had Parcells essentially tell Weis to GTFO of the Jets’ building immediately. So he would know what constitutes being dumb.

  6. It would be hilarious if the Pats, in fact, promised him the jaob after Bellichek retired, then, piss backward and give it to someone else.

  7. People who equate shot-term monetary or position gain to happiness are excused from discussing McDaniels’ decision. He knows what it meant to walk back the Colts job. It was never accepted. It’s up to him. Weis makes only a surface point; if the Pats win SB in next two years, what do you think will be Josh’s market value? Even then, nobody’s business except him and future suitors.

  8. 1. McDaniels will NEVER be offered a head coaching job outside of new england
    2. 31 teams will relish the opportunity to demolish a mcdaniels-led patriots team when he doesn’t have brady as his QB
    3. the patriots will “regress to the mean” when mcdaniels takes over (if not sooner)

  9. Hey Charlie how did you do at Notre Dame? Almost all of Belichick’s assistance have been fired once they leave Belichick and the Patriots. McDaniel made a good decision for himself had his family to stay in New England. How is your coaching career going Charlie, perhaps your move to leave the Patriots was really really dumb!

  10. The dumbest move ever would be to admit that he was given assurances. They can’t say that, they would have the NFL and the Fritz Pollard Alliance all over them. Get real, they can assure anything to a white coach even in the building without the precious minority interview(s).

  11. Such a dumb move.
    Not only has McDaniels black balled himself, but when Bill and Tom leave, there will be nothing left but ashes, and a decades worth of 4-12 seasons.
    Then where will Mc go when he’s fired after his second season in charge?
    What a fool.

  12. doni609 says:
    Like Weiss is an authority on anything except loosing.

    I’ll bet Charlie W-e-i-s not only knows how to spell his own name, but how to spell l-o-s-i-n-g as well.

  13. First, no one likes a Weiss crack. He’s not the first on his prediction or bet. As soon as the news broke, several fans posted the same thing about McDaniels being the heir to the NE throne. But if Weiss is so sure, he should put his money where his mouth is, and bet his life savings.

  14. The Colts – the team screwed the whole city of Baltimore and left in the middle of the night. Not exactly feeling sorry for them at all.

  15. McD will be lucky to get a job with McDonald’s once Belichick retires. And we all know NE is not paying him well. He just buried himself. Good.

  16. Look people all he said was ‘McDaniels WAS DUMB’, if he did not get assurances of being the head coach in NE, after leading the Colts on! This article is not about Charlie Weis’s record as a head coach. It’s only about what would be true if McDaniels did not get a guarantee or assurances!

  17. I still feel like McDaniels is a very good OC and maybe isn’t made of the right stuff to be a good head coach. I could be wrong, but if he does a good job, he will get future interviews for a HC job, even if he doesn’t end up in charge in NE. There aren’t that many really good candidates out there that everyone could hold this against him.

  18. skawh says:
    February 7, 2018 at 7:46 pm
    And we all know NE is not paying him well.

    I know not this ‘we’ of which you speak. The me part of ‘we’ knows no such thing. In fact I’d hazard a guess he is now making as much as some HC’s.

  19. I bet Notre Dumb, the Chiefs, Florida and Kansas would say their dumbest move was hiring him. Why? Notre Dumb paid him ~$19M to go away. University of Kansas paid him ~$6M to go away. Weis

  20. Assurance…like a signed contract?Ask all the fired coaches and released players who were still under contract if they had assurances.Now go ask all the players that retired while still under contract if they can come back and play for a different team…example calvin johnson.I guess every single team is a liar.

  21. If Luck ends up having surgery again will the high horse crowd admit that maybe McDaniels received new information at the 11th hour?

  22. fatsolio says:
    February 7, 2018 at 7:59 pm

    The dumbest move in the history of sports was passing on the one yard line when you have Lynch as your RB and a superbowl on the line.
    Let me guess – you think the 4th down play by the Eagles was brilliant because it worked? But if they had failed, it would have been the dumbest play ever?

  23. Pure comedy seeing so many Patriots haters hyperventilate over this. Yes, it was a bad move by McDaniels but enough already. Time can change a lot, and IF he is indeed the good coach he appears to be, he will have more opportunities down the road. But it’s the Pats we’re talking about here, so rational thought does not apply!

  24. Weis was no angel. He screwed over the Chiefs before a playoff game to take an OC job with U of Florida. He also called his Kansas football team a “pile of crap”, so yeah, not an angel.

  25. Dante Scarnecchia worked for the Patriots for over 25 years. Weiss always jumped at the biggest pay day. I’ll take Scarnnechia as a role model.

  26. What’s “dumb”, Charlie, is to think that the Patriots & McDermott spill all the details of that understanding to the hyenas in the sports press including (ahem) washed-up players & coaches desperate to put a negative spin on everything because they lack basic commentary and analysis skills.

  27. When Bill and Tom leave (which will probably happen in harmony) the Patriots will be reduced to also-rans. McDaniels (or whoever the new coach is) will have a rebuilding project to deal with. I wouldn’t exactly call that “job security”.

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