Chris Ballard will face the media at 11:00 a.m. ET

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The Colts had planned to introduce Josh McDaniels as the 21st coach in franchise history at a Wednesday press conference. A press conference will still occur. But McDaniels, if you haven’t heard, won’t be there.

G.M. Chris Ballard will. The Colts have announced that the session will commence at 11:00 a.m. ET.

Good for Ballard; he’ll eventually have to face the music on this one, and he may as well do it sooner than later. And it will be interesting to see what he says and how he says it, given that there’s plenty of blame to go around on this one.

Some have more blame than others. McDaniels has plenty for giving his word and not following through on it. The Colts have plenty for taking McDaniels at his word, up to and including the moment they announced that McDaniels had taken the job without getting a signed contract first.

The guy who has the most blame, frankly, is agent Bob Lamonte. He’s the conductor of this jumbled orchestra, the pilot of this sputtering plane. It’s his job to deliver his client, and to realize well before his client gets cold feet that the temperature at floor level is plunging.

The fact that Lamonte also represents Ballard (for now) makes it even worse that Lamonte arranged a marriage that ultimately didn’t happen.

In a business where not many agents represent most of the coaches, the agents need to know their coaches better than the coaches know themselves. Lamonte clearly didn’t know McDaniels as well as he should have; moving forward, other teams may wonder how well Lamonte really knows any of his clients before taking the wink-nod leap of faith on a coach who has provided a handshake but who hasn’t yet wrapped that same hand around a pen.

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  1. I don’t know anyone in any industry who would announce a hiring until a contract was signed. Never mind one as public as an NFL team.

    Colts gonna continue to do Colt things I guess…

  2. Kind of reminds of Jerry McGuire when Kush’s father promises his son will sign with a “my word is stronger than oak” thing

  3. No, the guy who has the most blame is McDaniels.
    If you ain’t taking the job don’t hire assistants, now their lives are in turmoil as well.

  4. This is a very bad look for Ballard. McDaniels is a no-integrity tool but Ballard should have known that nothing is final until the ink dries on the contract.

    That said, I do believe the Colts may wind up with a better coach out of all this than McDaniels would have been.

  5. Not too sure I’m on board with placing more blame on Lamonte. I’d say the actions of a grown man are more the responsibility of himself, than his agent.

  6. Put yourself in McDaniel’s shoes for a second. You love your current job but you’re invited to interview for another company. That new company offers you the job and you negotiate a salary. When you tell your current boss that you’re leaving, he/she says “We can’t lose you. What will it take for you to stay?” So now you get more money to keep the job you already love AND you don’t have to uproot your life to get it. Yea McDaniels went back on his word. He did what he thought was best for him and his family. “I’m a Parent. I haven’t got the luxury of principles”- Benjamin Martin

  7. THe “fan” overreaction to this travesty would have you think McDaniels was out clubbing baby seals for breakfast. It’s a job refusal people, not a nuclear launch. I’m sure he hired assistants with the belief he was going to Indy, then some reality set in:

    Live in Indy or Boston?
    Work for Kraft or Irsay?
    Coach TB12 or a questionable Luck?

    Seems like no brainer questions……

  8. My wife works in HR and she deals with stuff like this all the time. If she had a dollar for every time someone had made a verbal commitment to take a job only to back out when their current employer puts of a full-court press to keep them, we could both retire comfortably. Simply put, this is just business. In the absence of a signed contract, McDaniels has no more of an obligation to the Colts than he does any other team. We’ve all been in situations where we’ve made commitments only to get cold feet when we realized that the situation would be less than ideal. It is unfortunate about the assistants that were hired, but at the end of the day McD’s number one priority should be his family.

  9. We have to assert levels of blame. This is what we have become? Social media has turned us all into the middle school mean girls lunch table. Bravo to ourselves for this self imposed devolution of complex thought. hey look! It’s something shiny——–>

  10. According to Peter King, McDaniels was cleaning out his office in preparation to fly to Indy. Kraft and Belichek spent Tuesday convincing him to say, and he did. He was told they really needed him and wanted him and it was the first time he’d heard that from them, so he took the hit, AGAINST the advice of his agent, and stayed. Moving his family was NOT a concern, according to King. So, who’s at fault? McDaniels had agreed to everything; then went back on his word. That’s his bad, no question, and it looks terrible for him, especially having convinced other coaches to pack up and move.
    It’s Kraft and Belichek that worry me the most, though. They knew this was coming just like everyone else, but they wait until the last second to convince him to stay; plying him with platitudes unheard of before now. I’m wondering if this isn’t simply payback for Deflategate. The Colts were the team that accused the Patriots. The Colts were the team that caused Brady to be suspended. The Colts were the team that tried to humiliate the Patriots. And here’s an opportunity for a little revenge; we’ll let you think you had your guy, then yank him back. If McDaniel had ignored K and B and gone anyway, no one would be any the wiser. But he didn’t, and it’s McDaniel, Ballard and LaMonte that look bad, not Kraft and Belichek. I know this is both conjecture and conspiracy theory, and just my opinion, but I think it could have happened this way.

  11. It’s more than clear that the combo Brady Belichick and Kraft opened up to him only after the games were all over. I’m guessing Bradys pleas were the strongest.

  12. Being a parent? That means sacrificing personal wants and desires to care for a child.
    This was flat out playing one side against the other to fulfill his personal wants and desires. And he screwed over a bunch of friends and colleagues by “hiring” them as well.
    This is all McDaniels. Unless you think his agent should be a mind reader.

  13. Couple of things. First, the McDaniels thing isn’t the same as the Belichick thing. Belichick was about to be hired by the Patriots as their head coach. Parcells decided to stick it to Kraft (again, remember how he was under contract with the Patriots, coaching them in the Super Bowl, while discussing his next gig with the Jets?). So Parcells resigned, which contractually meant that Belichick was elevated to head coach, even though he wanted to leave the organization.

    Second, I LOVE watching the 360 from the Indy journalists. Tuesday at 10am: McDaniels is a great hire, comes from a great place where he has had tons of success, and learned from the top cop of this generation. He will lead the Colts back to the promised land. Wednesday 10am: McDaniels is a snake. I never agreed with the mindset to hire him. He has a terrible track record, and the Colts are better off without him.


  14. bassplucker says:
    February 7, 2018 at 9:43 am
    This is a very bad look for Ballard. McDaniels is a no-integrity tool but Ballard should have known that nothing is final until the ink dries on the contract.

    That said, I do believe the Colts may wind up with a better coach out of all this than McDaniels would have been.


    Best comment and I agree on all fronts.

  15. Integrity in any organization invariably starts at the top. The culture of an organization is dictated by senior management. After all the scandals that the Patriots have been involved in, rightly or wrongly, coupled with this latest show of a lack of integrity by one of their coaches, one has to wonder if there is a problem with the integrity of senior management.

  16. And they said it was the 20 something yr old’s we couldn’t trust hmmm. What a fudge-jumble!

  17. Could the news that Luck’s doctors were concerned that he should not start throwing have any bearimg. The Colts had been telling McDaniels Luck was fine and he would be there next year. Then there is news to the contrary, and McDaniels looks back at the guys that have been misrepresenting the Luck situation for over a year and realizes they still are doing that.

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