Chris Thompson: Kirk Cousins sent mixed messages about whether he wanted to stay

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Chris Thompson was one of the players Kirk Cousins texted when Washington traded for Alex Smith. Cousins also mentioned Thompson by name when talking about saying good-bye to the only NFL home he has known for six seasons.

But Thompson admitted Wednesday he isn’t sure whether Cousins wanted to remain in Washington long term, pausing 10 seconds after Chris Cooley asked the question.

“I think everybody got some mixed messages; I will say that,” Thompson said on ESPN’s 980, via the Washington Post. “I know for me, talking to Kirk, being with Kirk, all we talked about was, you know, ‘C.T., with you staying healthy, we can do this with you; we can do that with you,’ and we were able to do a lot of the things that Kirk wanted to do with me. We wanted to continue this, so for me, I expected him to be here. I knew it would be hard given that we want to win, but if you pay a guy [$30 million] a year, it’s going to sacrifice some other things as well, as far as helping our defense out, maybe getting some more receivers, or running backs and all those type of things. It’s kind of hard to say. I think everybody got a different feel about it, but I know Kirk enjoyed being with me, and I enjoyed being with him, so I wanted him to be here and I think part of him wanted to be here, but at the end of the day, you gotta do whatever you think is best for you and your family.”

Thompson became one of Washington’s first offensive players to comment on the team’s blockbuster trade of last week. The running back admitted he was surprised but wished Cousins the best.

“I know Kirk is going to go somewhere and get every single dollar he wants,” Thompson said. “I think he deserves it. He’s put up some great numbers year in and year out, so that’s what this league is all about, the numbers.”

14 responses to “Chris Thompson: Kirk Cousins sent mixed messages about whether he wanted to stay

  1. Ahh, no Chris. This league is about putting up points and wins. The way to do that is by throwing fewer picks, taking fewer sacks and getting 7’s in the red zone rather than 3’s. Hope some team pays him well and enjoys all the drama he creates.

  2. Here we go. Chris Thompson has been given his marching orders to push the information propoganda agenda to deviate from a terrible deal dragon has overpaid for not one season, but two. No worries Thompson, one day dragon will come for you and attempt to ruin your reputation. I hope your faith is strong, because dragon shows no mercy. Unbelievable.

  3. One number teams want from a qb is wins. The last season Cousins did not deliver as many as some teams may expect from a quarterback expecting to be paid over 20 mil a year.

  4. I think Cousins was justified in his lack of commitment to a team which continually telegraphed a lack of commitment to him.

  5. handsomerob86 says:
    February 7, 2018 at 9:11 pm
    This is how you handle a teammate leaving, perhaps the Steelers should take notes.

    Did we read the same thing? CT basically threw him under the bus saying he just cares about the money.

  6. I don’t need one of his teammates to tell me whether he wanted to be there or not. He certainly did and he was willing to take low starter money to stay, and the redskins pulled the trigger the first time.

    Cousins was drafted much lower than he should have been. Then he had to sit back while RG3 was killing it, and then he had to sit and wait while RG3 was blowing it. Never complained, just went to work. Finally got his start, did good things and got franchised tagged. At that point he probably felt frustrated that the team who drafted him didn’t seem to think he was good enough to play, even though they spent a fourth rounder on him. By the second franchise tag, I’m sure the level of disrespect that he felt was very high.

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