Dave McGinnis says his walking away from Bears in ’99 different than McDaniels

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The moment Josh McDaniels turned down the Colts, Dave McGinnis’ name was taken in vain.

McGinnis explains his situation with the Bears in 1999 was “a whole lot different” than what happened with McDaniels and the Colts on Tuesday.

“It’s not really the same,” McGinnis told the Talk of Fame Network. “I was never offered a contract. I was announced as the head coach before I had even been offered the job. I had gone in for a day interview, and they wanted to stretch it to two days, and I said, ‘Sure.’ I spent the night in the hotel room, and the next morning waiting for a call back to come up to finish my interview, and the phone rang. I thought it was the Bears’ front office calling, but it was Les Frazier, who I was going to hire on my staff. Les told me he had another job being offered to him, and that if I would just tell him he had a job with him that he would turn the other people down. I told him, ‘Les, I don’t have this job yet; I can’t in good faith tell you that.’ He said, ‘Well, coach, it’s been on the radio for an hour. You’re the head coach. There’s a press conference at 11.’ This is about 8:30 or 9 in the morning. So, yeah, it’s a whole lot different.”

McGinnis, then the Cardinals’ defensive coordinator, walked away. He ended up becoming Arizona’s head coach in 2000.

9 responses to “Dave McGinnis says his walking away from Bears in ’99 different than McDaniels

  1. Just as I pointed out earlier when pft said the Colts should have “learned” from the McGinnis situation.

  2. It’s pretty clear why Greg Falco. They announced he was the head coach before offering him a contract. McDaniels and the Colts agreed in principle on terms. McGinnis hadn’t even gotten a formal offer yet.

  3. Seems there is more to the story. I remember that scenario when it happened. Typical Bears organization.

  4. There’s way more to this story. A big part of it was Mike McCaskey, who wasn’t even mentioned in the article (dunno why he wasn’t). From what I remember, there was also issues regarding the assistants McGinnis wanted to hire. McCaskey only wanted to give them 2 year contracts while he got a 3 year one, effectively making it a 2 year contract, but wasn’t allowed to tell his assistants theirs were 2 years.

    McGinnis didn’t want to pull a bunch of coaches that had no security only to get fired the year later after uprooting their families. A lot of it was just a poorly thought out move by Mike McCaskey and the Bears front office.

  5. Why does the McDaniels situation keep getting compared to the McGinnis situation? It’s much more similar to when Belichick (you know, McDaniels’ mentor?) changed his mind about coaching the Jets.

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