Eagles fan agrees to pay for seat stolen from U.S. Bank Stadium after Super Bowl

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An overly exuberant Philadelphia Eagles fan took home a sizable souvenir from U.S. Bank Stadium Sunday night.

According to the Associated Press, an Eagles fan ripped a purple seat from its housing at the stadium and took it home after Philadelphia’s 41-33 victory over the New England Patriots. He was photographed at the airport the next day with the seat strapped to his carry-on luggage.

A spokesperson for the Minnesota Sports Facilities Authority told the AP that the fan regrets his actions and has agreed to pay for the replacement, which is expected to cost $125 with labor.

“The fan was exuberant and excited and he pulled the chair out,” she said. “This is someone forcibly removing an item that isn’t supposed to be removed.”

Per Tim Harlow of the Minneapolis Star-Tribune, the stolen seat was one of several to be damaged by fans in the aftermath of the Eagles’ victory.

43 responses to “Eagles fan agrees to pay for seat stolen from U.S. Bank Stadium after Super Bowl

  1. So does he get to keep it? If so, $125 for a unique Super Bowl souvenir sounds like he came out with a pretty good deal overall.

  2. Aaaaaand cue the lazy and irresponsible comments about how bad Philly fans are. More arrests in Boston in Sunday night than in Philly. Get over it people. It’s a tired and untrue narrative.

  3. The seats are made from the same flexible material disposal plates are made from, about the same thickness too. Head scratcher. Plus, they are too small and very hard to negotiate when exiting a row due to the poorly positioned drinkholders and absent legroom for all patrons. Everybody needs to stand if anyone gets up. Bad design.

    Beautiful stadium……..from the outside. Nothing special on the inside, especially after they pushed all the seats closer together so 6,000 more sardines could be stuffed in for the SuperBowl.

    Save your Lambeau rants. Yes, the bleacher benches ARE much easier…….for all the reasons given above, especially when using a walk-away seat rental. No brainer. Plus, nobody has ever walked away from the stadium with a bleacher bench under their arm.

  4. At least he agreed to take responsibility and pay for (forced to?) it. This is why you all can’t have nice things.

  5. Eggles fans have a weird way of celebratiing victories. Cars were overturned in the streets after they won the big one. They were throwing things at the Vikings team bus after an earlier win.

  6. Stealing a seat,,, What else would you expect from dispicable eagles fans . I’ve heard numerous stories from both Vikings and Packers fans on how absolutely terrible their experiences were when attending the 2010 playoff and 2018 NNCCG. When Packers and Vikings fans can both agree the Philly fans are aweful there must be some truth to that. Be proud Philly.

  7. So he just walks out of a stadium with a chair? I guess security quit like the vikings Defense. Or maybe they just had their own game plan, like the Vikings Defense.

  8. I recall the Vikings previously sold the urinals from their old stadium, most other football franchises generate secondary revenue sources through team apparel, not selling parts of their stadium. If the Vikings really wanted to make some money, they could sell their trophy case.

  9. you have now encourage every fan its ok to rip seats from any stadium, because its only a 125.00 fee for a souvenir. This country and their reasoning is totally ridiculous. He should have been made an example of, not a poster child for.

  10. Wait…what??

    How was he able to walk out of the stadium holding a huge plastic seat? And aren’t these things bolted into the concrete? And he just ripped it up? And he had it strapped to his carry-on luggage?? Did he expect to make it through TSA with it?? Was he going to stow it in an overhead bin or under his seat? And it only cost $125 to replace it? Does he get to keep the seat and only has to pay the “fine”?

    So. Many. Questions.

  11. Had the Fans known ahead if time…. this Seat is worth way more that $125 to a Philly Fan and could fetch 10 times that on Ebay. It is not Brady’s Jersey, but it is a one of a kind.

  12. Has agreed to…as opposed to facing charges for vandalism/theft? The low-life shouldn’t even be allowed to keep it.

  13. only someone from Philthy-delphia would do something like this. I would charge the clown with theft plus the cost of the chair with labor.

  14. pkrlvr says:
    February 7, 2018 at 11:47 pm

    Sounds like a well built seat…

    I guess we could replace the seats with urine-stained aluminum benches. You know nobody will by trying to carry one of those things out when Lambeau Field hosts a Super Bowl.

  15. Wow Philly fans coming in here trying to defend the MANY a-holes who vandalized not only Minneapolis but THEIR OWN CITY! Blanket statement my butt dude, yeah not EVERY Eagles fan acted like a piece of trash, but MORE than ANY OTHER TEAM did. And even though I rooted for the Eagles in the Superbowl, that fan base has proven themselves the most classless and undeserving fanbase in the NFL.

    Oh, and can we point out the fact that the guy didn’t offer to pay for anything until he was caught?! He should have been arrested and charged with destruction of public property or vandalizing of some sort. Straight up lying piece of human garbage. Never come back!

  16. What airline allowed him to take that as a carry on? I fly regularly and most would openly laugh at him for thinking he could get away with that.

  17. We are not getting away from these guys anytime soon. Take a look at the Eagles home opponents next year. Yep The Vikings are there. Odds are that they will be first game of the season in Philly on a Thursday night.

  18. Look at stellar, making up facts again. So sad for the brainwashed obsessed with the Vikings.

    The fact is the Vikings did due a lot of research on the seats they decided to use in US Bank and they are actually the best in the country for leg space and the aisles themselves for navigation. Now, granted, I know not every average packer fan can sit comfortably in them, and that’s why your outdated college stadium seating with aluminum benches are so preferable. I’m sorry we didn’t take into the enormous circumference of Uranus while designing the radius of our actually seats.

    Except for packer fans, everyone has had positive reviews of the venue itself and it has the same seating design as many new seats used not only in the latest and currently under construction stadiums in the NFL but other major sports as well.

    Enjoy your outdated bleachers at Lambeau though, its always an enjoyable experience to have the dangerously overweight guy next to you sitting half way in your ‘number’ while trying to watch a football game. Especially enjoyable when you can actually smell the cheesehead and whatever else the guy/girl has been consuming in multiple quantities that day.

  19. 66,000 seats @ $125/seat doesn’t seem like much (less than a million dollars), but when you consider the volume of people sitting in those seats ever year, and the abuse placed on those seats during every event, I would imagine that cheaper seats were determined to be more cost effective. The seats at US Bank Stadium are not bolted to the concrete, but rather fastened to a rail system that allows them to slide/adjust seating depending on the venue. This rail system is what makes the seats feel cheaper, as you do not get the feeling they are fastened to concrete.

  20. pkrlvr says:
    February 7, 2018 at 11:47 pm
    Sounds like a well built seat…


    They weren’t required to build them to Packer fan load limits. No welding and I-beams required. That’s the sole reason the Roman Colosseum. . . err Lambeau Park will always have steel or aluminum beams mounted to concrete for seating.

  21. Main take aways:
    1) Minnesota Nice went too far – Arrest and sue him for the full price of his ticket, replacement of the chair, and the labor to install it.
    2) Philly fans are horrible, on every level. See photos of philly fan eating horse manure off the street following their win.
    3) Packer fans denigrate other new stadiums with innovative designs/materials because they are too fat and too poor to be able to afford the same luxuries in their stadium.

  22. Eagles’ fans steal seats. Patriots’ fans steal the air of the game balls.

  23. Yeah he agreed, only so he wasn’t charged with theft and destruction of property.
    Riots and stealing bolted downs seats. Just what I expect from the worse fans in football.

  24. Although Packers fans still hold the crown for the most vile and disgusting troll-fans in the NFL, the Eagles fan who defaced a neutral stadium and the other moron who ate horse manure to celebrate a win have to be considered when trying to figure out what team’s fanbase is #2.

  25. Stealing a seat…might be wrong…but it isn’t a huge reason to hate the Philly fans. After the Twins won the world series in the 80’s and 90’s people stole seats from the Dome. Are they low lives? Probably not. I think the guy should have opening admitted to taking it and paid for it up front vs. waiting till getting caught.

    I can understand wanting to take it. It’s his teams first win in the superbowl.

    I do think Philly fans are trashy, but this is not a reason why.

  26. ajzinnecker says:
    February 9, 2018 at 10:17 am

    Stealing a seat…might be wrong…but it isn’t a huge reason to hate the Philly fans. After the Twins won the world series in the 80’s and 90’s people stole seats from the Dome.
    I think you are confused Twins and Vikings fans stole seats( and other things) from the last games at the Met/Dome stadium not after winning the World series. Quite a difference. And the fans weren’t on the road doing it. Apples and Oranges.

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