Eagles seem to be trying to find a way to keep DeFilippo

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As the contract of Eagles quarterbacks coach John DeFilippo expires and the Eagles prevent him from interviewing with the Vikings until the contract officially concludes next week, Philadelphia may end up getting exactly what it may want.

And here’s what Philly may want: To make DeFilippo the team’s next offensive coordinator.

DeFilippo, as of next week, will be able to go wherever he wants, or to stay where he is. Unless the Eagles are keeping him from interviewing this week for what would be a promotion out of spite, there’s a strategic reason for the recalcitrance. And that reason could be that they hope the extra time will result in the situation breaking their way.

Some in league circles believe that, between offensive coordinator Frank Reich and DeFilippo, the Eagles would rather keep the latter. With Reich’s name emerging as a candidate for the head-coaching job in Indianapolis, Reich getting the gig would solve the problem.

Regardless, the Eagles have a clear reason for keeping DeFilippo around for the next week. Based on how things play out, they make have him around for a lot longer than that.

12 responses to “Eagles seem to be trying to find a way to keep DeFilippo

  1. Wellman says:
    February 7, 2018 at 12:27 pm

    Wait until Indy announces their agreement with Reich then convince him to stay.

    Forget the announcement; I think they should wait for the contract to be signed.

  2. Defense is Zimmer’s baby and mostly hands off on the offense. Defillipo would have full control of the offense compared to what he would get in Philly. I’d get the job that could later help with getting a HC job and that’s with Minny.

  3. The Vikings obviously want to at least interview DeFilippo, but they have Kevin Stefanski under contract as QB Coach so if they don’t get DeFilippo, then their second choice is already on board.

    I think the Eagles might have more to worry about if the Colts choose DeFilippo and not Frank Reich as their next Head Coach. If the rumours that Pederson prefers DeFilippo over Reich going forward are true, then it might be an interesting off season in Philly…

  4. Defilippo is a future star and HC, but don’t cut Reich’s efforts here short. He came up with the game plan every week. Doug called the plays and had input/veto power on it, but Reich was its architect.

  5. Honestly, he is a year away. I say to keep him ( and they should) give him a raise, a promise of the OC job, and a promotion to assistant OC. The latter would show good faith and block ANY move less then OC. Therefore, without any contract he could take a QB position coach job with another team with our a promotion here.

    He has done a fantastic job with all 3 QBs. Even Nate played well in his short stint. He has a bright future. All the coach’s under the Andy Reid tree ( is Dougie P) have had great success in the NFL…I expect no less from him….Go Birds !! I mean SUPERBOWL Champion Eagles !!

  6. it will be tough for Doug to have his choice if he’s not offering the play-calling to either one of these guys. if I were OC, I would want to be calling plays. This may come down to who other teams want more rather than who Peterson wants more

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