Patriots haven’t promised Josh McDaniels the head-coaching job

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The Patriots may indeed hire offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels to replace coach Bill Belichick, whenever Belichick leaves. But that doesn’t mean that the Patriots have given McDaniels a firm commitment to promote him.

As the football-following world learned very recently, the Rooney Rule does not prevent a team from making a firm, written, advance commitment to promote a non-minority employee into the role of head coach or G.M. That’s precisely what the Ravens are doing with respect to their G.M. succession plan, and both the league and the Fritz Pollard Alliance have given the transition from Ozzie Newsome to Eric DeCosta their blessing.

But any team that makes such a promise ties its hands; some teams may not want to surrender their flexibility, especially when it’s not known how long the current coach will remain. Last March, Patriots owner Robert Kraft told PFT Live that he’d like to see Belichick coach into his 80s. If that happens, McDaniels could be deep into his 50s before he finally gets a chance to become the head coach.

Even if Belichick stays only five more years, circumstances can change dramatically between now and then — especially if the New England offense isn’t nearly as potent without quarterback Tom Brady.

So, at best, there’s a wink and a nod that Josh McDaniels will get serious consideration for the job, if/when Belichick leaves. And if anyone currently knows the value of a wink and a nod, it’s Josh McDaniels.

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  1. Even if he gets the job, he’ll be out in two years, and coordinating in College. Brady runs that Offense, that was evident from McDaniel’s time in Denver.

  2. “So, at best, there’s a wink and a nod that Josh McDaniels will get serious consideration for the job, if/when Belichick leaves. And if anyone currently knows the value of a wink and a nod, it’s Josh McDaniels.”

    Lol, what a gut punch. Love it.

  3. We all know how well that “head coach in waiting” thing worked out (twice) for the Jets with Belichick.

  4. When McDaniels was in Denver the Patriot offense put up 427 points (2009, Brady’s first season after the ACL), 518 points in 2010, and 513 points in 2011. Seems like the O is more Brady than McDaniels.

    When Brady and BB retire, the mask comes off. Why would McDaniels want the pressure of following Belichick AND winning without Brady?

  5. The guy took less power and less money to stay where he and his family wanted to be. Good for him.

  6. When Belichick and Brady retire the team will become just one of 32 teams.
    Its not like Belichicks aura will make the Patriots any better after he’s gone.
    McDaniels will be a HC of just another team.

  7. maybe josh figured out he wouldn’t like/ couldn’t do being a hc. still he should of told them sooner, not after he shook on it. very bad manners. in the old west that could get you shot.

  8. daysend564 said:

    “Will the Patriots be the 3rd team that McDaniels destroys?”

    I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised. He would have to live up to the standard that Belichick has set, and I seriously doubt he is capable of doing that.

    If the Patriots take a serious step back, and the entitled fan base turns on the team, I wonder how long it will take for Kraft to buckle and can him? I suspect not long at all.

    Out the door he goes with his tail between his legs, and most likely all NFL available HC jobs bridges burned.

    Given McDaniels’ age, he comes off as incredibly immature, and insecure.

  9. I know lots of people who have changed jobs only wanting to switch back after a few months. I applaud him for stopping this thing before it was too late, but man did he do a poor job in this mess.

  10. Makes you wonder what it was about the Colts job that was so appealing. As long as Irsay owns that team they’re always one late night binge away from him sticking his nose into the football side of things and making waves. And with both Peyton and Luck their track record of failing to put pieces around their stars is consistent. Possibly McDaniels fell in love with Luck but got cold feet when he learned the rehab wasn’t going as well as had been reported?

  11. Even after all of this I’d love him as the new HC of my Bengals. He may or may not be a good HC but on offense he seems to understand exploiting matchups and adjusting at halftime while Marv is still in the old school mindset of running “your plays” no matter what the D does.

  12. Even if they had you can rest assured the McDaniels as a HC anywhere any time has sailed. Well, he can likely find a few colleges that’ll line up to through a large check at him.

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