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Steelers hope to extend Ben Roethlisberger’s deal at some point

Ben Roethlisberger has two years remaining on his contract, but the Steelers will look to extend the deal.

Team president Art Rooney II said the 35-year-old quarterback has indicated to the Steelers that he wants to play longer than that.

“We haven’t had a long conversation about that other than him saying he is interested in playing beyond his contract,” Rooney said, via Jeremy Fowler of ESPN. “That’s good news to me, and certainly his play this year makes you feel like he does have a few years left. All that is great in terms of the contract. We’ll address that at the right time. But bottom line is we’re excited that’s the way he feels, and we’ll continue to work with him and hopefully get a couple more rings with him.”

The bigger priority for the Steelers at the moment obviously is running back Le’Veon Bell, who is scheduled to become a free agent in March.

Both sides, though, are hoping to get a long-term deal done. Rooney was non-committal about whether the Steelers would use the franchise tag on Bell for a second consecutive year at $14.5 million for 2018.

“The bottom line is, can you come together and have a meeting of the minds?” Rooney said. “That’s what we’ve got to work on. . . . I think the good news is both sides want to get something done here, and hopefully that will lead to us getting it done.”