Vikings will interview John DeFilippo on Thursday

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The Eagles are making the Vikings wait until next week to interview quarterbacks coach John DeFilippo. Unless they aren’t.

Adam Caplan of SiriusXM reports that the Vikings will interview DeFilippo for the still-vacant offensive coordinator position on Thursday. Adam Schefter of ESPN previously reported that the interview wouldn’t happen until next week.

The interview comes at a time when Eagles offensive coordinator Frank Reich has emerged on the short list of candidates to become the Plan B head coach in Indy. The Eagles surely would like to promote DeFilippo to Reich’s position, if Reich leaves for Indy.

That said, the Vikings job could be more attractive to DeFilippo, because he’d have the keys to the offense in Minnesota. In Philly, he’d be working under coach Doug Pederson, an offensive specialist who calls the plays.

12 responses to “Vikings will interview John DeFilippo on Thursday

  1. Minnesota wouldn’t wait this long to hire a OC unless there was serious interest in John DeFilippo. Both QBs were over the top in Philly this year and DeFilippo’s name is everywhere. He’d be filling some big shoes…well, all except the last game.

  2. The Vikings should sign Bridgewater, Bradford, and Keenum to be some sort of newfangled triple-threat QB/QB-Coach/Offensive Coordinator position. They would all be on the active roster each week, taking turns doing all 3 job depending on the down/distance.

  3. Don’t really like losing one, but losing both could be a real hard pill to swallow. Still can’t ultimately hold someone back from bettering themselves and the Eagles won’t do that unless they have to. They blocked Flip last year from interviewing elswhere to keep him mentoring a young Carson Wentz. We have seen the results of that, and so has everybody else, but they won’t block him again.

  4. How can anybody call the Vikings job where there is no QB,
    a suspect offensive line, and an inept head coach more attractive than being the OC of the Super Bowl champs. You want to be a HC? Ride it out where there is success not mired in garbage.

  5. awrenceofalabia says:

    How can anybody call the Vikings job where there is no QB,
    a suspect offensive line, and an inept head coach more attractive than being the OC of the Super Bowl champs.


    Looks like you answered your own question. Embarrassing.

  6. He will have a say in who the QB is, the O line is improved but will get better through free agency and the draft, Dalvin Cook is returning, a stable of quality young receivers, state of the art stadium and new practice facilities, and he will be in charge of the offense and call plays. Flip to the Purple Flip!

  7. “John, what would you do with the offense to help Teddy Bridgewater succeed?”

    “Watch a lot of film of what Norv Turner did, then do the exact opposite.”

    “You’re hired.”

  8. It seems pretty clear he is the person the Vikings would prefer to hire. The Eagles put together a great post season. I wonder how much input he had in the game plans? Whatever it was it worked to perfection. I’m afraid that I will never be able to experience the joy that Eagles fans & their team are having right now. The Vikings season ended the same way as always. A promising season that ends in a heart braking soul crushing defeat. Hit repeat.

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