49ers announce Jimmy Garoppolo signing

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Jimmy Garoppolo‘s new deal with the 49ers is signed, sealed and announced.

The quarterback signed the contract Thursday night, with the team announcing it in a press release. They have scheduled a press conference with Garoppolo at 2:30 p.m. ET on Friday.

The five-year deal with a total value of $137.5 million is the highest per-year average on a long-term contract in NFL history.

Garoppolo went 5-0 in his five starts for the 49ers after arriving in a trade with New England on October 31. He won his only two starts with the Patriots.

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  1. There was a time that the 2nd contract of a QB wasn’t so big. Rodgers 2nd contract, the one he won the Super Bowl with and had a good defense to back him, was about $10M a year when the top guys where making $16M to $18M. Now guys like Cousins and every QB who proved he can simply be average is getting a contract like they are franchise QBs. The owners need to wise up. Stop being so desperate.

  2. The 49ers are taking all the risk.
    If Garoppolo is above average the 49ers are paying top dollar.
    If he is just average they are going to regret this.

    The risk is no one knows how he’ll do over a long time frame, we only have 5 games, plus a couple with the Pats. Osweiller looked ok his half season with the Broncos. RG3 looked good his rookie year.

    When Stafford and Carr signed their contracts they had a larger body of work to evaluate.
    This deal could be ok for the 49ers if Garoppolo is a good QB. But they are taking quite a lot of risk.

  3. in the old days, before the salary cap, top college quarterbacks like Sam Bradford were signed to huge contracts before they have even played a single game in the NFL. Comparing current contracts, Joe Flacco of the Baltimore Ravens has a 3 year contract worth 66 million dollars He did not beat a single team that made the NFL playoffs in 2017. Jimmy G, in contrast, beat 3 playoff teams in a row (Tennessee, Jacksonville, and LA Rams). TO me, Jimmy G is a better quarterback right now than Flacco, and therefore he deserves more money than Joe F.

  4. His contract is a lovely lottery ticket. Add to it a starting QB job and its clear Jimmy QG is the luckiest guy in America.

  5. Been done before Biggstuff. Aaron Rodgers studied behind Farve for 3 years, started 7 games and the Packers made him the 4th highest paid quarterback in the league.

  6. mrbiggstuff says:
    February 8, 2018 at 8:53 pm
    7 career starts. $137.5 Million.

    This is sure to turn out fine.

    Ask the Redskins how dragging their feet on Cousins worked out for them. You’d fit right into DC

  7. Where does it end? The qb continues to pickpocket the rest of the roster, while the running back plays for peanuts and is ostracized by age 30. Soon the defensive strategy will be to take dirty shots at another teams high priced golden boy to cripple the team fiscally.

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