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Lions talked to Patricia about his Goodell shirt

Last week when he was the Patriots defensive coordinator, Matt Patricia was asked if he regretted wearing a T-shirt with Roger Goodell in a clown nose.

He brushed it aside then, saying all his focus was on the Eagles. But when he interviewed with the Lions, it definitely came up and he definitely answered.

Via Justin Rogers of the Detroit News, Lions General Manager Bob Quinn said they discussed it during the interview process.

It is not a concern at all,” Quinn said. “And yes, we talked about it. I’d say very briefly.”

Openly taunting a commissioner is the kind of madcap hijinks you can get away with when you’re an assistant. When you’re a head coach, the standards for mocking authority are different.

Team president Rod Wood declined to share Patricia’s response, but seemed content with what he heard.

“I did get a very satisfactory answer,” Wood said. “I’m not going to tell you what the answer was. I think that Matt has talked to Roger since that happened.

“I don’t think it’s going to affect how Roger views the Detroit Lions.”

They better hope not, because Goodell was reportedly steamed about Patricia wearing the shirt after the Patriots won Super Bowl LI. As it turns out, some people don’t like being portrayed as clowns.