Marshawn Lynch’s agent addresses rumormongers

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Marshawn Lynch‘s agent addressed rumors that the running back had blown off a meeting with new coach Jon Gruden, saying nothing of the sort has happened.

“To all the couch potato non verified media ppl speaking on Marshawn Lynch-get a real job and check sources! #beastmode,” Doug Hendrickson wrote.

None of the team’s beat writers have written stories on anything of the sort or tweeted about it. A Google search produces only stories about Gruden looking forward to meeting Lynch for the first time. But several unverified accounts on Twitter mention the rumor.

So who knows how the rumor started or where it started, but Hendrickson asks that you stop the drama.

16 responses to “Marshawn Lynch’s agent addresses rumormongers

  1. Almost all of the drama that has ever surrounded Marshawn has been media created, driven, and maintained. Headlines like Russell Wilson getting back into baseball at a weird time, plays on the bet that the average reader is not going to remember that RW does this pretty much every off season. Speculative journalism is all about creating readers by distorting the truth. I wish Charean, here, and Florio, etc… would have an off season as well. Or maybe this is what they do for an hour a day before they hit the beach. Seems like these articles are generated in summer school where the expectations are lowered and credit is given if a paper with words is handed in.

  2. In terms of being a cancer for the Raiders, Lynch is Randy Moss version 2.0. And if Gruden & Son-of-Al keep Lynch then Gruden’s 2nd stint with the Raiders will probably wind up like Art Shell’s 2nd stint in 2006.

  3. Raiders have to keep Lynch…..J.Richard finished the 2017 season with 275 rushing yards, 1 rushing touchdown……DeAndre Washington finsh with 153 rushing yards & 2 touchdowns!!!

  4. Football is the ultimate team sport. Players like Lynch with the “I do what I want” attitude rub off on young, impressionable players in a negative way. Marshawn has a sliver of gas left in the tank, but he’s more trouble than he’s worth. If he’s on the roster week 1, they don’t make playoffs.

  5. Lynch is having fun playing out a child-hood fantasy. After picking up a player who retired, and didn’t play for a year, it should come as no surprise Lynch isn’t the same player he was in SEA. To be fair, its not like Lynch is being paid like he was in SEA.

  6. Oh is he still a thing? Ahh, “beast mode”, Skittles, the whole “I only care about being perceived as not caring, which I care about more than life itself”… I’m so not over that.

  7. Think about this people… Scot Winnters “Lv Raiders News” , a guy who has no degree, is 60 years old, is playing wannabe reporter…He has ZERO sources and NOW everyone is finding that out..There’s only 1 real reporter in Vegas and that’s Michael Ghelkin. You got to be a complete fool to believe otherwise.
    Only people I get Raiders news from are people I have seen with my own eyes interact with players and Raiders staff.
    Vic Tafur “The Athletic”
    Stephen Michaels “The Raiders Daily”
    Michael Ghelkin “Las Vegas Review Journal”
    Scott Bair “Comcast sports”
    Those are the people you trust with real accurate news. Anybody else just takes their stuff and re post it. You see what happens when they try to make up stuff, they get burned. It’s obvious how the hacks came up with the lie, they took The Athletic and The Raiders Daily reports and just spun them a million times guessing on the outcomes.

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