Russell Wilson rediscovers baseball at a curious time

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Before Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson secured his second contract, he spent plenty of time flirting with baseball. After he received a deal that averages just under $22 million per year, baseball subsided.

It’s now back, and it may not be a coincidence.

The sudden, bizarre news that the Texas Rangers traded Wilson, who has shown no inclination to do anything other than make a training-camp cameo, to the New York Yankees may be something more than an screwball of curiosity. It may be the subtle beginnings of a message to the Seahawks that it’s time to think about providing more value to one of the most valuable players in the league.

With quarterbacks who have accomplished significantly less than Wilson now making significantly more than him, this may be part of a broader play by the franchise quarterback to get the attention of the franchise. He’s due to make $15.5 million and $17 million, respectively, under the final two years of his contract. Based on what he did for the offense last year, Wilson clearly deserves more.

Until he gets more, maybe we’ll hear more about Wilson playing baseball.

Making the situation less likely to be a coincidence is the fact that Wilson’s agent, Mark Rodgers, has only one NFL client (Wilson) but plenty of baseball clients. So Rodgers is in position to work his MLB contacts in order to, for example, finagle a trade of a low-level non-playing prospect in order to give Rodgers’ lone football client a little more leverage in his effort to get the kind of football contract he already should have.

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  1. Every day with this crap. Sometimes you don’t get what you “deserve” immediately. He makes plenty of money.

  2. I’d love to see the reaction when the agent tells the Seahawks they’d better give Wilson more money or he’s going to go play baseball. Would they just burst out laughing or be angry that he so egregiously insulted their intelligence?

  3. The facts…he has stated he has no interest in playing. Wilson has been to Rangers camp to speak to its players a few times and to take batting practice. The Yankees asked him to do the same much like Will Ferrell and other celebrities do every year…the only difference here is their rights aren’t owned by another MLB team. Since his rights are owned by the Rangers, he was unable to accept unless the Rangers traded his rights.

    Wilson’s deceased father had always dreamt of his son playing for this Yankees…this is simply a feel good story about him making an appearance….

  4. He would play Baseball longer maybe…if he doesn’t learn to read a defense to keep from running for his life

  5. If you think Wilson at his age will start playing baseball you know nothing about how that sport works its rosters and minor league system. Wilson was never a top prospect and it takes years for the greats to get the major sometimes. This is nothing more than some good PR.

  6. I remember the endless debate on Wilson and his contract on this very format and how many people were saying to let him go he is not worth it. Funny how quickly things can change in this league and the perceptions of certain players too!

  7. “I can’t wait to watch a Yankees team with Russell Wilson on it play the Mets with Tim Tebow (only way I’d sit through a baseball game)”

    Neither one of them have any business in a baseball uniform, but it happens because of suckers like you.

  8. I can see it now, Wilson as a pitcher: The call is for a pitch down and away. He sprints for first base, keeping his eyes on the batter. Then, just as he is about to reach first base, throws a high ball ten feet behind the batter.

  9. I heard from inside sources that Aaron Rodgers is using the same strategy. He’s signed on with a Roller Derby team: The Midtown Maulers.

  10. Maybe it’s not about money. If I were Wilson, I’d be looking for leverage to make sure the Seahawks got me a decent offensive line so I wasn’t running for my life on every play, and a decent running game so defenders weren’t blitzing me on every down.

  11. Given that baseball is having “issues/complaints” from free agents about not offering as much money as they would like, I am not sure that it really works to help his bargaining position much.

    I feel like the NFL should consider max contracts, such as the NBA has. Too many teams tie up a LOT of money in a QB, and then have nothing left to sign guys to protect the QB and/or to play defense on that team. QBs would still get the most, but limiting it to a percent of the cap would still leave some money to spread to the guys in the trenches, who also greatly affect team success.

  12. Clearly he’ll never play baseball. The Seahawks will extend him after the coming season as is their standard policy.

    Meanwhile, I do wish the Mariners had gotten his rights. It just makes sense and the fans would love it.

  13. In all aspects of life your income is based on 2 things:

    1) supply and demand (i.e. being a good programmer may not pay well if there are 10,000,000 other good programmers)

    2) Negotiations

    If you willingly sign a 4 year contract don’t complain halfway through.
    If Wilson had played poorly the Seahawks couldn’t get their money back.

  14. Meanwhile, I do wish the Mariners had gotten his rights. It just makes sense and the fans would love it.

    I can’t see fans flocking to Peoria to watch a novelty.

  15. Wilson did a lot for his team during the first part of the season. Seattle ranked 2nd in passing, and Wilson led his team in rushing. However, he may have gotten tired over the final few games because the team dropped to 12th place in passing yards per game for the season. Worse, Seattle was 4-5 over its last nine games, missing the playoffs and Doug Baldwin did not blame OC Darrell Bevell, but instead seems to be blaming it on Wilson. IOW, it was not play calling but play execution that was the problem.

    Seattle has terrible salary cap problems. They can ill afford to reward Wilson with a bigger contract. In fact, they may not extend him after his current contract is up if he fails to get the teams to the playoffs in 2018 and/or 2019. May be he will actually play baseball in the minor leagues after the 2019 season, but I doubt that. He can still get a good NFL contract because of his reputation.

  16. Trade Russell to the NY Jets! Time for Seattle to retool. Russell was never a prototype QB. Seattle got lucky drafting him, and he was better than the QB they had. Russell doesn’t throw well. Anyone see his lack of accuracy in the pre pro bowl games? He ranked 5th of the 5 QB’s. And Russell throwing placed him a very distant 5th. Russell doesn’t read defenses. Why should he be rewarded after not progressing as a QB should. Heck Foles proved to be a much better QB than Russell. Tell the truth about it!

  17. Nothing to this but mindless blother. He gets extra attention, money, future endorsements and enjoyment with his dabbling in baseball.

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