Ryan Shazier to have role with Steelers “one way or the other”

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Ryan Shazier has made progress since having spinal stabilization surgery in the wake of his injury in a Monday night game against the Bengals last season and showed some of it at a Penguins game this week when he stood to acknowledge a standing ovation from the crowd.

Shazier’s progress doesn’t include walking without assistance, however, and that stands as a much bigger immediate goal than anything having to do with playing football again. Whether Shazier’s progress reaches that point or not, Steelers president Art Rooney II said on Wednesday that he’ll have a place with the only team he’s played for in the professional ranks.

“I expect Ryan is going to be here one way or the other and have a role with the team one way or the other in 2018, for sure,” Rooney said, via the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

The Steelers picked up Shazier’s fifth-year option for 2018 and his $8.7 million salary is guaranteed for injury, so he’ll be on the books even if he’s not on the field.

8 responses to “Ryan Shazier to have role with Steelers “one way or the other”

  1. We all hope he regains his ability to walk on his own but i can imagine his playing ability taken away from him so abruptly would make him one of the most driven coaches in the league if he wanted it.

  2. As a Bengals fan, I hate the Steelers. Ryan Shazier was a Buckeye but I still hated the way he played as a Steeler, leading with his head, taking out Bernard in the playoffs with an illegal hit. But I have to admit, the Steelers are well run as an organization. They do it right from drafting to taking care of their own. My organization has a lot to learn in this respect.

    God be with Ryan. I wish him the best and even hope to see him back on the field in yellow and black someday, if he so chooses.

  3. Glad to see he’s making real progress, and that was a class move by the Steeler’s front office – but after having had ‘spinal stabilization’ surgery, I think he’d be hard pressed to find a doctor, any doctor, who would ever clear him to play football again.

  4. What are u ppl talking about? How does this make the Steelers a great organization? The Steelers did nothing to help Ryan shazier. They picked up his 5th year option before he got hurt, which all 5th yr options are guaranteed from injury. The rookie contract 5th year option is a way to get a player for 1 more year for much cheaper than they would have to pay him on a normal contract. The Steelers did nothing in this instance to deserve praise. But I’m praying for your recovery Ryan.

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