Stephen Jones: We expect to compete for Super Bowl title

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Jerry Jones was screaming in his pillow about the Eagles making it to the Super Bowl and winning the Super Bowl. Although the Cowboys haven’t won the Super Bowl — or even reached it — since the 1995 season, they were an NFC-best 13-3 in 2016 before going 9-7 and missing the playoffs in 2017.

The Cowboys insist they are not far from being where the Eagles are.

“We’ve got to continue to improve,” Cowboys executive vice president Stephen Jones said, via Saad Yousuf of the Dallas Morning News. “We’ve got a big couple of months coming up, the next three months, between unrestricted free agency and the draft. Will McClay and the coaching staff and Jerry and I really got to roll up our sleeves and improve our football team. If we do that, we think we’ve got a great opportunity to compete for a Super Bowl championship.”

The Cowboys turned over their staff in the offseason, keeping only a handful of assistant coaches, including both coordinators. Jerry Jones has said the new blood and new ideas will prove beneficial to the team.

“Jason [Garrett] made some pretty serious changes with his staff to make us better,” Stephen Jones said. “We fully expect to be competing not only to win the [NFC] East, but to win a world championship.”

The Eagles now have what the Cowboys desperately want. After Dallas’ 6-0 victory in the regular-season finale, the Cowboys likely never saw Philadelphia doing what it did in the postseason.

That explains their screams into their pillows at night.

“We feel like we’re very competitive with them and know we have to get better if we want to walk in their shoes,” Jones said. “I respect them and give them all the credit for putting together a great football team that won the Super Bowl.

“I’m certainly pleased with our football team. We were able now to really get in there and grind our personnel and really look at what we have as a team and where we are and at the same time, know that we have to be better if we are going to compete with a team like the Eagles. We certainly feel like we can.”

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  1. flipola says:
    Well yeah, 31 other teams feel the same. After the lowly Eagles’ victory, this screams insecurity

    Lowly Eagles victory…did you watch any football last season?

  2. Jones’ and rest of the Cowboys org just needs to shut up on this subject and get to work. I’ve been waiting for another championship since 96, so I don’t want to hear it anymore, just show me and the rest of the fans that have been loyal.

  3. Jealousy and bitterness on their behalf just cause they’re getting shoved on their face the Eagles first championship parade.

  4. Wow. If they are using that 6-0 meaningless win as a measuring stick then they are seriously deluding themselves. The Eagles rested everyone and the Cowboys played their offensive starters the whole game…..and scored 6.

    I think the world would love to know what kind of pictures Garrett has of Jerrah. Why else would they keep going with this bland and middling head coach?

  5. Longest pregnancy on record! Dallas has been “expecting” for two decades and counting! Quit talking about it and do something … where is Jimmy Johnson when we need him???

  6. As a Cowboys fan, all I can say is “lol”.

    Before any talk of a Super Bowl run, major changes would need to happen, and last I checked:

    1) Jerruh is still running (and ruining) everything…
    2) Red Puppet is still the “coach”…
    3) Dakota is still the QB…
    4) Dez “Diva” Bryant and Zeke “off the field issues” Elliott are still on the team..
    5) We don’t have a championship caliber defense, not even close…

    So no, Steve… stop trying to convince gullible, naive fans that next year we are going to the Super Bowl.

    I know many Cowboy fans have gotten used to being Offseason Super Bowl Champions, but that’s as close as we’ll get until you guys get your act together and real fans demand accountability and a stop to the continued mediocrity we’ve seen for the past 22 years.

  7. Fish gotta swim, birds gotta fly, and the Cowboys gotta pretend they can win a championship with Jerry Jones playing captain.

  8. “Jerry Jones was screaming in his pillow about the Eagles making it to the Super Bowl and winning the Super Bowl. ”

    Nothing like giving your bitter rivals things to laugh at you about. If he was smart he would have simply congratulated them on a great year and left it at that with no “pillow talk” mentioned.

  9. flipola says:
    February 8, 2018 at 3:04 pm

    Well yeah, 31 other teams feel the same. After the lowly Eagles’ victory, this screams insecurity

    I promise the Browns do not feel the same.

  10. You expected to to do it last year. Dak Prescott, instead of being Dak 2.0 became Dak 0.5, and don’t tell me that was all about Zeke. The Cowboys have a LONG way to go before they are competing.

    And the Eagles aren’t “lowly”. Probably the best team in the NFL before Wentz went down. Definitely the best team in the NFL after Sunday. That’s hardly lowly. They’ve been largely dominating all year.

  11. Remember back in June when everyone was mocking Barry Church for saying the Jags had more talent?

    Put Dak in your pipes and smoke it! Cowboys suck!

  12. the best is going to be in April at the draft in Dallas, when say Brian Dawkins rolls up to the podium and says with the 32nd pick the world champion Philadelphia Eagles select… That’s going to make Jerrah’s blood boil! I cannot wait for that!

  13. Maybe draft and acquire players that understand, and care that their off the field actions may not impact their availability, but also the over teams performance through out the course of an NFL season.

    I understand everyone makes mistakes, but some of these young players are only still on the Cowboys, because of perceived and potential talent, and if you don’t agree with that, maybe you should ask Lucky Whitehead’s opinion.

  14. How can you expect to compete for a Super Bowl with a defense that couldn’t stop Betty White from running the ball? If that’s not bad enough you have a cancer on offense–Dez Bryant. They’d probably be better off drafting someone and trading him for a cup of coffee. It might not be a bad idea to draft a LB to take over for Sean Lee. I’m not sure if he’s played an entire season. No knock against him but it’s more like when he gets hurt than if.

  15. roughly translated, what jones jr. said was “as long as you suckers keep buying what we’re selling, we’ll keep getting richer and you fans will keep expecting things will change for the better, despite 20 plus years evidence to the contrary…”

  16. cmonitsfunny says:

    Nick Foles has more playoff wins this year than the cowboys have had since 1997.
    Now that is funny

    Jerry Jones has won two more Lombardi’s than the entire Eagles origination ever has.

  17. Jason Garrett is Beaker from the Muppet Babies and Jerry is a demented Jim Henson. If the Cowboys win a Super Bowl they’ll put Garrett’s hair out with a fire extinguisher instead of a Gatorade bucket.

  18. “continue to improve.”

    You can’t continue to do something if you’re not already doing it. I see at least another year of mediocrity, at best, out of Dallas before they even begin to improve again.

  19. cmonitsfunny says:
    February 8, 2018 at 3:15 pm
    Nick Foles has more playoff wins this year than the cowboys have had since 1997.
    Now that is funny

    Funny how Eagles fans edit their team history to only include their success under Andy Reid and this year, while attempting to mock Cowboys fans for the Cowboys lack of success over the last 2 decades, asking us to ignore the Eagles 4 decades of failure. The Eagles franchise began in 1933, the Cowboys in 1960, since the first Super Bowl in 1967, the Eagles are 1-2 and the Cowboys 5-3 in Super Bowls, and Eagles fans truly believe their recent success is more impressive than the Cowboys overall success. Instead of relishing what they now have, they’re on Twitter and this site cherrypicking stats to fit an incomplete picture. Funny.

  20. Trenches,
    As a Dallas fan, let me assure you that you do not have much to worry about next year. We might give you a run for your money in the NFC-E, but we aren’t getting out of the divisional round in the playoffs.

  21. With all due respect Stephan, when your qb cannot throw the ball 5 yards past the line of scrimmage with any accuracy, your not competint for superbowls. You have a checkdown charlie at qb, wint throw the ball downfield, and his completion percentage is horrible. Throws more short passes than any qb and is less accurate than most qbs…….not a good combo. Oh, but hes a nice kid….

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