Lions would favor modifying hiring rules

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Even though a Patriots coordinator backed out on a deal to be a head coach the day before, Lions General Manager Bob Quinn wasn’t worried about that happening to him.

Via Dave Birkett of the Detroit Free Press, Quinn said he never doubted that Patricia would follow through on the deal.

“No,” Quinn said when asked if he ever feared Patricia would get cold feet. “Zero.”

Of course, Quinn’s background with Patricia from the Patriots organization gave him a background that the Colts lacked with Josh McDaniels. And at a basic level, Patricia isn’t McDaniel.

But the bigger issue is the league’s policy which makes teams play peek-a-boo and charades when they want to hire a coach from a successful team, and Quinn said he hoped it would change. Now, teams can interview assistants on playoff teams only during the wild card week for teams with playoff byes, and after the first round of the playoffs for those in wild card games. From Dan Quinn to Kyle Shanahan to Patricia and McDaniels, it creates as much of a distraction by making them dance around an obvious topic during Super Bowl week as letting them accept the job effective the end of the season would.

“No question,” Quinn said. “I mean, (a rule change) was on the table last year and it got tabled in March. For no good reason. I mean, it’s not good for the candidates, it’s not good for each team. It’s not good for anybody, so I don’t know why (that’s how it is).”

Lions president Rod Wood said he’d like the league to allow teams to make such hires during the playoffs, with conditions.

“There was a consideration last year to make a change of that rule, which I think in light of our situation and maybe what happened in Indianapolis, it even makes it more appropriate to reconsider it,” Wood said. “I think it’s tough on the candidates, Matt and Josh. Pat Shurmur had to wait (for the Vikings season to end to take the Giants job), obviously, too. It’s tough on the teams that are waiting for those candidates. I understand the rationale about not disrupting the season of somebody in the playoffs, but I think there’s a way maybe to have both sides be happy.”

If the issue comes up again this year, the Colts would certainly vote on it.

7 responses to “Lions would favor modifying hiring rules

  1. But it is a disruption. And being allowed to hire someone during the playoffs doesn’t change that. Don’t allow teams to interview or hire until after the SB. Teams that violate that rule have the hire voided, with that person suspended for a year, the team loses their first round draft choice and get a hefty fine. If it happens again everything doubles. And so on.

    Could there be some cheating under that scenario? Maybe. But the consequences would be huge.

  2. Lions president Rod Wood said he’d like the league to allow teams to make such hires during the playoffs, with conditions.
    This supposed solution makes the situation far worse.

    The only viable solution is no one hires anyone until the season is over. No teams in the playoffs have their coaching staff and prep disrupted / distracted, and teams that failed to make the playoffs don’t get an advantage over teams that did.

    Why is this complicated?

  3. To all you Patriot fans celebrating because Kraft and McDaniels screwed the Colts to get revenge for deflategate.

    Deflategate was real because

    Grigson suspected it
    A guy called himself the deflator
    The deflator took footballs without permission
    Deflator lies about it and said he used a urinal that didn’t exist
    Suspicious texts
    Pats not fully cooperating
    Brady not fully cooperating
    Brady lied about knowing deflator and his role

    If none of the above happens then Brady is likely innocent

    Instead Patriots claim conspiracy theory and science which not one of the scientists tested the footballs used in the AFCCG

    So if you’re happy the Colts got screwed then you don’t care about the integrity of the game. Like the Patriots it’s all about winning at any and all costs.

    So enjoy the Colts signing a lesser coach and coaching staff because all the top candidates now have jobs.

    Karma will make a comeback and when you continually screw people it will eventually catch up with you.

    Ballard who replaced Grigson was mending fences with the Pats. But clearly the Pats still don’t care to play by the rules.

  4. The rule should be simple. Something like “No team may interview, talk to, discuss, negotiate with agents for, or hire any new personnel between the end of the regular season and 2 days following the conclusion of the playoffs.”

    There. Done. Everyone is now in the same pool of hiring candidates.

  5. Colts were unfortunate because they were dealing with a real jerk. But you know that Jerk’s boss is also a jerk because he did the same thing to the Jets.

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