Report: Marshawn Lynch, Jon Gruden have met “multiple times”

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Marshawn Lynch‘s agent felt compelled Thursday to tweet a denial about an unsubstantiated rumor making its way around Twitter. On Friday, a legitimate journalist, Michael Gehlken of the Las Vegas Review-Journal, quelled it even more.

The Raiders running back has met with Jon Gruden “on multiple occasions” at the team’s headquarters since Gruden’s hiring, Gehlken reports.

Doug Hendrickson, Lynch’s agent, ripped the “couch potato non verified” people who said Lynch had missed a meeting with Gruden.

Gruden said during his introductory press conference that he was looking forward to meeting Lynch for the first time.

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  1. As a Raider fan I hope the team moves on without Lynch. The last thing Chucky needs is a distraction like him. Draft a RB with a top pick. Hopefully someone like Saquon Barkley falls far enough where the Raiders can trade up and grab him….

  2. This is a match made…to be lit! Gruden is not Del Rio and he certainly isn’t Pete Carroll!! Lynch will either retire again or play somewhere else.

  3. One thing that was tough on Gruden the first time around with the Raiders was that it was difficult for him to cut guys that were locker room cancers or bad chemistry guys. Al Davis made those decisions and often contrary to Gruden’s requests.

    This time around will be different. Gruden will have more, if not complete control, over those issues.

    If Lynch is not on the team come September, then Gruden has found a better way and no great loss.

    If Lynch is on the team, then that means he has bought into Coach’s system and we have Beastmode back.

    All I see is a Win-Win situation here for the Raiders.

  4. kaoshavoc1 says:
    February 9, 2018 at 4:40 pm

    As a Raider fan I hope the team moves on without Lynch. The last thing Chucky needs is a distraction like him. Draft a RB with a top pick. Hopefully someone like Saquon Barkley falls far enough where the Raiders can trade up and grab him…

    YEA, good luck w/ that.

  5. When the initial report came out that Lynch was avoiding the coaching staff I was indifferent. I assumed that there were restrictions on teams interacting with players during certain periods of the off-season. I had thought players were free to visit the team facility but weren’t required to do so.

  6. You guys really think Marshawn and Gruden wouldn’t work out? LOL. I wish you posters stopped thinking people in NFL circles thought like ya’ll and actually realized most coaches would love a guy like Lynch on the squad. He’s somebody whose been beloved in every locker room he’s been in.

  7. You might not like Lynch the man but Lynch the player had 600+ yards in the last 8 games.
    2 100 yard games
    1 95 yard game

    51, 27, 25, 22, 22, and 19 yard longs, plus whatever else without looking it up.

    He averaged over 4.8ypc in 5 of those 8 games

    He went 17 for 101 and 19 for 101.

    Is he a cancer? Probably.
    Is he an upper mid level running back, even at his age? Yes.

  8. The Raiders went from a 12-4 playoff team in 2016 to 6-10 in 2017 and the major differences between the 2 teams (besides the downgrade from Musgrave to Downing at OC) was the addition of Lynch the cancer (Son-of-Al’s publicity stunt) and caving into Penn’s holdout. Of course, Del Rio was the scapegoat.

    Del Rio is gone now, replaced by legend-in-his-own-mind Gruden but if Lynch and Penn are still with the 2018 Raiders then I see very little room for optimism.

  9. There have been few players who are worse human beings than this pond scum. I wish he’d disappear.

  10. LYnch was a huge let down for the Raiders last year. He did have maybe 3 decent games but was awful the majority of the season. Compared to last year where Murray averaged 4 yards a carry and added 12 TD’s abd over 1,000 yards. He also played way better than Lynch this year once Cook went down and he was missed in this offense. I really wanted either Cook or Kamara in 2nd & 3rd respectively but think because we signed Lynch we weren’t drafting a RB no matter what last year. Even if we keep Lynch I want him as a backup and either draft a RB in 1st or 2nd rd this year. Carr was so much better w a real threat at RB in the offense w him. Besides the couple decent games Lynch did have he had like 10 games where he did absolutely nothing. He isn’t a therapy outta the backfield abd wasn’t even effective in the red zone where year before Murray had like 8 TD’s on 10 carries inside the 10. We need someone explosive and a threat outta the backfield. Kamara would’ve been perfect as he is great as a pass catcher and a runner he averaged a huge number at Tennessee like 7 yards a carry can’t remember exactly but teams were conserned that even though he was a good college player he wasn’t even their lead back and didn’t get a ton of carries in college but if u watched him live u saw his explosiveness but it is a red flag if your the teams backup in college in number of carries and on a bad Tennessee team that didn’t accomplish much which is why he feel to third rd. But we need someone like him or pray Pitt lets Bell walk rather than tag him a second time. He will break bank and be highest paid RB but only 25 abd best route runner of all RB’s abd would improve our offense and Carr’s game by miles

  11. Did you see how many tackles he broke and made people miss? Did you know the Cowboys made a game plan with a unique way to try and tackle him?

    Players that do not have a desire to play do not carry 3 pro football players 8 yards down the field, run over 320 pound DT’s and have defenses try and plan ways to get him on the ground.

    Most people that say he’s done or doesn’t want to play didn’t watch him play.

  12. Did you guys even watch him play last year? Marshawn was not the problem. There were 8 guys in the box on every run play. It’s first down and we’re in I formation, I wonder what we are doing…I didn’t like him sticking up for Peters even if he’s his boy or not and every teammate he has had say they love him. We better draft defense

  13. Marshawn Lynch came out of retirement because he wanted to play in Oakland, and bring the Raiders a championship. Jon Gruden came out of retirement because he wanted to lead the Raiders to a championship. These two guys are pulling in the same direction. Calm down everyone. It’s going to be exciting next year. This is actually the perfect situation for Lynch. Reminds me of when Randy Moss went to the Patriots. Moss was well past his prime, but that didn’t keep him from shattering all time NFL records, and helping the Pats to a 16-0 season. Lynch will report to camp in the best shape he’s been in years. He knows something special is brewing, and he wants to be part of it. It’s a dream come true for Lynch.

  14. people are so quick to hate on lynch, the 2nd half of the season when our dumb o-coord finally decided to use him he put up great numbers. and was by far our best RB on the roster. cant even count how many times he layed down vicious blocks for carr, not to mention running though people when the line actually opened a hole.

    with Gruden it wont matter, if Lynch is here that means he is all in and he will be good in grudens system. if not he will be gone, simple as that.

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