Richard Sherman expects to play for Seahawks next season coming off Achilles injury

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Cornerback Richard Sherman says he expects to be back with the Seahawks in 2018 and believes he’s ahead of schedule in his recovery from a torn Achilles sustained in November.

According to Bob Condotta of the Seattle Times, Sherman said Thursday night that he doesn’t have any doubts about being back with Seattle in the fall.

Not in my mind,” he said.

Sherman’s status is potentially a question mark for a few reasons. He’s entering the final year of his contract with the Seahawks and his deal carries $11 million in cap savings should he be traded or released, which represents the most of any player on Seattle’s roster. The team was also willing to listen to trade offers for Sherman last offseason after a pair of blow-ups at the coaching staff during games in the 2016 season.

The Seahawks also appear to be looking to change the status quo after missing the playoffs for the first time in six seasons. Seattle has moved on from eight assistant coaches this offseason with their top four assistants all being relieved of their duties. Some sizable changes to the roster are expected as well and Sherman could be a potential candidate to move on.

However, Sherman’s trade value has never been less due to the Achilles injury and his single remaining year on his contract could essentially act as a one-year deal to recoup his value before becoming eligible for free agency in March 2019.

Sherman said he ditched the knee scooter he’d been using in the past few weeks and is ahead of schedule in his recovery. He also said he’s acting as his own agent after formerly being represented by Ben Dogra.

19 responses to “Richard Sherman expects to play for Seahawks next season coming off Achilles injury

  1. yup, his trade value is next to nothing because not only do teams have to part with a draft pick or a player, they also have to pay him over 10 million dollars. I think Seattle will wind up cutting him, since they have holes to fill on both offense and defense. After cutting him, they may re-sign him later for much less money.

  2. Hopefully he can make a full recovery, but it’s doubtful. We’ll see. There are holes to fill at other positions, so if he can play still I’m sure they’ll be happy to have him.

  3. Sherman will stick around for 2018, but that is it. A new coaching staff will be just what the team needs. Hawks won’t skip a beat and march right back to playoffs, sweeping the Niners like they do every year in the process. Cracks me up that the Santa Clarians think Jimmy G will automatically take them to the SB. Pretty funny.

  4. The Achilles tendon is what the body uses to push off of when it wants to accelerate or jump. Until it is fully healed, Richard Charmin is not going to be as fast as he used to be, and he will have trouble jumping as high as he used to This injury typically takes a year or more to fully heal. If he stays with Seattle, he will likely miss half a season Is Seattle is willing to pay him 12-13 million that he is owed to play half a season at less than full strength? They may because teams may still be scared to throw the ball to his side of the field because of his reputation If so, he does not even have to be fully healthy to do his job.

  5. Can’t wait to see him back on the field flourishing. Also excited to see what he works out contractually, he’s his own agent and his brilliance should be noted.

  6. Sad part is, the guy plays every snap his whole career, even with a dead arm after Thomas tomahawk missiled him against Green Bay, plays through pain during 2017 season and finally has such a bad injury he cant go anymore and it’s AHHHH WE HAVE TO CUT THAT SALARY. Do you blame these players for being jumpy with media/fans?

  7. Most of us are surprised he did not significantly injure his jaw or mouth first given how much he talks.

    Good player, not as good as he thinks he is though.

  8. Teams that want an aging former all pro CB can claim Darrelle Revis off waivers right now. Denver is reportedly thinking about trading or cutting Aqib Talib. KC just traded for a corner back so they may be ready to part with Marcus Peters There are many options for teams needing a cornerback. Would a team rather sign Peters or Richard Charmin for the same amount of money per season? We will see when free agency starts.

  9. Cut safety Thomas. There are far better safeties in the league. Time to groom a new backfield, and focus more on building a decent OL. When you have the OL troubles Seattle has had the past 3 years you don’t appear like a professional team. This running Russell around to get players open has gotten sooooo old. Fire Schneider too. He’s not drafted well since drafting Sherman!

  10. He ain’t going anywhere no matter how many times omeimontis comments on every seahawks post. 11 million is a bargain for the best corner in the game.


  12. Seattle won* (the asterisk is there because of defensive holding gate) its first super bowl 38 years after it came into existence. Without the help of defensive holding gate 2.0, it may take them more than 38 years to win the next one. Minnesota is more likely to win a SB before Seattle wins the next one. Defense wins championships, and Seattle has a mediocre defense right now. It will be worse next season because they have to replace Cliff Avril, Kam Chancellor, Richard Charmin, Sheldon Richardson(?), and perhaps even Earl Thomas, who threatens to hold out if he is not signed to a contract extension.

  13. Oh you mean the 42-8 thrashing of the broncos. The one where Seattle scored a safety in the first 12 seconds when the ball sailed past the forehead. Or maybe you are referring to the hit Avril laid on Manning as he threw the ball only to be intercepted by the SB MVP Malcolm Smith who returned it 69 yards for a pick 6. Or maybe it was the decision to go for and a fist down instead of a FG at the Seattle 19 on 4th and 2 resulting in an incompletion and a 22-0 halftime lead.
    Let’s move on to the start of the second half and Percy Harvin’s 87 yard kickoff return for a TD only 12 seconds into 3rd quarter (did Seattle just score in the first 12 seconds of each half?) which led to. 29-0 Seahawks lead.
    Shall I continue?

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